carlsbadcavernsnps You can find the rock wren while hiking to and at the Natural Entrance of Carlsbad Cavern. It can be seen jumping from ledges and inspecting small crevices for food. This bird is much lighter in color when compared to the canyon wren's rusty feathers, which can also be found near the entrance of the cave. NPS/Dan Pawlak #CarlsbadCaverns #NationalPark #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque #NPS101
destsalem Happy Anniversary to @salemmaritimenps We’re so happy to know you! #salemma . . . #Repost @goparks with @get_repost ・・・ Today is @salemmaritimenps's 80th anniversary. This area is so beautifully preserved, you can almost see Nathaniel Hawthorne walking around this #Massachusetts town... #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque [📷: Richard Matthias via @Share_The_Experience]
sdroaminglizard Banjo and I consider ourselves lucky to live in a nation that values its public lands as national treasures. ☘ #EncuentraTuParque #FindYourPark #LittlePupperOnThePrairie #NoPlaceLikeKS
whistlingtrainfarm Sipapu and Kachina Bridges. All these bridges and the cliff dwellings are carved out of the Navajo Sandstone layer from the Jurassic period, also the top layer of the Grand Canyon, but the bottom layer of Capital Reef, thanks to the #coloradouplift. #encuentratuparque #findyourpark
whistlingtrainfarm I have never felt so small! Anasazi Puebloan lived in this area since around 1AD, and started building structures like these around 600AD, and abandoned the area around 1300AD. Horse Collar Ruins, way down in the bottom cave. Second photo is unaltered. #encuentratuparque #findyourpark
whistlingtrainfarm Mule Canyon Ruins, built aboveground and inhabited by Anasazi Puebloan people between 750 and 1350 AD. The kiva, the tower, and the square-roomed structures were all connected underground by tunnels! Bears Ears is a cultural, geological, and natural treasure. #encuentratuparque #findyourpark
whistlingtrainfarm Butler Wash Ruins, inhabited by Anasazi Puebloan people 700 years ago. Best visible remains of cave dwellings are in the upper right cave. And the trail over the rocks. Bears Ears is a cultural, geological, and natural treasure. #encuentratuparque #findyourpark
pointreyesnps An incredible day for #whalewatching on the observation deck! So far, more than 60 #graywhales have been seen swimming north by docents, rangers, and visitors. 🐋🐋🐋 Those dark clouds on the horizon threatened to dump rain this morning, but disappeared by lunchtime! ☀️ (gp) #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque #PointReyes #PointReyesNPS
goyonderartworks • Currents • Textures • • There is so much beauty and perfection in God’s creation of trees • • • #findyourpark #texasstateparks #nature #creation #trees #bark #guadaluperiver #encuentratuparque
ohhdrapeau Lake 22. The mountains are calling and I must go! 👀⛰🗻💕
carlsbadcavernsnps There are 67 types of mammals that call Carlsbad Caverns National Park home. One of these that can occasionally be spotted near the park road is the Javelina (Pecari tajacu). Javelina live in large family groups for survival. Each group defends a territory which includes their sleeping and feeding areas. They communicate with their own family group and other groups using sounds and smells. Javelina are omnivores that eat everything from prickly pear to rodents. NPS/Kristin Dorman-Johnson #CarlsbadCaverns #NationalPark #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque
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