fitwithkk Day 56/80 DONE & omg, my ass has never been so sore LOL 🤣 I mean this program is all about the core and booty but whoa!!! I will definitely be getting to my messages later but we’re headed downtown to see the Chicago river getting dyed green! ☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day Friends! Who is celebrating today?! 💚 . . . #hashimotos #autoimmunedisease #purplelover #chicagogirl #furmama #positivemindset #dancefitness #freebird #naturelover #yogi #coffeelover #musiclover #mum #stayathomemom #freespirit #journeywithin #fitnessblogger #wellness #wifeylife #riseup #chicagoblogger #spiritualgangster #choosehappiness #dancerlife #midwestisbest #findyourhappy #youareabadass
fruitformiles Saturday essentials! Green juice and a good book. For the juice I used apple, lemon, greens, cucumber, ginger, cilantro, put it all in a @vitamix or a high speed blender, then strained it using @elliesbest nut milk bag! I use this bag for everything from green juices, almond milk, citrus 🍊 juices..the list goes on. It is so super convenient, I bring it with me whenever i go out of town so I can still make yummy and nutritious juices! If you ever find yourself in need of a quality nut milk bag, enter my discount code (fruitformiles) for 10% off at checkout. So about this book 📚, it is so amazing and has been really reassuring that I am following my true passions in life instead of living in fear of them. Some of the chapters I loved the most were about disapproval from people closest to you when you start to make a positive change in your life, following your fantasies, LOVING YOURSELF, and how to be yourself regardless of what others think. I included some of my favorite quotes from the book, highly highly recommend you read it :) by @jensincero #elliesbest #healthylifestyle #youareabadass
beautyandthebeastfitnessoc I work with so many #bossbabes that are an inspiration to those around them. .. Our business has a direct reflection in how you take care of your body + brain. .. Honor your energy, step away from all the DMs, checking your comments, and go make yourself a fat-filled smoothie, get in a workout, and honor YOU with some downtime. .. The hustle can be real when you own your own business, but that you time will 10x your business. 🙌🏻
beautyandthebeastfitnessoc Podcasting is something I absolutely love. It gives me the opportunity to connect, hear people’s story, and share knowledge out into the world. It’s one of my passion projects + I’m getting back into more episodes for you 🤩🙌🏻 .. Be sure to head to iTunes + check out the energy filled entrepreneur podcast (link in bio) 🐰 .. What podcasts are you loving these days?!
beautyandthebeastfitnessoc Before I started Kindergarten, I had 3 goals…tie my shoes, blow a bubble with bubble gum, and ride my bike without training wheels. - My top 5 strengths are futuristic, achiever, focus, discipline, and relator.. I grew up on a farm, worked several jobs at a time all while maintaining some of the highest leadership positions in my organizations while also going to high school, college, and then grad school… - My internal blueprint was LITERALLY hustle + BURNout. I jammed my days full of 5am-11:00pm. My outlook calendar looked like a bag of skittles had THREW UP. Honestly, from the outside I looked like I managed it well. Internally, I didn’t feel stressed because I was SO passionate about what I did, but my body argued differently.. I did all the diets. I did all the workouts. I ate every 2 hours and even really began to eat clean. Yet, I still could not get rid of “my belly”..even when I competed I still felt that I could have lost more in my stomach (and so did the judges )… I would think to myself..WTF I literally CANNOT eat any cleaner, have any less cheat meals, workout anymore… - One day, things finally began to click. Chronic Fatigue, Burnout, Overwhelm, Stress, Diet Stress, Workout Stress, Business Stress. - I finally admitted I had TOO many things going on…I was using certain things as a “band-aid” to heal my stress, but my actual output and blueprint was still HUSTLE all the time. Now, don’t get me wrong, we need a little hustle, but there’s a balance to that…and just because you have a morning routine doesn't mean your still going OVERBOARD the other 12 hours. - Stress + Hormones + Lack of Adrenal Health + Inflammation + Exhaustion + Dehydration is a mix for a hormonal shit show & it’ll show up in your business, life, relationships.. — What If I helped you create a blueprint so you could step out of burnout and into alignment with your biz/side hustle/AND feel confident in your body with a newfound energy? It’s 100% possible & you are SO worth it. .. Want to see if we are a good fit?! Send me a message to book a clarity call 🙌🏻
larrin2482_ TRUTH....It is AMAZING how your life turns around when you remove negativity and that which holds you back. Be your own advocate and live your best life....you only get one! #wordporn #yourbestyou #yourbestlife #yourbestlifenow #youareabadass #thefutureisfemale #beyourownboss #toudeserveit #happysaturday
heather_janos Regrann from @jensinceroquotes - - #regrann When you read a book that changes your #hotmessexpress into a baby bit of abundance... what do you do, you read it again, or listen to it again, 8 months later with fresh lenses. #youAREabadass #audible #trainfulloffuckyeah
echo_motivation Rise ‘N Shine my friends. 🌤☕️What a beautiful day to be alive. I say that and I’m sure some of you immediately thought, “nope the weather sucks where I am!” Well, Change that mindset...it’s beautiful because of what’s going on INSIDE of you, not outside of you. Are you showing yourself & others grace? Are you spreading love & positivity? Are you finding the beauty & appreciation in ALL things? If not, then it’s time to #RhinoUp and change your mindset. Your thoughts turn into words, your words turn into action, your actions turn into your destiny. Change your mindset, Change your life! Happy Saturday, Y’all! 🦏❤️🙌🏻
elizbthpfeiffer I bought a $360 bathing suit! . Did you know there were bathing suits at that price? . Never in a million years would I have even considered it --but I've been working like a MOFO to take my Vibrational Attraction to the next level. . Last year I wouldn't have even tried the thing on - but this year - I was like WTH . Of course- it was perfect and smoothed me out in all the right places. . Could I have passed on it and settled for a lesser suit that wasn't all that amazing? . Sure....but I'm tired of settling for less because of money. . I haven't come this far and done all this work to manifest something that's in alignment only to say "no thanks." . Have you ever done that? . SETTLED for LESS because it was too expensive or you thought your weren't worth it? . I have... too many times. . That's why this time I snatched the suit from the dressing room and told the sales lady "I'll take it!" . This year, I made a conscious decision to align for only the best, the best clients, connections, relationships, etc.. . Because I'm worth it. . Even if it took me the entire day to wiggle out of my mindset doubts about this bathing suit - I've come out on the other side and refuse to settle for less. . How about you? . Are you settling for less than you deserve? • • • • #moneymindset #spiritjunkie #youuniverse #inspiration #motivation #positivemindset #spiritualcoach #mindsetcoach #youcandoit #youareabadass #mompreneur #momboss #lawofattraction #Elizabethpfeiffer #spirituality #meditation #freeyourmind #mindfulness #awareness #perspective #spiritualentreprenuer #womenentrepreneurs #bosslady #bossbabe #bizbabes #manifestation #onlineentrepreneur #onlinebusiness #lawofattraction
nourish.nicoleschuster Progress not perfection 🖤 enjoy the little things and celebrate what you have already accomplished! . #selflove #happiness #liveyourbestlife #progressnotperfection #youareabadass
womanreadyblog Big bold slogans. We are huge fans of them at Woman Ready HQ ⭐️ and are super grateful to @ace.lifestyle for sending this awesome t-shirt to our founder Lou. 👊🏻💕👍🏻 - Words are powerful and they matter ‘Girl Power’ may have been made famous by the Spice Girls but the phrase is important, it carries a weight about it. We need to make sure the words and phrases we us when talking to ourselves are ones that empower and make us feel strong, bold, courageous and kick ass 😘 - Women supporting women is really important to us at Woman Ready. We are all about collaboration over competition and love any opportunity to team up hence running our #wrbtake5 series - have you checked it out? We are showcasing some great women who are sharing top tips with us 🙌 - If you want some great clothes with bold slogans check out the following accounts 👇🏻 @kemitelford @selfishmother @ontherise_london @hariandthegang Do tag any other accounts you love! - #collaborationovercompetition #sloganwithmeaning #berealnotperfect #wordsareimportant #wordsmatter #buildyourselfup #positivitybreedspositivity #positivewords #womeninspiringwomen #fitstronghealthy #grlpwr #believeinyou #confidentwomen #girlbosses #harrogate #youareabadass #betheshit #selfcarematters #selfcareeveryday #getconfident #mumssupportingmums #liftothersup #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #youvegotthis #selfloveisthebestlove #mentalwellbeing #positvemindset #realwomen
mscat3150 This here is a must read for all of you that have that desire, but aren't too sure how to make it work for you! I don't read books much with all the 10,000 other things I have going on, but this book is truly eye opening and life changing.... Read it and thank me later! (And then let me know what you thought) Your inner Bad Ass will thank you!! #youareabadass #greatread #selfhelp #universe #liveyourlife @jensincero
miastylez_ These are the 2 things I’ve been loving lately !🙌🏻 1. @babylissprousa luminoso blow dryer ! This is how I get my clients hair so shine and soft most of the time when I blow dry I don’t put product unless needed this brand blow dryer is so strong and powerful it pretty much does everything for you. I also own the volare V1 and that one is amazing also ! Invest in your tools it definitely pays off!💕 2. You are a Badass book by Jen Sincero , I’ve seen a lot of people rave about this book so I decided to read it also . Can I just tell you this book is amazing and it’s definitely helping me strive to become not only a better person but a better hairdresser! I would recommend it’s a great read!✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #youareabadass #jensincero #books #blowdry #babyliss #hairtools #stuffilove #random #hair #read #amazing
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