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kennedysera “John was never a brat, but he was all boy.” ─ George Plimpton
nippinandtuckin From what I found on Bobby Taylor who made up 1/6 in the Vancouver's in the late 60s, he got the attention of Berry Gordy. They were signed to a 5 year deal but Taylor's assignment was to get the Jackson 5 into shape the one in particular MJ. But he never got credit or paid for that matter. Let's also note the very sexual innuendos going on here. As a grown man there is no reason for a 9-11 year old to be sleeping or sitting on your lap, nor coming to your dressing room alone. In this interview he mentions nonchalantly and I quote "Michael used to sleep with me, he did that with other kids, to me, that's just the way we came up, as children we came up going over for sleepovers and stuff" (https://youtu.be/U-BW4JHmPk4). He said the same shit in the interview above. Both what Jermaine said about the NOI (nation of Islam) was proven true and what Stacy said about Brando in relation to MJ. Reading between the lines you should assess who was around this child. Grown ass sexually questionable men. Now let's connect this to only 1 excerpt the from Quincy Jones interview. We see 2 names that keep coming up Marvin Gaye and Marlon Brando. Quincy Jones made it very apparent those 2 including himself were fuckin around. Brando and MJ had a personal relationship, Stacy Brown made it clear that he paid him 1million for an appearance while he only paid his brothers $1,100 each. When all the trials started Brando gave half an acre of his land to MJ "in consideration of gratitude and affection". Michael Jackson great dancer, Marlon Brando great dancer. Brando and Taylor were both charming, flirtatious, and charismatic. Both knew Marvin Gaye. What I'm trying to illustrate is the words their using about each other and how they all ran in the same circles. Birds of a feather flock together. If one was fuckin they ALL were fuckin. This is a world of pansexuality just like Jones made clear they'd fuck a mailbox if given the chance. The introduction to this was Joseph Jackson he knew what Taylor had in mind to do to MJ. And it continued Taylor also said Jackson was a doormat and had a hard time saying no which is also ding ding a quality of a SEXUAL/ EMOTIONALLY ABUSED CHILD. -K PT 5
algonquinyr Great news! BE TRUE TO ME by @adelegriffin was one of @reading_rants Top Five YA Titles for 2017 🎉Click on the link in our bio to see all five. What were some of your favorites from 2017?
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