lucasysh something’s been lingering constantly in my mind. since when we started viewing “design” as a cheap subject matter. for most of us design is just an intangible idea that we would shrug off, or compromise. i m not saying we disregard aesthetically pleasing experience or products. everyone does but if we got asked about its design value, we almost grit our teeth. originality is farfetched. we may see creative ideas forgiving; being painlessly justified to allow us to celebrate knockoffs. or fast fashion is storming that we could simply chuck a motif behind when the season’s off. we build to wow not to last. longevity is such a dated concept. we champion instant writeup from digital media and forsake well-curated quarterly print. maybe choosing the right font and finding the best crop are such a no-brainer we never thought of investing a second on it? minimalism is just lethargy; maximalism is merely modern replica of renaissance as people claimed, then why didnt you? the rise of see-now-buy-now shift is one of the dangerous instances informing us subconsciously that design needs no anticipation. we are obsessed with efficiency and dashing things off under such economy. we were taught to measure marginal use value and it essentially determines our decisions. sure. sometimes the price tag is just people’s ruler but aint the intrinsic representation. the efforts and dedications a creator projected on the piece are the undermined value beyond numbers and calculation. you could disagree but not deny. design per se is subjective after all and perhaps the value of design is too. it’s never a math.
misty_memory_ Addicted to Neonsign💉💊
trevorosswald “he had no front plate, and I wanted a photo for my instagram” - Police Officer
verus_animus 💎 I•C•I•C•L•E ❄️ • 📸 Photographer: @Verus_Animus 🎞 Camera: iPhone 7+ • ▪️ • 🔳 • ▫️ • ================================= #trees #newyork #scenicnewyork #snow #snowy #igdaily #winter #wintry #snowscape #winterscape #frozen #fatalframes #illgrammers #aov #artofvisuals #icicle #gramslayers #createandcapture #ocnewyork #artsy #moodygrams #eclectic_shotz #heatercentral #ice #weekly_feature #agameoftones #vsco #trappingtones =================================
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stillmotta Pieces of Iceland
calebacaudill Finally got around to labeling these things so I don't have to plug them in to tell what's on them.
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