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311 likes Where's your favorite place to "hangout"? -- πŸ“Έ @skcommah
464 likes Who's excited for the snow and who's already over it?? πŸ“Έ @sarahmay510
254 likes πŸ“Έ @ma.r.yy ・・・ I'm ok with small moments of happiness and accepting how fleeting it may be because that's life, that's just life❣ _____________________________ A few days ago we headed back home from our east coast to west road trip. I always try to stop by to see the family in ATL whenever possible. We caught up over dinner. I remembered feeling h a p p y. Growing up, my family made it a big deal. We always gathered together over dinner, said grace, and proceeded on to share stories. Then life happened and we stopped. I recalled with them the times we had family reunions in Europe a few yrs back. My uncle made us all, didn't matter how young or old ( 50+ of us), put away our phones if we had them and come gather on the floor to just talk about our lives. How so much laughter filled the air. How rich it felt to have true connection with those you love. Looking back these were the moments I held dearest. β™‘
319 likes Sometimes life is wild. And sometimes wild is life. And sometimes there's just wildlife. #todsl #glaciernationalpark
394 likes Faces out of the screens and into the wilderness. There's one way to keep a family strong. -- πŸ“Έ@adventures_in_racheland ・・・ Our little wilderness family πŸ’•πŸŒ²β›ΊοΈ #todsl
318 likes It's always a great time going out for a nice joy ride. -- πŸ“Έ @_.followthesun._ ・・・ Desert driving with this babe #todsl
584 likes These are a few of my favorite things... -- πŸ“Έ @adventure_rn ・・・ The best way to wake up on a Saturday morning is with a tent and a hydroflask full of coffee! πŸ•β˜•οΈ
506 likes Fall colors are best! Heading back to our favorite playground (@yosemitenps) in a few weeks! Where do you like to view the fall folliage?? #todsl -- #InputGood #yosemite #peoplewhohike #52hikechallenge2017 #optoutside #nps
641 likes Plan wisely and have faith in yourself. #todsl πŸ“Έ@travelingfemale ・・・ It can be far too easy at times to rely on our very capable men. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves just how capable we are as women. Arriving at the summit today, 5,233 ft in the air, was worth the pain, sweat, and blisters. I know... gross. But, the pain couldn't compare to the joy of those views. It seemed impossible at times, but 10 miles later we stood proud.
473 likes Life is about finding the right people. #communitieshike #todsl -- πŸ“Έ @jgrine ・・・ Make friends with people whom you can trust to hold the bear mace 🐻
701 likes Not everyone knows, but the Milky Way I'd seasonal. It is best seen during the summer months. In the winter it's not visible at all. It's also best to see the night sky during a new or quarter moon, which will create minimal light pollution. Here's one from Joshua Tree last week.
574 likes πŸ“Έ @pipers_place ・・・ Mom and I forever πŸ’˜πŸΆπŸ’š
281 likes How did you spend your first weekend of Fall? Hope it was epic! -- #todsl #peoplewhohike #optoutside #colorado #autumn #getoutstayout
452 likes Be your own person and stand. πŸ“Έ @my_hearts_travels -- "🐟 Only dead fish go with the flow! πŸ˜‚ 🚫 Don't tell me to not go or not do it cause I WILL!"
998 likes Rise to places you never thought possible with people that will hold you in their shoulders. #todsl -- #peoplewhohike #HalfDome #yosemite #optoutside #52hikechallenge2017 #sonyalpha #sonya6500 #reachyourgoals #InputGood #standingontheedge
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