camellajeni Ladies and gents, at this time of year there's so many people looking to lose weight & transform their body - as a result many fly-by-night 'coaches' pop up and I feel it's important to address this topic! . How to pick the right coach for you, and that can apply to a personal trainer or an online coach. Here are my top 4 tips for finding not only the right person for you to gel with but also the right person based on their expertise😉 . EDUCATION OR EXPERIENCE I do realise that those who want to go into coaching will not have lots of experience BUT then they need to at least have basic nutritional education. I cannot stress how important this is - if you go to someone who doesn't know what they're doing the consequences could be disastrous; physically, mentally and emotionally. A side note for those who want to get into coaching, do some pro-bono work, it's worth it for the hands on experience and building a reputation! . PRICE This is a definite consideration as you need to find a coach that's within your budget. Just remember a cheaper coach is not an indication of a poor coach just as an expensive coach isn't an indication of a good coach. Get a few quotes and make sure you aren't forking out more for a less experienced coach . REFERENCES It's really easy to ask a coach for client references or message some of their clients independently to get an idea of how the coaching works and the type of relationship that coach has with their clients. Everyone has their own style and methods . ASK QUESTIONS A good coach will answer any questions you have regarding their style of coaching, dietary guidelines and workouts. Obviously you shouldn't expect them to give away all their knowledge for free (don't be that person!) but if they don't take the time to at least explain to you what they're about don't expect them to be an attentive coach . Do your research on who you choose to help you along this journey, chances are you will use their services for months and months - this is a process that doesn't happen over night and if your prospective coach promises you that, run for the hills!
calaveraswimwear Aprovecha la última ola y llévate uno de nuestros bikinis 🌊✨💀#Italianvibe #bikinilife
amazing.nomads3 I love the view do you? Comment below! Follow @amazing.nomads3 for more amazing travel photos! --------------------- All rights and credits reserved to respective owners! DM us to claim you credit. --------------------- . . . . . #beautifulday #beachbabes #travelgram #amazingday #bikinilife #traveller #bikinigirls #bikini #luxurytravel #bikiniready #beautifulplace #amazingview #beautifulgirls #travelgoals #travelgirl #girlsweekend #travelworld #beautifulsky #amazingweekend #amazingness #travelgoals #bikinis #amazingwoman #travelworld #beachday #beaches #amazingness
sarabman Härligt axelpass på tk fick starta denna söndagskväll. Nu blir det mat och slapp resten av kvällen för imorgon väntar jobb. Och jag läääängtar så tills Miami , mindre än två månader kvar 🏝🤭 #shoulders #workout #gym #träningskompaniet #fitness #sunday #chill #life #miami #work #newweek #goals #bodybuilding #youvsyou #njie #officialbetterbodies #bikinifitness #bikinilife #girlswithmuscle
islanderart_moku I’m gonna take it slow 🌴
goodlifeofdr And we stole the place of mermaids 🌊 📍Location : • Playa Rincón, Samaná • 📷 Photo by : • @vielkaquezada#GoodLifeofDr
goodlifeofdr You can’t start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one ❤️ 📍Location : • Barceló Bávaro Deluxe • 📷 Photo by : • @lauralockward#GoodLifeofDr
goodlifeofdr un mes extrañando mi calorsito ☀️ 📍Location : • Bahía de Las Águilas • 📷 Photo by : • @lauralockward#GoodLifeofDr
goodlifeofdr INFINITE like the sea! 🔁 📍Location : • Samaná • 📷 Photo by : • @jancarrasco_#GoodLifeofDr
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