drmamamaye . . I always try to sit on an exercise ball as much as possible. Besides it being more comfortable, it also helps to keep me more aware of my posture. Student posture is an actual problem, especially now with the increased uses of ipads and cell phones. . . I like to bring my feel all the way in while sitting so that my heels are touching the ball. This keeps me sitting up straight while keeping my lumbar spine extended. This definitely keeps me from slouching and ends up being way more comfortable. . . Some schools are even incorporating these in the classrooms now! It is so important to start young with proper posture so I’m so happy to see it in my kids school. . . I dare you to try this seated position and to maybe switch out your chairs for an exercise ball. Bring it to work, your home office, or even the dinner table! . . .
aunty_colleen_4 According to this FB app @johnscotbarrowman is starring as me in the biopic. I'm humbled and honored. 😂😂😂 #johnbarrowman #CaptainJackHarkness #Arrow #Torchwood #DoctorWho
kendricksbells New theme!! - Gonna try and post now at least 3 times a week and try to get this account more active and I had to start with my Queen 🖤 - Comment other people you want me to do facts for or dm me any facts/pictures you want me to post please, I really want to bring follower interaction up ✨
thetravisrichey Last post about #gally1. The convention itself is always such a huge treat that everyone puts so much work into. And I LOVE performing with @idiots_lantern. And they create very fun posters 😀
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