latibuleok The small moments that bring us joy ☺️
mathewparks_ Who else likes to do work in a coffee shop? 👨🏻‍💻☕️
kurniawanrpl Thanx buat kls 1,2,3, & alumni TKJ yang sudah share di IG, fb,wa, maupun line Ayoo... uji kehabatanmu lagi... Dalam tantangan yang menguji seberapa populer kamu neh Share and get the Prize Jadilah Generasi hebat dlm memanfaatkan Tehnologi #website #smkn5 #balikpapan #programmer
jfrech14 For classical mechanics, I wrote a code in mathematica that simulates the phase space of a system of n free particles. I rarely use Mathematica for simulations, but i don't know how to visualize time-based data this well in other languages. But my infrequent use made the list making difficult compared to C++. . . So there is no inter-particle interactions, only the elastic collision with the two walls at the ends of the X axis. These are free particles, so there are no potentials. Now that the code is written, I'm tempted to add in potentials like gravity, but my professor wanted free particles to show Liouville's Theorem in Hamiltonian Mechanics. While classical mechanics gives me some powerful tools to solve complicated problems, it's probably my least favorite class st the moment. Maybe that's because I had a very, very weak undergraduate preparation in CM. But we are covering cool stuff in quantum and electrodynamics, so classical is in the shadows of modern physics. But it's all on the qualifying exam, so i have to start liking it. Sorry the quality looked terrible the first tries. #physics #science #stem #nasa #classicalmechanics #hamiltonian #statisticalmechanics #quantum #stem #gradschool #coding #mathematica #wolfram #code #programming #programmer @wolframresearch
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