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pctassociation On this hump day, we bring you a gorgeous photo taken at the outlet of Thousand Island Lake in the #AnselAdamsWilderness to get you through the week. _________________________________ Planning on hiking the #JohnMuirTrail next year or in the years to come? _________________________________ Photo by: Tim Allami
pctassociation Who can tell where this is just by these peeking peaks? | It's amazing how different people can experience different sections of the same trail in vastly different ways. ___________________________________ The weather, time of day, lighting, temperature, and even one's mood can affect how we experience our surroundings. This is why revisiting the #PCT can still be so powerful - it can always feel new again. __________________________________ Photo by: @a.c.t.i.o.n.j.a.c.k.s.o.n
pctassociation We acknowledge that some goals are lofty and may take decades to achieve. Fortunately, our passion - and especially yours - will keep us focused on the path. __________________________________ Photo by: Emmanuel Forge
pctassociation #Tbt to this desert sunrise after a wild wind storm hit near Scissors Crossing in Southern California. | The wind is no joke along the #PCT sometimes. __________________________________ Photo by #P3Hiker, Karen Wang. You're photos have consistently kept us inspired. __________________________________ Check out more of her stunning photos over at @karenkwang
pctassociation Did you know that when there are wildfires (which there have been many, recently, in many locations) the amount of work to restore the trail is huge? | Here we have or regional #TrailCrew in Southern California, the #TrailGorillas, tackling some wildfire restoration from the 2016 Sand Fire. ___________________________________ Who has placed trail maintenance at the top of their New Years resolution list? ___________________________________ #TrailWorkTuesday photo by: Dave Fleischman
pctassociation Wildlife sightings can be special, especially when it is from a safe distance. | Please help protect wildlife along the #PCT by properly storing your food... whether that is in a bear canister in required locations, or by hanging your food or storing it in provided lockers. __________________________________ Animals can't resist the food you have in your pack. Faced with a choice between eating grass or berries or many thousands of calories worth of hiker food, they're compelled to do anything they can to try and get your food. ___________________________________ #LeaveNoTrace by both respecting wildlife from a safe distance and ensuring proper storage of your food and toiletries. That way, we can continue to share unique encounters with wildlife in the future. __________________________________ 2017 Flora and Fauna Honorable mention, photo of a black bear just after Wilma Lake in Yosemite Wilderness by: Phillippe Davignon
pctassociation What's your favorite trail snack? Shout out to quick, easy, no-cook solutions to hiker hunger! __________________________________ Photo taken near Rosary Lakes in Central Oregon.
pctassociation Walking into the new year like... ___________________________________ Who's eager to get out and start checking trips off of the list? ___________________________________ Epic sunset photo by 2017 #P3Hiker: @timeforahike
pctassociation We say this a lot and will continue to say it: the trail would not be possible without the support of our volunteers, members and donors. _________________________________ With the start of a new year, it's hard not to feel incredibly grateful for those that are passionate supporters of the #Trail. You make a real difference. _________________________________ Excited for what this year brings - long live the #PCT! _________________________________ Photo of the Southern Oregon Rockers, by: @pctasouthernoregonrockers
pctassociation Happy New Year! __________________________________Here's to another incredibly productive year of supporting the trail! And cheers to those of you with outdoor related resolutions... Looking forward to seeing everyone's adventures in 2018. __________________________________ Photo by: Rich Steward
pctassociation Where do you want to go next year? What's at the top of your list? _________________________________ Photo of the first morning light cutting through the trees in Mt. Hood National Forest, by: Ashley Ross
pctassociation Even in December, it's possible to enjoy the #PCT. Who's been heading out to camp, hike or snowshoe in the snow? __________________ Photo taken in Bucks Lake Wilderness, by: @eowynhikes (oh, and congrats on your 36th month of backpacking, @eowynhikes!)
pctassociation Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We're so thankful or your passion for the #PCT. This trail family means so much. _________________ Wishing you and yours all the best. ________________ Photo by #volunteer extraordinaire: Mick McBride
pctassociation We hope everyone is having a pleasant holiday season. Hopefully a little outdoor adventure is thrown in the mix somewhere. ___________________________________ It's looking very wintery out there! ___________________________________ Photo taken in Northern Washington in September by: @whitney.shoeston
pctassociation Happy Winter Solstice! | Let the daydreaming and planning of summer adventures begin. __________________________________ We know we're looking forward to lengthening days. __________________________________ Photo by: @j_helmkamp
pctassociation We love #PCT art. | Ryosuke ‘Sketch’ Kawato captures the beauty and the experience of the trail through his trail sketches. Have you seen them? They're incredible. ___________________________________ Check out Sketch's drawings over at: @ryosuke_iwashi
pctassociation Feeling grateful this #TrailWorkTuesday. Thankful for those who #volunteer - from those who volunteer on trail maintenance crews to those who pick up micro-trash and litter on their dayhikes and backpacking trips. ________________________________ You are all awesome. Thank you for being passionate stewards of the #PCT. _________________________________ Photo by: @wanderingthewilderness
pctassociation Hope your weekend was fantastic and that you got out and did something in the fresh air. ___________________________________ Who else misses that spring desert sky? ___________________________________ Photo by: @_ninaruns
pctassociation Riders in Mokelumne Wilderness. Honorable Mention in the 2013 #PCTA Photo Contest. _________________________________ Have you considered submitting your #PCT photos to this year's photo #Contest? Not only is it a great way to get your photos published... It is also a a fantastic way to help support the #PacificCrestTrail _________________________________ Photo by: Ryan Choi
pctassociation Tbt to sunrise near Pilot Rock in Southern Oregon. __________________________________ Not the most frequently photographed section of trail, the #PCT in Southern Oregon can be just as enchanting as other parts of the #trail. __________________________________ What do you love about #SouthernOregon? Photo by: Dave Fleischman
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