rickthomassen Night shift run is all done. Hats off to all shift workers. I’m looking forward to normality and getting rid of those bags under my eyes.
elainemarvey This is in the past. I was 17 years old and suffered from anorexia. Soon after those pictures were taken I was stationary. Nothing about this time was beautiful. Nothing was fun. Everything a struggle. I know everyone has their own story when it comes to how they got into an ed. Speaking for myself: I just wanted it. "I want it so bad, oh it kills". Why? In retrospect... I think I suffered from depression a few years already and finally found my outlet. My perspective was "it either makes you pretty and people start to care about your existence or it kills you". And I was very fine with the later at that time. I have so many bad memories about the time of Ana and all the struggle recovery came with. If one of your loved ones is currently on his/her road to recovery and physically already looks normal please understand that the hard part is far away from being over. When a sick person like I was gains weight even deeper depression will follow. There is so much selfhate it's unbelievable. And it may come with social issues. I hated to be around people that knew me from the visible ed time. I hated crowded places. And my brain was constantly overload with selfdoubt, insecurity, hate and sooo much sadness I can't even put in words. But what did I learn from this? 1. I have a strong mind. It takes a lot to stick to your plan of slowly fading away until it becomes a full blown illness, implanting a voice in your head you call your "besty" cause it's only helping you to get there. Ana. The 2nd thing I learned is that people and media need to fuck off badly. The 3rd thing is that I lost something between 3 and 6 years of life experiences. Of course this was an experience too but I didn't live. I existed. And there is a big difference between those two. So please everyone, never ever think this is some kind of classy magazine illness you have to get in on. None is. Love. #anorexia #ana #recovery #tbt #eatingdisorder #depression #healthymind #bodydismorphia #bodypositivity #berlin #germany #fitness #healthybody #fitbody #notperfect
alissandra_fitness Slowly chipping away. Loving feeling strong and healthy. Not letting a little arthritis stop me! Happy Fry-Day! 🍟❤️ #BIGINFINTRY
slimfitd Haven't been consistent the past few weeks since I've been dealing life but I'm still maintaining my shape! Now time to get back to it ❤️💪🏽
jsemjanka Ja si vždycky vymyslím nějakou blbinu,a chudák Mirous se s tím pak trápí u počítače...a nakonec se to povede 😍 "Mirecku,já chci fotku,ale nevím v jakých hadrech, udělej mi jednu fotku ve více hadrech 😂😂😂😂😂😂" #handstand #happy #fitguntrainingstudio #fitnesslifestyle #fitbody #fitgirl #czechgirl #motivation #gymaholic #fitnessaddict #fitmom #getfit #strongissexy #justdoit #domorebemore #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #yoga #photography #photo @kimmer.79 #photoshop #canon #javzdyckynecovymyslimamirecekochotneudela
elenaskinner No gym?! No problem. 💁You still can do your workout at home or outside. When I travel I'm not always having a gym around, but I'm still motivated to do my workout outside. 🙌🏻 🌍 I always take the rubber band with me on my trips. You can use it anywhere and it is very effective as it makes any exercise more difficult. Here are three exercises I suggest to perform as circuit workout, non stop, 3 sets in a row. Side squat/lunges 30x3 each side. Regular lunges 30x3 Jump squats 20x3. Let your muscles feel the burn! Give these workout a try!!! For online training and customize workout plans sign up at ♦️elena@fitnessbyelena.com. 🙌🏻💪🏻😊 And btw that sagway is so much fun and such an awesome way to move around.😜🙌🏻🏄‍♀️🌎
grethas E aí do nada, a essa altura do campeonato na minha vida, eu descubro uma nova paixão.. A Yoga! Sempre tive muita curiosidade, mas foi só essa semana que eu acabei me aventurando... Essa Foto foi hoje de manhã na minha segunda aula. Foi a profe quem tirou pra me mostrar que a minha invertida está ótima! 😍 Eu estou realmente apaixonada, e descobrindo muita coisa interessante nessa prática! Minha próxima meta é conseguir meditar, e eu vou conseguir pelamordedeusss acalmar essa cabecinha e parar de pensar um pouco 💆🏻‍♀️💪🏼 (com fé em Deus rsss). Obrigada @caroldutracoach por me arrastar na segunda e dar o primeiro passo ❤️ e obrigada @brunaleao pela cia hoje de manhã! Ganharam mais uma parceira pra turma da Yoga 💟🙏🏼✨🕉🧘🏻‍♀️💜
jaumesilvestre Creo que esta noche voy a tener unas serias palabras con un animalito llamado osito. La cosa es con esa mirada que le voy a decir. Ahora si, vamos siguiendo los pasos que un día me llevaron al cambio. Voy a seguir luchando por una nueva versión. Muy buenas noches y 😄 fin de semana. Seguimos motivados. #gym #tagsforlife #instafit #instafitness #picoftheday #health #healthy #healthylife #gymdiet #fit #fitmen #fitness #fitnessadict #muscle #bodybuilding #lifestyle #fitbody #body #noexcuses #motivation #protein #fitspo #aesthetics #tbt #selfie #eat #eatclean #fitfam #transformation #fish
trooper_dee Flex Friday 💪🏾💥 . You don’t hustle you don’t eat 💯 . . . #backattack #flexfriday
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