jemappellekat #HappyScorpioNewMoon is so lit. Forget about being behind the scenes... It's time to get my own ideas running and into fruition. And no whack wannabe investors or idea thieves. Also, I'll never stop being fun. Here's to all the #AWESOME and #AMAZING that #2018 is going to bring! #SATNAM #365DaysOfGratitudeByAjaipreet #NEWMOONOFFERINGS #LifeIsBeautiful
jemappellekat 12 hours ago I was pushing a cart in a store that I don't really enjoy shopping in yet I love the energy of the store manager and how he makes it a point to get to know the customers who frequent this particular location of this store. He cracks jokes, cheers people up, and goes beyond. I think about how cool it would be to work for him. It's not the most glamorous job, but he is kind and commands the respect of those whom answer to him. Now I sit here still in a whatever state but I know that I'm in the company of the holy. And after a basking in the prayer that #JapjiSahib I can just sit at the foot of the Guru/God and be #ALLCHILL. Because everything is gonna be alright. #SATNAM #365DAYSOFGRATITUDEBYAJAIPREET #WaheGuruJiKaKhalsaWaheGuruJiKiFateh
jemappellekat It went from being a great day to a really fucking terrible evening... Yet at the end of it in still healthy, happy, and holy... And my heart is still full. I'm still trying to figure out my next plan but the good thing is that I've come this far. My #FAITH guides me and I know that I'm protected. Perhaps it was the Guru intervention or whatever. If you owe me money, please pay up. If I owe you anything just let me know. While this city always has a way of reminding me how disposable I am, I KNOW MY WORTH. #MAKEEACHDAYCOUNT #365DaysOfGratitudeByAjaipreet #GRATITUDE
jemappellekat Day 7 of my life in black and white. No people. No explanations. Today I nominate @shannonyrizarry #365DAYSOFGRATITUDEBYAJAIPREET
jemappellekat When I reflect upon this #1111 day, I think a lot about the path of the #KHALSA. Keeping up with the #FORTITUDE of the #WarriorSaint isn't easy - yet it was never meant to be. So here's to the #JOURNEY... #365DaysOfGratitudeByAjaipreet #WaheGuruJiKaKhalsaWaheGuruJiKiFateh
jemappellekat What are you looking to #MANIFEST in your life? A room with a view? The #FREEDOM to #SOAR? The life partner worthy of your love? Guidance? Meaning? To fall in love with life again? Riches? Think of this #1111 as a portal to your limitless vastness. Be reminded that it's a #OPPORTUNITY to #CONNECT with your highest self... To connect with your soul. #MAKEEACHDAYCOUNT #TRUTH #365DAYSOFGRATITUDEBYAJAIPREET #AjaipreetsGoodVibeTribe #HollywoodHills
jemappellekat Seven days of "A day in my life" in black and white. No people. No explanation. Today I nominate @pavanjeetsk #365DaysOfGratitudeByAjaipreet
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