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justmybookishlife What’s the number one thing people talk to me about.....why GOT isnt coming on till 2019! Like I have inside information to tell people, I just know what the article said. “That because of it being winter in the show, it’s going to take two winters to film all they need.” I can honestly believe that too because even if it’s winter, not every day is a good shooting day. I’m anxious to see if everyone’s okay, especially Tormund Giantsbane! My favorite silly ginger better be okay!!!! I can’t believe it almost over though, what are we going to do?!? But man is this amazing Mother of Dragons candle from @candlesinbookland is helping me get through this HUGE gap! Scent: Dragons blood and fire. Smells dark, mysterious and very earthy just like her. Definitely a good scent and fills the room perfectly. Wanna get your own? Use JMBL10 at checkout. #motherofdragons #gameofthrones #khaleesi #tormundgiantsbane #georgerrmartin #bookish #bookstagram #booknerd #booknerdigans #bookworm #bookdragon #bibliophile #literature #fantasy #booksfallopenyoufallin #ivelivedathousandlives #notallwhowanderarelost #funkopop #candlesinbookland
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drkruyer 👋👌
ly_brary This is so beautiful! ❤️😍
justmybookishlife @lanadistef I agree but also impatient
justmybookishlife @libraryofthenight he’s probably my favorite after jon of course
justmybookishlife @bookstagramreadingaddict he really is and I want him with briann or however you spell her name
books.and.booksies Ohmygod I love Tormund ❤️ I have a funko pop of him too 😁
lanadistef I’m almost glad it’s not coming back until next year 😂 I’m not ready for it to be over yet!!! 😭
libraryofthenight Amazing!!! Love tormund ❤️
bookstagramreadingaddict I hope Tormund is ok too , he’s the best 💕💕
justmybookishlife @beverageandbook Tormund is absolutely amazing and handsome
beverageandbook Oh my heart. I love Tormund. ❤️ I’m really Missing GOT this year.