oitnbscne Honey Jar: A Tribute to Peeno Noir. who's your favorite character?🍊
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abrokenbackpack These two past weeks have been so busy. I had to basically sort out my travels plans / my life. Sometimes you simply have to go with the flow and think about what makes more sense for you. This time, I had to rethink my travel plans. I'm going to spend the next month in Kuala Lumpur. And hopefully, I'll manage to get to the Philippines to catch my next few flights! Did you ever miss a flight before?🤔 . . . #malaysia #malaysia_ig #ig_malaysia #kualalumpur #gopro #goprofamily #goprogirl #adventuretravel #girldiscoverers #travelerslife #nomadlife #lifeofadventure #wearetravelgirls #darlingescapes #radgirlslife #femmetravel #thetravelwomen #girlsborntotravel #shetravels #expediapic #girlslovetravel #glt_love #backpackingaddicts #backpackingdream #backpackerlife #backpacking #mymalaysia #malaysiatrulyasia #infinity_faces #infinitypool
campingcollective Happy Tuesday! Photo by @abigaildemyanek Share your adventure #campingcollective
richmond.nps @NPS Rangers and @cbs6 at the same event? Many different careers are found at the Mission Tomorrow event to #inspirerva youth to find a career field. Over a 10,000 8th graders from Chesterfield, Richmond, Hanover, and Henrico will explore 3 buildings full of different careers fields from entertainment to electricians from police to accounting. #inspirerva #npscareers #RVA
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landlopers There’s something special about being on the water that never fails to thrill me. I’m not sure why that is either. I grew up in the mountains, far from any beach and honestly, it’s rare that I find myself in as tranquil a setting as this one I found while staying at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro last week. But even if it’s many months between visits, it feels like a homecoming, and the first thing I always do is to spend some time quietly walking along the beach. Although the weather was a little moody the day I took this photo, it didn’t diminish that feeling of peace and calm and that, more than anything, was a highlight of my stay. Where are some places that do the same for you?
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kdkuiper Always taking the long way home. 🌲
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twodough Checking out Camerimage in Bydgoszcz for the next week. Excited to meet so many talented DPs and see their work. Also, this is my third trip to Europe in 18 months. Sorta surreal. Here's some random iPhone shots from Paris.
glacierparkboats A fitting farewell to Many Glacier post season projects. Here's to snow piling deep! #glaciernationalpark #manyglacier
urbanscape 第58回神田古本まつり Kanda secondhand book festival / Kanda-Jinbocho, Tokyo 📖📚 . かつて知ったる場所。振り返ると、本を買うよりも、本を売り払うことの方が多かったような気がする。だってこの街には、本の目利きや値付けのプロがわんさかいるのだ。だから、ちょっとレア物の展覧会図録とかを持ち込んだりすると「おっ、これいくらで買われました⁉︎ よろしければ、購入されたときの値段で買い取らせていただきますが…」とか言われて、ブックオフなら50円にもならない古本を何と5000円で買い取ってくれたりもするのだ(これほんと…‼︎)。各専門分野にたけたプロが存在し、知れば知るほど奥が深い古書の世界。それが神保町の魅力ですね。 . この日はカレーのボンディもさぼうるもキッチン南海も大行列でした…。 .
colerise totality from the smoky mountains. currently riding shotgun with a blanket over my head, merging multiple exposures into an HDR... improperly, but digging what it did to the moon! more soon.
beachyogagirl Wow!!!!!!
petehalvorsen Epic dude
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thefeedfeed Thanksgiving is a lot of work! Make sure you thank your host properly, which in our mind means Bagels! Pick up a dozen and set up a breakfast spread like @hipfoodiemom1 did here. 👉Get the details & 50+ more Party Platter ideas & recipes from thefeedfeed.com/party-platters or if you ever want the recipe of a pic we've posted on this account go to thefeedfeed.com/instagram. 🍂 For all of your Thanksgiving Menu planning needs go to thefeedfeed.com/thanksgiving! 🌟Remember to share your cooking, baking, and drink making pics and videos by tagging "#feedfeed @thefeedfeed" for a chance to be featured here and on our site! . . .⠀ #foodpics #foodphotography #instafood #igfood #homemade #recipeoftheday #onthetable #Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2017
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larskorvald Working hard on a micro documentary from our paddle trip from Ramberg to Værøy in Lofoten. Can't wait to share the finished results ☺ anybody know which beach this is?
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blogmochilando Já imaginou ganhar um drone pra fazer fotos e vídeos incríveis? Nós do @blogmochilando em parceria com @marcionomundo, @destinosimperdiveis, @loucosporviagem e @andyspinelli, sortearemos um DJI Spark para os nossos seguidores! Para participar, é bem fácil! Basta seguir as instruções abaixo. ⠀⠀ 🚩 Seguir os 5 instagram's: @destinosimperdiveis, @marcionomundo, @blogmochilando, @loucosporviagem e @andyspinelli. 🚩 Indicar 1 amigo na Foto Oficial (pode participar quantas vezes quiser, desde que os amigos sejam diferentes). 🚩 Deixar o perfil desbloqueado no dia do sorteio. 🚩 Torcer muito! • O envio será feito apenas para endereços em território nacional. • O prêmio será o drone DJI Spark e em nenhuma hipótese será revertido em dinheiro. • O sorteio será realizado no dia 06/12/2017 e o resultado será divulgado no mesmo dia. A foto oficial está no @destinosimperdiveis ou através da hashtag #PromoSpark2017
redwoodnps “Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” - Langston Hughes Photo: S. Gayner @redwoodseth [Image description: trail covered with brownish-red needles lined with ferns going through the old-growth redwoods on a rainy day.]
maurice Whoa 🙌🏼
kylormelton 🛶 w @charlyjordan10 music by Zella Day
kokpedro Salão dos Atos, Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, Brasil. Oscar Niemeyer. 1989.
pure_ella Healthy Spaghetti Squash with Lentils ~ the perfect dinner idea or side dish. Perfect for Thanksgiving!! 🦃👌🏼 RECIPE: link in profile @pure_ella) #thanksgiving #thanksgivingrecipe
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raw.shooter Blessed and thankful for everything and everyone 🤘🤘| 📷 @j.dmsl
homeiswhereyourbagis Aerial shot of the Phnom Krom hill near Siem Reap with its ancient temple on the peak. From there you can have a really beautiful view at the sunset and there are almost no tourists. @djiglobal
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ditsen So excited that we’re doing another workshop in Marrakech next year 💕💕💕 Vil du med @annemad og mig på workshop i Marrakech næste år? Der er stadig få pladser tilbage, så hvis du gerne vil lære mere om madfotografering, styling og marrokansk mad, så er denne workshop helt klart noget for dig? Læs mere i linket i min profil ✨✨✨ #workshopmedditteoganne
janetnewenham Anyone else here sometimes guilty of just reading a news heading and then having a mini panic attack without actually reading the article? It just happened to me and I had to kick myself. I just read that Mount Agung (pictures in the back right of the photo) in Bali was erupting. Cue many swear words and panic as my flight is due to take off in under 5 hours. Aussie papers were reporting "panic". After a quick check on more reputable or news sites and with friends in Bali, I quickly realised that while it is indeed "erupting" it's a cold eruption and the alert level has not changed in a month, despite the activity and afternoons ash clouds. This was a real little lesson for me in not jumping to conclusions without further evidence (aka decent news sources!!) but also it showed me how news sites have such power to cause panic, and ruin tourism. Let's hope the situation doesn't get any worse! #balibaby #balibible #gilitrawangan #giliislands
chelseasmessyapron These ultra soft and chewy peanut butter cookies dipped in milk chocolate 🍫 are the absolute BEST! These cookies are made in partnership with my favorite eggs: @egglandsbest 🙌🏼 🥚 grab the full recipe by clicking the link in my bio! Or here: https://www.chelseasmessyapron.com/peanut-butter-cookies/ #sponsored