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fluddx I’ve been very happy with my work recently and I’m excited to share more. • • #kidsof99 #shoot2kill #vsco #way2ill #agameoftones #heatercentral #streetdreamsmag #aov #editorial #vogue #elle #fashion #visual #culturefashion #35mm #film
victoralxr Formas e cenários inexplicavelmente completa o pensamento e transborda o olhar transformando o comum em extraordinário.
i_ampatrick I’m realizing more and more that I photograph my thoughts. When I go out to shoot, I rarely just snap because I enjoy a scene or the way something looks. I often look for scenes and objects that will pull out my feelings and thoughts. I feel like that’s been powerful lately for me and has made people feel more connected to my art. I’ve been photographing bridges A LOT lately and I’m starting to believe it’s symbolic of things that are happening in my life. Bridges symbolize us overcoming obstacles. Bridges represent transitions. Bridges mean progress and connection. When asked about where my life was a few years ago, I said I felt like I had just walked through the airport and was about to board my plane and take off. When asked on 10/31 about where my life was, I said I had boarded the wrong plane and needed to parachute out and start over, I couldn’t afford to stay on the flight to the end. Now, I feel like I’m crossing over many obstacles. I feel like I’m on a bridge looking down at rough water, but I’m going over it. The fear of what may happen if I fall or the bridge fails stops me sometimes, but I’m being accompanied by people who are encouraging me to run without looking down. I don’t know what’s on the other side, but I’m going. I’m on this bridge.. bridge built of determination and love and persistence. A bridge built of hope and dreams, of vision and purpose. If someone asked where your life is right now, what would you say? I hope you’re all in the right place, or at least fighting to get there. Anyone else feel like they’re on a bridge, crossing over into their destiny? Just sharing my thoughts tonight. Hope it causes someone to think. Idk. Have a stress free night, smile if you haven’t today, enjoy some quiet time.. I SWEAR, I #loveyall.
moqabbani Capitol Hill
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