annas_surdyanto Smell like Teen Spirit by Nirvana Cover #boddah #nirvana #grunge
kaylee_giles You complete me and my heart 💕 thanks for loving me as much as I love you ❤️ #Boddah
honzikzveltrus Its better to burn out than to fade away...🤯 #kurt #cobain #Boddah
raflygrunge "Tidakah semua orang itu sama mengapa ada perbedaan yang mengucilkan orang lain" #grunge #boddah #fuckyou
kurt.fan.1997 Young! 😍 #kurtcobain #nirvana #boddah #bleach #nevermind #incesticide #inutero / meu sobrinho Paulo Miguel de 5 anos mandou dizer que gosta do kurt haha
grunge_maker Before they had fully taken off, Nirvana played a show at Hoquiam Eagles Hall in Washington along with Aaron Burckhard’s new band, Attica. Burckhard told HuffPost of a joke Cobain pulled before the show: "Right before they were doing their European tour they came down and played a show with us, because we were still friends at that point. And we were playing the Hoquiam Eagles Hall. And I remember watching him pull in and I went down to help him load sh*t into the elevators so we could take it up to set up. And within the elevator I stand next to him and look over and his neck was all red. He pulled out this lipstick and was like, [affects voice] 'I’m a redneck!' But yeah he played the whole show that night [with the lipstick]. He was a redneck" #Nirvana #KurtCobain #Grunge #Kurdt #Boddah
grunge_maker "Kurt has become a flag for subversion and misfits and the anti-capitalist, but that’s Kurt. I love that he has this space in our culture and society for this...at the time he was one of the most vocal rockstars against sexism in the industry and a lot of the ills that were happening. He did fucking benefits to protest the rapes in Bosnia, he was very politically minded and was always on the side of righteousness.” - Brett Morgen #Nirvana #KurtCobain #Grunge #Kurdt #Boddah
lalibreriadicoraline Oggi, Lettori, vi saluto così! Io ho sistemato qualcosa nella mia libreria (anche se é davvero difficile), si proprio in piena notte. In più sto cercando di decidere con quale recensione iniziare sul blog. · · · Mi rendo conto di chiaccherare troppo... Ad ogni modo, all'ora tarda, per i pochi temerari presenti, voglio parlare di #nevermind, un fumetto di #tuonopettinato edito da #rizzolilizard. É un fumetto che parla di Kurt Cobain? Ovvio. É un fumetto che parla dei Nirvana? Certo. I disegni li adoro, lo stile di Tuono Pettinato é qualcosa di fantastico. Per non parlare della tranquillità con cui si affronta il problema. Perché sì, questo fumetto affronta un problema. Vedete, Kurt Cobain era un ragazzo difficile, ma non a causa della droga, bensì a causa della sua iperattività. Il problema di fondo, quindi, nasce quando Kurt é solo un bambino ed i suoi genitori non lo capiscono. Non comprendono la sua patologia complicata e delicata. Questo fa scaturire in lui tanta voglia di essere diverso; un modo di essere diverso che da prima ha portato alla nascita di un nuovo genere musicale, il #Punk, un genere graffiante e crudo (Kurt lo usava per sfogare la sua rabbia verso tutto ciò che di sbagliato vedeva nella sua vita), ma dopo sfugge dalle mani del protagonista, fino a portarlo incontro a ciò che tutti sappiamo. Questo fumetto racconta il viaggio di Kurt, come é diventato quello che era, perché qualcosa lo ha spinto a lasciare questo mondo, tutto raccontato esclusivamente da Kurt. Con la compagnia di un amico speciale. 🐯 · · · Voi cosa ne pensate? Io l'ho amato! Davvero! Adesso vi auguro buona notte! Sogni d'oro Lettori! 📖 Baci! Coraline 💙🌷 · · · #comics #comic #kurt #kurtcobain #nirvana #nevermind #read #reader #bookish #bookstagram #read #bookworm #comiclover #music #punk #boddah #love #iperactivity #lovebook #tuonopettinato
grunge_maker "The feeling and the vibes that we're giving out I think has a lot of compassion and emotion. And I would consider that soft and romantic, even though it seems negative and hateful." - Kurt #Nirvana #interview #KurtCobain #Grunge #Kurdt #Boddah
grunge_maker "My A&R man called me up one night and said 'I don't like the record (In Utero) it sounds like crap, there's way too much effect on the drums, you can't hear the vocals.' He didn't think the songwriting was up to par. And having your A&R man say that is kind of like having your father or stepfather telling you to take out the trash. I was kind of hurt by it on a personal level, because I wanted him to like it, and it was surprising to hear so many negative things about it. And he wasn't alone in his opinion. A few other people - our management, our lawyers - didn't like the record either." - Kurt #Nirvana #Interview #KurtCobain #KristNovoselic #DaveGrohl #Grunge #Kurdt #Boddah
grunge_maker "It's not my fault. I never wanted the fame involved...I think Paul Stanley once said somethin' like 'Only thing that money gives you is relief of not having to worry about money.' Only thing I'd really like to do with it, is to invest in some bands that I like. I don't wanna start my own record label, God I know I couldn't do that. But I'd like to give some money to some labels who are putting out great music, help in that way. And um, probably gonna buy a house. Hopefully we can have a recording studio too, a little 8-track recording studio, so we can make good demos. And that's pretty much the plans and just get some new shoes" - Kurt #Nirvana #Interview #KurtCobain #KristNovoselic #DaveGrohl #Grunge #Kurdt #Boddah
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