brittanykrhodes it's definitely sweater weather ❄️⛄️ Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, new week - new goals to hit! Make sure it's a productive one ☝️#Monday #work
tomasmfroda XXXL tux for our wedding @emilyfullard
fsnsport_official Empezamos la semana con muchas ganas, llevamos tiempo diciendo que anunciaríamos MUCHAS NOVEDADES, y esta semana iremos dando todas las sorpresas.😄😄 www.fsnsport.com #fsnsport #gym #fitness #fitnessmotivation #frases #fit #bodybuilding #ifbb #gimnasio #suplementos #deporte #salud #eatclean #fitlife #fitboy #pesas #muscle #sixpack #motivaciondeportiva #instafit #instapic #love #l4l
southall_fitness ‼️workout of the week‼️ . Spell out your full name, that’s your workout.
sophia_bhaumick22 BEAR Management was created here in the Philippines 3 years ago. It’s crazy to think a decision that I made here during a crisis is actually being created. It’s taken a lot of strength and sacrifice to get to where I am now but we’re getting there. No distractions anymore.
4evafitie So how is your spine ? Do you keep pushing that topic away ? Trust me if you don't take care of it now it will more than likely get only worse :( The quicker you start working on its health the better for you ! You live now. Take care of yourself now ! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 See you all at #LiquidFlow Functional Stretch - Yoga - Pilates Class that will support the process of healing and protecting the fundamentals. Mondays - Wednesdays 6pm Inspire Gallery Dublin City Centre 💛 🔝🔝🔝 The spine is one of those areas of the body that we often ignore. As long as we do not feel pain, we assume everything is OK. And even when we do feel a pain, we tend to just hope it will go away. Nothing will go away if you don't take care of it ... If your muscles are weak, your core is not strong enough, if you have skeletal, muscular disorders, imbalances and you had some micro injuries already before, if you feel stiff and not flexible it's time to take care of your body before it gets only worse. Nothing will get better without your engagement. Protection of the central nervous system allows it to function optimally via the spinal cord, housed within thespine, which controls the function of every single cell, tissue and organ in the body. Therefore a healthy spine and healthy nervous system, is crucial in terms of maintaining whole body health offers strength and stability to the body. Spine is carrying most of the body’s weight and allows for movements of flexion. It is protecting your internal organs . It allows you to move ! It produces your body cells ! The spine provides a way of absorbing impact by containing intervertebral discs, that contain a substance that absorbs forceful motion preventing the impact from being transferred to the next vertebra, much like a shock absorber. If you have spine problems your are making a way for many other health issues. HEALTHY SPINE IS FUNDAMENTAL for overall wellbeing. TAKE CARE OF IT. It is never too late 😊 #4evafit #4evafitie #dublin #ireland #functional #stretch #spine #health #yoga #pilates #flexibility #mobilility #balance #core #strength #power #coordination #personaltrainer #personaltrainerdublin #instafit
tjesson92 #mondaymotivation it's important to work hard. But it's also important to have fun whilst doing it 😛I love this song 💃
hugo.moyo Torneo COKE este fin de semana en León. Gracias a mi equipo por darlo todo. Gracias a la organización de @kinballleon que lo han clavado. Gracias a todos los kinboleros por seguir dándole duro a la bola. #hurricanes #nevergiveup
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