theholisticsojourner Let the countdown begin! 4 spots left for my FREE 2018 Money + Purpose realignment sessions! 💜 Sign up now before they are gone! Link in bio!☝️ 💜 Plan your new goals, set your intentions, and get clarity on your path.
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peaceloveoilme 🙌🏼I AM A BADASS! I AM A BADASS! I AM A BADASS!🙌🏼 . . Tell yourself this everyday! This is your MANTRA to keep you #focused and #driven. (And use this blend to empower your true self) . . It's a NEW YEAR! That means new ideas, new goals, new beginnings. Think about what you want to accomplish this year.... pay off debt? start a business? be a good person? meet new people? travel? become more organized? start a new hobby? eat healthy? The possibilities are ENDLESS. And the best part is.....YOU get to decide what those things are!!! . . ❗WE ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR THOUGHTS❗ . . So, set your goals, BIG and SMALL. Each success is achieved by those "small" stepping stones. Make a vision board. Fill it with things that #motivate you, quotes that speak to your soul, pictures that inspire you. Fill it with whatever is going to DRIVE you to #SUCCESS. . . Wake up with INTENT! Set #GOALS. #CRUSH them. Take note of your achievements (PUT THOSE BABIES ON DISPLAY)...they will motivate you to keep your drive and momentum going. 💞 BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. 💞 . . BE EMPOWERED. 👊🏼 . . I AM A BADASS BLEND 💋 5💧 Cassia (oil of self assurance) 4 💧Motivate 2 💧 Frankincense (oil of truth) 4 💧 Passion 5 💧 Wild Orange (oil of abundance) TOP WITH FCO . . ✌🏼 ️LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE, LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE ✌🏼️ . . #YouAreABadAss #bossbabe #empowered #rock2018 #entrepreneur #intentionalsuccess #goodvibes #mantra #goalcrusher
lfcreativeheart This calendar my love gave me🙌great quotes from the equally great book #youareabadass by @jensincero. How easy it is to forget to be my own best friend sometimes...I choose to remember and hope you do, too. ✨💛#youareabadassbook #jensincero #booknerdigans #pageadaycalendar
amanda_jean6721 Ever thought about how lucky we are to be alive? How lucky we are to be human beings? We won the frickin lottery. We live on a gorgeous planet, and we have this amazing ability to do WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT. (excuse my language) Take advantage of this. You don’t know when the end of your journey is, so get out there and do what you’ve always dreamt of. #YouAreABadass
boldascension Working on self and focusing on me has been the best investment 💕remember we always attract what we’re ready for 💅🏽 #iloveme
galsthatbrunchdenver Today’s Women Wednesday is all about WHO you are! Often times as women we apologize for who we are or who we aren’t. In the past, women have been told to be quiet or that we should apologize for being strong, independent, loud, bold women. Enough is enough! It’s time to be loud, proud women of WHO we are & specifically what YOU have to offer this world! 👊👊✊✊✌️✌️ ^ ^ ^ ^ #WomenWednesday #bewhoyouare #bestrong #bebeautiful #beYOU #dontapologizeforwhoyouare #beloud #beproud #standupforyourself #dontlettheworlddown #youareabadass #badassbabes #bossbabes #babes #galpals #girltribe #femalesarestrongashell #community #newfriends #denver #colorado #5280 #5280life #timesup
thebookshipproject This is the first self-help book that really resonated with me. I’m often my own worst enemy so I really benefit from advice like, hey, get the hell out of your own way! I definitely haven’t figured out how to do it every time, but with help from this book I feel a little closer. . . My favorite bite-sized lesson: Done is better than perfect. . . #thebookshipproject #youareabadass
shannonwooten You know that weird electric vibe you get from talking to someone for the 1st time that makes you feel like you've known them your whole life? You feel insanely comfortable & yet, confused as to why you suddenly develop diarrhea of the mouth? Well, that's what happened the 1st time I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Court Creedan, author of " Blue Goat: The Life-Changing Power of Being Yourself"(get it on amazon & be a goat!). @court_creeden is honest, encouraging, rebellious, wicked smart, & ha-friggin-larious! He is 1 of those people you meet that makes you think, "I need to keep raising my frequency & being my truth if it means I get to connect with people like him." He makes you feel equal parts good & accountable to own your awesomeness & live it on LOUDSPEAKER. I am so honored to be featured in this months "Blue Goat Life" blog. Hop on over to www.bluegoatlife.com/blog to check it out! ✌🏼💜
ashleyperkins.co I used to lie ALL the time 🙈 ⠀⠀ I’d convince myself that I didn’t deserve “nice things”. That I didn’t need or work hard enough to invest in things that would better me personally or professionally. ⠀⠀ I would scour stores and online retailers on the hunt for the best deal, instead of recognizing the abundance of investment opportunities right in front of me because they were “too expensive”. 💰 ⠀⠀ I came to realize that I was cheating myself. ⠀⠀ When I began to invest in the tools and people I needed to build my business, my business grew. ⠀⠀ When I invested in the things that made me look and feel good, those things I told myself I didn’t work hard enough for — I started attracting people into my life that held themselves to a higher standard. 👩🏻‍🎤 ⠀⠀ Lesson learned: Your greatness is either accelerated or limited by the level you choose to invest in yourself, and the choice is always yours. . . . . . . . . . . #investinyourself #investinyou #madeforgreatness #whyteworks #onmydesk #onmygrind #flatlaystyle #shesagamechanger #lifebydesign #bedeeplyrooted #womenempoweringwomen #becomingirresistible #bloomyellow #createcultivate #abmlifeiscolorful #workfromanywhere #girlpreneur #youareabadass #yourinfluence #finditliveit #lifestyleentrepreneur #lifestylebrand #lifestylemarketing #successcoach #millionairemindset #buildinganempire #marketonline #businesspassion #businessgoals #businessminded @preview.app
mindyourbalance The best end to a long day: Seared tuna steaks, baby carrots & sugar snap peas with a soy-honey glaze & sautéed spinach and kale ❤️ My husband is such an amazing cook, I’m so lucky to have him 😘
entrepreneur_and19 Make a decision today. Say NO NO to working for someone else NO to being overworked and underpaid NO to working your life away NO to letting your dreams pass you by NO to missing out on your kids lives NO to living in a place you hate NO to being in debt  NO to being unhappy NO to letting yourself go NO to never getting to travel NO to living life on someone else’s term  There is so much more friend!  Comment “NO MORE” below if you’re ready to say no to any or all of these things👇🏼 Im so glad I said NO only a few short months ago🙌🏻💪🏻
echo_motivation Because Mother Nature can’t make up her mind...♥️
amyedgevbm Can we please....Stop the glorification of busy. Being busy can gives us the illusion that we are accomplishing tasks when often we are just directing our attention in too many directions and our productivity is suffering because of it. ⠀ Here are some things I do to be more productive and less busy: ⠀ 1. Batch work: Group similar tasks together in your work schedule. This way your mind isn't shifting between a million different types of work! ⠀ 2. Time Block: Schedule out your workday with blocks of time dedicated to certain tasks. ⠀ 3. Prioritize: Tackle your 3 most important tasks first. What are your best practices for staying productive?
chacharockslife When you want your voice to be heard and your actions to make a difference... don’t worry. You are on the right path.
jen_sanfilippo "Deciding means there is no plan B, you've yanked in your one foot out the door and now both feet are inside, fully on board, ready to kick some ass." -@jensincero Working out every day IS A DECISION. Staying on track with my nutrition IS A DECISION. Not quitting, even when the workout gets hard, IS A DECISION. I'm DECIDING to be Healthy. What are you deciding? Day 3/80 #pacemakerfit #dysautonomia #dysautomiasucks #thisischronicillness #chronicallyill #decide #doyou #healthieryou #youareabadass #youareabadassatmakingmoney #getobsessed #obsessed
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