leofricker_fitness Training legs is so much more of a mind game than anything else. It's uncomfortable and not instantly rewarding. Grinding through my favourite kind of leg workout today though - lots and lots of volume. Starting off with 8x8 back squats.
bsnsupplements “I believe in becoming the best version of yourself. And the gym is one of the places where I do just that. Here is where I’m committed to taking care of my mind, body and spirit. The work never ends.” @liamgarner #CitySpotlight
conorsloan_ 🎥 New video is now live on some of the most effective mass building tricep exercises that you can preform anywhere 💪 - Link in bio @conorsloan_
victoriamarks_ Transformation Tuesday 😅😱2years difference... 2 years ago I was still into the gym, however I didn’t take it quite as seriously. I spent a lot of that summer eating excessive amounts of sweets, and drinking a lot. IT WAS A FUN SUMMER. I loved every minute of it but I did grow tired of it. . I shortly moved to an area with closer access to the gym and started training seriously every day, 5-6 times a week. Brought my drinking down a notch, studied nutrition on my spare time. (The basics, macros, complex carbs vs simple carbs, sugars, carb cycling etc) . Before I started my prep I was living a super balanced life, healthy nutrition, with occasional night outs and sweets. (I’ll go back to that after prep) . Just showing you all that fitness is not a quick thing... you have to give it time, patience, sacrifice, determination, education!! . If you’re just starting your fitness journey, I BELIEVE IN YOU. If you’re 3 years in, I BELIEVE IN YOU. If you’re on prep, I BELIEVE IN YOU. Don’t give up peeps, fitness is a lifestyle, not a one time thing. You got this. 💖💪🏼😊
olhemeumundo Mesmo com o sol escaldante, tá pago!
narzeus It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. . Face to face @ruy_e 💪🏻🔥 la mejor espalda de la competencia y te veía en ese top 3. . @mrolympiasa @mdlatino . . #panama #venezuela #bodybuilding #motivation #dedication #hardwork #fitness #shredded #fit #aesthetic #medellin #pump
alongtermplan Ready to rock and roll 🎉 📷@lavitessephotography
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