bookishdragonreader I forgot to participate in the Owlcrate photo challenge last month, but I'm back to it this month! February's box was Hidden Worlds! It was hard for me to capture all of it since the included wall tapestry is so huge, but I managed it by throwing the thing over my couch. 😂 . My favorite item from this box is the Coraline necklace! I love the movie, and finally listened to the audiobook about two years ago and it was creepier than the movie for sure (but also great, of course). . My least favorite item might be the candle, but only because the scent is very strong, and I usually do prefer stronger candle scents over subtle. But it's themed after The Chronicles of Narnia, so I do still appreciate it for that reason. . I was thrilled that the book's exclusive cover is GREEN! It's my favorite color, so maybe I'm biased... 😜 . Did you also get the Hidden Worlds box? What were your favorite and/or least favorite items? . #bookstagram #OCWorlds #owlcrateunboxing #owlcratephotochallenge #bookishgoodies #booksfallopenyoufallin #thehazelwood #coraline