solelyscott Exploring #anbg red centre garden. The sun was out with a couple of noticeable plants standing out from the crowd. Swainsona formosa (Sturt Desert Pea), Gossipium sturtianum (Desert Rose). Even a thorny devil!... Who is a long way from home 😄. #australiannativeplants #visitcanberra
solelyscott Felt right at home amongst the native collections @ #anbg. #australiannativeplants #visitcanberra
peppergroyne Our tiny little Callistemon has gone mad and thrown out four flower sets. It’s a fascinating structure because the flowering is done off the stem #callistemonflowers #australiannativeplants
carolinecrowsalmon Beautiful Banksia Prionotes trees in full force here with their orange flowers and then yesterday I noticed the first Menziesii flower of size. I've stopped now to really look at it. All stages on the tree at the moment. Such a measure of time and regeneration our family see living on the land. Large photo is the flower opening at the end of it's life to let out its seed. And so life continues.....#nature #life #regeneration #relax #art #australia #countrylife #family #flora #beauty #seasons #banksia #wildflowers #australiannativeplants
farmaddict69 Wombat Berry (Eustrephus latifolius) seen this around the farm and haven’t had time to investigate. Excited to discover it was a Wombat Berry attached to a Gumbi Gumbi Tree (Pittosporoum Phylliraeoides) after shooting from the ground (tubers). Aboriginal people ate the tubers which are described as having a ‘sweet earthy flavour’ but any tuber would I guess. The thin, crisp, white aril inside the fruits can also be eaten but the numerous black seeds and skin was discarded. The white arils of the berries possess little in the way of flavour. I hope it’s name attracts a Northern hairy-nosed wombat (Lasiorhinus krefftii). A shout out to Australian Native Plants & Bush Tucker for ID help. #australian #australiannativeplants #bushtucker #wombatberry #farmlife #wombat
davesbonsaijourney First styling for another Lilly pilly. Still early days for this tree and lots of work to be done in good time. Not sure if the Jin will stay yet. #bonsai #bonsaiart #bonsailife #bonsaiwork #lillypilly #australiannativeplants #jin #deadwood #bonsaitree #twintrunk #sokan #lillypilly #lillypillybonsai #potensai
frosty_kinda_losty11 My Manuka Bonsai. The plant known for Manuka honey. Species of the Leptospermum family. There are actually over 50 species of Manuka native to Aus. 3 or so native to NZ. First time it's flowered, has only just been potted and pruned, amazed that it is throwing flowers so soon after. #manuka #manukaflower #leptospermum #bonsai #australiannative #australiannativeplants
wildcraftaustralia Experimenting with natural dyes is something we have done since learning about using plants, ash and combinations for dyeing natural weaving fibres from our Yolngu teachers, the Arnhem Weavers. Our upcoming weekend NATURAL WEAVING RETREAT at Retreat 2 Main Creek is a great excuse to try some more ideas! There are only few spots left for next weekend so let us know if you are interested in joining us. We have been traveling up to Arnhem land for the last 10 years, where we have learnt so much about finding the things we need from our natural surroundings. In that process we have learnt so much about using plants from the NT, and when we come home we then try out local plants: we now have a few good ones in our repertoire but we love looking for more color! Our teachers in Arnhem Land are so happy that we can share what they have taught us with you, and details on this upcoming event can be found here on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/548842695486374/ or on our website www.wildcraftaustralia.com #naturaldye #australiannativeplants #fibre #fibreartist #weaving #weavingworkshop #retreat
crumbsgarden It’s happening 😍
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