iron_mermaid_fit Hit legs today at the gym and a ton of cardio on the cross trainer. First time training at the gym for a couple of weeks. Still getting over the sickness I had over the weekend and definitely felt more drained between sets but still feeling so much better than I did 💪🔥🏃💯 #fitfam#girlswholift#bodybuilding#womenwholift #gymtime #gymlife#squat#squatbooty#strongwomen #glutes#noexcusrs#traininsane #booty#lowerbody#cardio
alexandra_dabros Un po’ di relax 💆🏼‍♀️ Grazie @qcterme per la entrata speciale 💋💋💋 #qctermemontebianco #montebianco #spaday
courto_3 hiya friends! 🤗 so i was recently interviewed by @caleb.spiro.fitness for his #StrongerSelf Radio podcast and it went live today! 🎉🎉 click the link in my bio or check out my story to listen! i’d love your feedback ♥️ — also- it feels reaaaaally good to get back into my routine this week after a weekend away with my boy 🖤 started today with a 5 o’clock wake up call, a pretty decent leg workout & a couple classes at skoooool. now i’m looking forward to getting home, cuddling my dog, eating and slothing. (ya i also have school work to do but i’m not necessarily looking forward to that when i’m home ya know???) also debating heading back to @energyfitness_ for one of their STRONG classes tonight (crazy intense circuit style workout) but we’ll see how dead my leggies feel 😅☠️ * would you be interested in me posting the workout from the STRONG class?! * . happy tuesday y’all i hope you have a beautiful day 😘😘
shannononeil_pt Fruity bowl of goodness 😝 banana-raspberry smoothie topped with strawberries, peaches, coconut chips, granola and cacao nibs 🤤
annafitgal #TBT to leg day! Today is my rest day and tomorrow will be ab/core/cardio because it’s everything I hate all in one haha 😁 it’s going to suck but I need it!! exams are coming up so I need to reschedule my workout days 😑
magdalenarundstrom Good to know then that my belt has my back😂 Have just recovered from sickness😒 But good to be back on track again, today some light pause squats and bench💆🏼‍♀️ 60 x 10 70 x 5 80 x 5 90 x 3 x 3 100 x 3 Squats felt surprisingly good today, bench went well too but I need to start working on them because I am weak😂 I have a long week with work and other things to do looking forward to it👌🏻 😌
jesenialis_fit "Dont't workout because you Hate your body, workout because you LOVE your body! 👌 . Had some awesome conversations with some of my clients this week about mindset. Always asking the question why do I want to get healthier? The change we want should not be because of shame or self loathing. 👎 . We should realize we want change because we know we have unlimitied amounts of potential to be GREAT! To be the best version of ourselves. To know that when you treat your body like a temple and feed it good things physically and mentally, we take this happiness into all aspects of our lives! Transform your mind and you transform your life! . ⭕DM ME FOR INFORMATION ON MY ONLINE COACHING PROGRAMS! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bodybuilding #gluteworkout #workouts #workoutmotivation #girlswholift #girlsthatsquat #girlswithmuscle #squatspo #squatbooty #girls #fitmodels #exercise #motivation #fitness #athlete #fitnessgirl #fatloss #eatclean #weightloss #fitspo #fitnessaddict #fitfam #fitgirl #fitjourney #athlete #weightlossjourney #love #npc #npcbikini #musclemodel #transformation
soviro5 First time squatting in over a year 😳 #gottostartsomewhere #squats #squatbooty #fitmum #fitfam
agfitness.health ➖POST LEG PUMP➖ Hitting legs hard with lots of volume today. Adding drop sets into the workout like they are going out of fashion. Working hard for something you want to achieve, is just something that comes with achieving your goal! What’s everyone training today? Alex Gard Fitness and Health Fitness. Health. Progress
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