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totesandthecity Do you see what I see?! Yep, it’s ☀️ ‼️ Getting outside to take advantage this little break in the rain today and on the blog I shared a hidden gem we love going to in the #Ballard neighborhood of #Seattle. Tell me if you’ve been there and know of other’s you love too! #SeattleParks #WebsterPark #Playground
totesandthecity He’s getting so sick of my photos. #forcedsmile But too bad! Totes finally had his turn modeling for @zulily recently and we went in for another shoot yesterday. I’ve let him have a small piece of the pie (mamma takes a pretty steep commission) and treated him to a trip to @target to pick out a toy of his choice under $10.00. That in itself has been a huge lesson on what things cost and the introduction of the concept of saving up for larger, more expensive toys. The @lego phase is just beginning! He never really got that into Duplos or any other building blocks but has really shown an interest in LEGOs. Who can honestly resist after all? I love that they are now making such a wide age range of lines and this set is from their juniors collection, aimed at ages 4-7. A great introduction to building their larger sets! He was able to really help me put it together piece by piece since there weren’t so many and the pieces were slightly larger. Now time to research storage solutions... 🤯
totesandthecity I was doing a little photo organizing last night and came across this photo that almost got deleted. Zoom in to see “the look” I’m giving Totes. Every mom has one... here’s mine 😂 This may be a #flashback photo but that look is definitely still current. #thelook #momeyes #warning
totesandthecity Some serious fall layers going on right now. And we’re tickled pink to be following in Seattle style blogger babe @meganmlittle trends of fluffy fabulousness! 😜
totesandthecity Snowed in...on a boat...and I don’t even know what time it is anymore. The laziest Sunday on record. Day 306/365 #daylightsavings #mvisos #lazysunday #cm_keepinitreal
totesandthecity I asked Totes at least 25 times what he wanted to be for #Halloween this year. He gave me a different answer the first ten times. When the next ten answers were the same, I asked him five more just to make sure I wasn’t going to waste money on a costume he wouldn’t wear. I was really hoping to do a really creative family theme like I’ve done in years past... I absolutely love Halloween and getting dressed up in costumes! Those of you that remember our Stars Align days pre-kids can attest to this. But Totes was so insistent on being #Gekko from #PJMasks that I couldn’t say no. He’s on a “Green is my favorite color!” kick so I’m sure that had a lot to do with his choice. And I wasn’t about to buy an adults version of Catboy, you know? So it’s BahHumbug for me this Halloween while my little superheroes go save the day. #Boo #TrickorTreat Day 303/365
totesandthecity Sunset over Seattle. 😍 Sweeping skyline views with wonderful company and food courtesy of @insta.lanz and @alliedgibson. Day 302/365
totesandthecity Gorgeous fall morning at Myrtle Edwards Park and the Olympic Sculpture Park... our go-to for a daytime stroll. Day 301/365
totesandthecity Have you tried this exfoliant foot peel from @babyfootusa? It’s my new favorite product! Check out my InstaStories for the details on my first time using it, including before (beware!) and after photos of my feet! Thanks for the sample @babyfootusa! #Spon #babyfootusa #footpeel #exfoliate #babyfeet
totesandthecity Caught her in a #MarilynMoment this morning. This girl. I’m infatuated by her. Day 299/365 #marilynmonroe #letyourskirtfly
totesandthecity Doing that sunshine happy dance today... aka #hopscotch Day 297/365
totesandthecity 😩 I was really looking forward to taking the kids to a pumpkin farm in Snoqualmie tomorrow, but the forecast doesn’t look great so we’re canceling. Hopefully next weekend we can make it up! Earlier this month, we visited the @ballardmarket on a gorgeous sunny fall day and had such a great time. A new blog post is up on our afternoon there and more pictures of Totes’s #GreenLantern face-painting experience! The sun may peek out here in Seattle tomorrow long enough for another great Sunday at the #BallardFarmersMarket! But if not, add this one to your bucket list if you haven’t been already or f it’s been awhile and a re-visit is due! #seattlefamilyfun
totesandthecity Today’s #Mood. Sleepy eyes all day 😴
totesandthecity From 80 degrees and 🌵 ☀️ to high 50’s and 🌧 ☔️ 💨 overnight. But it’s ok, we still love the #PNW! #WestCoastBestCoast #206 #fallinthesound
totesandthecity You know what? Living far away from your mom and family when you have kids just plain sucks. When I was growing up, I was so drawn to the big fancy cities. Three times I attempted to move by myself to NYC but chickened out at the last minute. I moved to a Salt Lake City right out of high school, then Seattle after graduating from college. I love the city vibes, the energy, the opportunities. But having kids definitely changes your perspectives and priorities. I’m just grateful she’s a manageable plane ride away and we had the time together this weekend. And by together I mean she looked after my kids while the husband and I snuck out for dinner! 😉 #mymomwearscrocs #thanksmom #bestgrandma #family Day 289/365
totesandthecity What do one year olds daydream about? 💭
totesandthecity Sunday Funday with my little pumpkins! Southern Utah fall weather is simply perfect. Day 288/365
totesandthecity It’s been a pretty crazy 24hours (catch my insta stories before it expires!) but we made it! Back to the desert 🌵 and 80 degrees 😎
totesandthecity Earlier this spring, in preparation for our upcoming trip to Venice, I constructed a custom #QuietBook for Apple and a travel activity binder for Totes. It took me quite some time but they loved them and have used them often so it was worth it to me! The concept of a Quiet Book was new to me but probably isn’t for many of you that rely on them to get through church. I loved scouring Pinterest for inspiration and then creating mine with my own variations! I added the details of Apple’s six page custom Quiet Book to the blog this last weekend. Go have a look and tell me what a great job I did! 😉 #travelingwithkids #flyingwithababy #TotesTravels #BusyBoard
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