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ryanintheus This is Prusik Peak, I've seen pics of it for years, there's a lake very close to it over that ridge that offers photographers an amazing opportunity to get a stunning reflection shot. I have wanted to capture that shot for years. Trouble is, to get to where I'm standing when I took this pic you have to either hike up 6,500 feet elevation over about 7 miles or from the other direction you have to hike about 10 miles in with 4,500 feet elevation to get to it. Short story long, it's not that easy to get to so when you get there you want to make the most of it. Additionally to camp in the area you have to win a lottery, something I've never done, so this is a hike in and out kind of thing which makes for a really big day of hiking. Why am I telling you all this? Last year when I took this pic I was super fit without any serious injuries, I was on that long day hike, was running out of time and had a decision to make, do I go off the main trail and get the pic and risk hiking out in the dark or do I be responsible and keep going. I kept going, thinking I'd be back again soon enough and I'd make sure I had time to get the shot. Well life doesn't always work out the way you planned. Since spring I've had injury after injury, a life of sport at high levels has caught up to my body and I have barely hiked at all this year, and none more than 5 miles so I'm nowhere near in the condition I need to be to get back to this spot to take that shot. Sadly, while I have every intention of getting back there, there's always the chance with my body protesting as it is, that I won't make it unless I can win that lottery and break up the 17-18 mile day hike. The moral in the story? It could be to take the chances you get. Or it could be that you have to adjust your expectations every now and then and not be too hard on yourself for failing. Maybe it's both. Either way I hope that in your life you achieve whatever you want to achieve that seems very far away. Fingers crossed I can get back here someday.
ryanintheus Nature gives us a chance to put everything into perspective. It doesn't always need the amazing fall colors, or jagged snow capped mountains, sometimes it just needs a beautiful green scale that takes our breath away to remind us of what's really important. . . . . . . #pnw #Washington #PNWonderland #nwisbest #northwestisbest #upperleftside #pnwisbeautiful #rei1440project #wanderwashington #upperleftusa #livewashington #pnwdiscovered #pacificnorthwest #explorewashington #columbia1938 #pnwlife #thegreatpnw #thatpnwlife #pnwisbest #theNWadventure #ourpnw #pnwcollective #thatpnwlife #bestofnorthwest #mountaingirls #outdoorwomen #alpinebabes #wildernessbabes #radgirlslife #sheadventures
ryanintheus I've been doing a lot of traveling lately which has prevented me from getting out into the mountains as much as I'd like to this time of year but the beauty of living in a place like Seattle is you can still get your fix without leaving the city. I don't utilize this cities parks anywhere near enough during the week or on weekends that I'm in town. This shot was taken of Mt Rainier from Discovery Park which has an awesome trail system and is about seven minutes from my house! A short, beautiful two mile trail can really clear your mind or create a wonderful opportunity to connect with someone you care about. Anyone up for a city park hike sometime soon?
ryanintheus People ask me why I want to spend so much time in the mountains and the backcountry and I wonder why they don't. For example, this location, The Enchantments near Leavenworth Washington is one of the most beautiful places these eyes have seen after 43 years of exploring the world. The most magnificent thing about travel and exploring is that to all I have to do to relive the incredible wonder and beauty that I felt being at this place is to simply close my eyes. Once you make the effort to visit beautiful places, they visit you for the rest of your life. It's one of the best kinds of gifts you can give yourself. Who agrees?
ryanintheus We are what we think. I truly believe that statement and additionally, if we can control our thoughts, we can control our happiness. Our brain is a muscle, you can train it just like we can train other muscles but of course you don't train your mind the way you train the rest of your body. For me the best way to train my mind is through meditation, and specifically the Tibetan Buddhist Calm Abiding Meditation. Now I know there are a lot of great Calm Abiding practitioners out there who can explain this better than I can, but here's how I think of it and why I love it. It's the practice of not holding onto the thoughts that arise but actually letting the space between your thoughts grow longer and longer. This in itself is very calming but it trains your mind not to let thoughts talk a hold, not to grad onto sounds, or focus your eyes on anything in particular. What I find this lets me do in life is calm the raging ocean of thoughts, or the turbulent cloudy sky, and then select the thought I want to focus on. This lets me achieve my goals more quickly because I stay more focused on them. It may not be for everyone but I love it. 🙏
ryanintheus I don't know when the last time was that I posted a pic of Jem and I together but it's definitely been a long time. I'm always really careful about what I share on social media about her but this pic was too good to not post. Jemma and I have had the good fortune to travel to many places together and now I'm starting to have the opportunity to take her with me on some of the influencer trips I'm doing. This shot was taken at the @TheDallasarboretum and was part of a sponsored trip I did with @alaskaair to promote their new direct flight between Seattle and Dallas. We loved Dallas but for me these trips are priceless because of the memories I'm making with my amazing daughter. Parenthood is an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience and you learn to savor the beautiful moments when you have them because time moves at an unbelievable rate. You parents out there know what I mean! I'd really like to thank @alaskaair for facilitating the great memories we made on this trip, I'm very grateful! 🙏
ryanintheus Being a father to a six and a half year old I've started to really think about age. As I've watched Jemma change so much I've reflected more and more on my own journey. What have I really learned through the phases of my life? I remember, as Jemma is also doing, wanting to be grown up, wanting to always be more adult than I was. I always wanted to be more mature, sometimes to the point of not having fun in my younger years, or at the very least not just letting go and being free to just be, I was always wanting to prove I was more grown up. I'm not sure why I did it, or Jemma is doing it, but as I look at where I've landed with that journey as a 43 year old, I realize that I'm more free and feel more like a kid now somehow then I did when I was younger. I've realized that what I don't know will always be more than I will do know and that there's an incredible freedom in that. I've admitted humbly that whatever image of myself I had of being this wise person, it has given way to knowing and accepting that I'll be learning for the rest of my life and where I am is exactly perfect. I very much enjoy just living freely in each moment and also watching others do the same, like these guys walking around in the water in bliss. If only I could teach that to Jemma early in life so she can find this place sooner, but as we all know, learning these things ourselves is part of life's journey, and who listens to our parents about such crazy notions anyway? 😉
ryanintheus Sometimes life feels like it's a grind, like at every step someone has gotten there before you and created another obstacle to overcome. I've definitely had periods of time when I was really frustrated and felt like a punching bag, but you keep going because you believe that at some point ahead you'll turn a corner and the path will be beautiful and easy for a while. The reality is the path will sometimes be easier and sometimes be harder, but it's not about the path, it's about how you walk the path, it's about you, and whether you are happy within yourself. You might stumble upon a path as beautiful as the one pictured above, the most beautiful hike I've ever done, but if you're not happy, if you haven't done the work on yourself, you won't enjoy it. In addition I think it's easy to know when things suck in life, but it takes a lot more wisdom to be able to be aware when you're walking a path with happiness, most of us don't realize it until it's over. Keep your eyes open friends, happiness might be all around you, but if you don't take a moment to really open your eyes, you might miss it!
ryanintheus When you've lived in so many places like I have, moving from one side of the planet to the other, you can lose your sense of home. For me I was always attached to Australia as my home, rather than a city, and I never thought I'd think of another country as my home. To this day when I go back to Australia I am met by places, smells, plants, animals, people and an accent that feel like home, yet when I'm there I miss the life I've built in the U.S. Coming back from my last trip to Australia I realized that home is a relative thing, and that my home now is the U.S. It's not as familiar to me, but it's where I've found happiness, it's where I've found professional success, and it's where I learned the most about myself. I've come to love this country, it's amazing nature, it's people, it's diversity. I can't love it like I do though, and not be affected by the current political and social nonsense playing out under the leadership of this fool of a man. At this point it just makes my heart hurt for this great country. No matter what side of the political divide you sit, you have to comprehend the damage that's being done right now. I just can't explain it to my friends around the world worried about what's coming. It's up to us to bring dignity back to this country friends. We all have to do our part and show the world we're better than this.
ryanintheus Some places just don't need words. You just have to sit and soak up their majesty with your eyes.
ryanintheus Happy 80th Birthday to my hero, my dad, Rex Hodgson. There's no short way to explain the impact he's had on my life, but simply put I would not be the person I am today without him. We kicked the (Aussie Rules) football on the road a million times, played cricket on the driveway, he cheered me on at my volleyball games, came to my contemporary dance shows, gave me great advice about relationships, we read and discussed the literary classics, we share a love for the Impressionists, read books on Native Americans, watched The Winners, All Creatures Great and Small and Faulty Towers, we climbed the biggest monolith in the world, we've explored deserts, hiked through forests, panned for gold, we continue to cheer on our beloved Freo Dockers, we listened to Johnny Cash, John Denver and Willie Nelson, watched Casablanca and Dr Zhivago, visited way too many second hand stores, we've driven from the east coast to the west coast of Australia, and then from the south to the north and back. Plus countless other wonderful adventures. But in addition to all that, he's been there when life wasn't so positive for me, when I've failed or when life just didn't go my way. So happy 80th birthday to the best dad, and mate, a son could have. Wish I could be there with you today and for the party on the weekend dad, but I'm definitely there in spirit. Hope that you enjoy both. Here's to many more birthdays!
ryanintheus My heart leaps up when I behold. A rainbow in the sky: So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man; So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me die! The Child is father of the Man; I could wish my days to be. Bound each to each by natural piety. William Wordsmith 1802. . I have loved this quote for over 17 years. May our wonder of nature never be anything less than that when we experienced it for the first time. 🌈🙏
ryanintheus Cheers to connecting. Cheers to being present. Cheers to being a day wiser. Cheers to persevering with patience. Cheers to love. Cheers to friendship. Cheers to family. Cheers to fearlessness. Cheers to great conversation. Cheers to setting ambitious goals and reaching them. Cheers to not reaching those goals and learning from your mistakes. Cheers to that person who annoys the hell out of you but who is really teaching you about yourself. Cheers to not letting the past dictate your future. Cheers to learning to love and respect yourself. Cheers to sleep. Cheers to enjoying the journey. And last but certainly not least, cheers to @scartylive for taking this pic and having a beer with me! What would you like to cheers?🍻
ryanintheus One of the magical things about Seattle is the amount of water around the city. As a result #boatlife is a big deal. There's nothing much better than heading home at sunset with a boat full of great friends full of stoke after a wonderful day of fun and play on the water. If you haven't been to Seattle it really does rain every day, it's terrible! 😉
ryanintheus Am I a mountain person or a beach person? Do I celebrate my Australian heritage or my love of living in the U.S.? Life is not clear cut sometimes and for that reason I decided to pay homage to my love of the outdoors but getting a pair of tattoos that speak to the fact that I'm both a mountain person and a beach person. And that I'm a proud Australian and I'm proud of living in the U.S. The one on the left is from a pic I took in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State and the left is the main beach at my beloved Byron Bay in NSW Australia. Spent some time with the awesome @amandarinertattoo from @slavetotheneedle in Seattle to bring the concepts to life and I think she did an amazing job. What do you think?
ryanintheus Sometimes I get to partner with brands that really get me. As an outdoor adventurer, former nonprofit founder, and music lover I get to combine all three with @CLIFbar this weekend at #Bumbershoot! CLIF Bar is raising money for @veraproject, @washingtontrails and @pugetsoundkeeper at their lounge. For $10, you can create your own custom hat and all proceeds will benefit these great nonprofits that collectively support our youth in music and arts, and protect the places we love to play outside like Mailbox trail pictured above. I'm in, who else?
ryanintheus "Any patch of sunlight in a wood will show you something about the sun which you could never get from reading books on astronomy. These pure and spontaneous pleasures are ‘patches of Godlight’ in the woods of our experience." C.S. Lewis. . The moments of pure clarity we have in our lives are those "patches of godlight", where we connect to our inner truths. When for a moment an idea becomes crystal clear and we are freed from doubt and we are overwhelmed with peace. It's only by being brave and getting out of our comfort zones that we find these moments, so I encourage you to get out there and look life in the eye and get to know yourself and find your patch of sunlight. . This patch of sunlight is on the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden which I highly recommend. Some stunningly calm spaces in the gardens and a wonderful interactive area for kids. Huge thanks to @alaskaair for giving Jem and I the opportunity to visit this beautiful place. 🙏 . . . . . . . #wheretofindme #darlingescapes #travelstagram #wondermore #nomadstories #meetthemoment #travelblogger #keepitcontagious #igtravel #takemebackpacking #stayandwander #roundtheworld #travelholic #travelgram #tripstagram #dream_spots #abmtravelbug #bbctravel #wanderthemap #travelbreak #travelwithfathom #athomeintheworld #CNtraveler #travelmag #tlpicks #athomeintheworld #traveldeeper #iamatraveler #guardiantravelsnaps #travelgram
ryanintheus There's nothing better than a father daughter adventure. Today Jem and I set out on what seemed like a simple trip to Dallas but of course nature had other ideas. While it took us a little longer than expected to get here we were treated to a magnificent sunset. Jem decided she wanted to enjoy it from the pool. Huge thank you to @alaskaair for getting us from Seattle to Dallas on a crazy weather day and for making this trip possible. I can't help but send positive thoughts to those affected so badly by the storm further south from us. Given their plight I'm feeling extra grateful to be able to explore Dallas with Jem over the next couple of days. . . . . . . . #wheretofindme #darlingescapes #travelstagram #wondermore #nomadstories #meetthemoment #travelblogger #keepitcontagious #igtravel #takemebackpacking #stayandwander #roundtheworld #travelholic #travelgram #tripstagram #dream_spots #abmtravelbug #bbctravel #wanderthemap #travelbreak #travelwithfathom #athomeintheworld #CNtraveler #travelmag #tlpicks #athomeintheworld #traveldeeper #iamatraveler #guardiantravelsnaps #travelgram
ryanintheus I haven't posted a picture quote in years but this one has really gotten me thinking so I thought to share with you all. First off, its brutal in its direct honesty. A friend of mine on Facebook said it's "so horrifically honest". How often do we look back at experiences and realize we didn't see, or we ignored, the signs that were there? We don't see them because we want a specific outcome so badly. We want love in our life so we ignore the signs that this isn't the right person. We want political change so we ignore the signs this isn't the right kind of change. Essentially we lie to ourselves so that we might, somehow, deliver whatever dream we have that we want so badly. I've spent most of this year single, not really believing anymore in my ability to not lie to myself about people. Why? Because I'm a 43 year old single dad living on the other side of the world from all my family and lifelong friends... of course I want love in my immediate world. But I'm so sick of the lies I've allowed myself to believe because I've been so hungry for that love. Now I'm hungry for the truth, for reality, because those things are the only things that are going to deliver me that outcome that I'm so hungry for. And of course the very first place you need to look is... within. You need to be brutally honest with yourself about who you are, what you're bringing, or not bringing to the table. What lies are you believing about yourself? That journey is quite something when you really see the person looking in the mirror. But that journey is so worth it, regardless of whether we find the love we were so hungry for, and here's why... We find ourselves! And then we realize something we should have realized long ago... We realize that investing in ourselves and being our true selves was the most important thing all along. And low and behold, we realize we're not so hungry that we'll allow the lies anymore! That space we were looking to fill, we filled it with ourselves! Oh and who can guess what happens next? 😉 . . . #meetthemoment #keepitcontagious #lifeofadventures #adventureislife #liveauthentically #lifeauthentic #featuremyworld #mynature #alwaysgo
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