hzgchld {The abundance of monsters in circulation now proves that the collective imagination is in a strange and disorientating state, at once fearful of what can be done to the body through technology or trauma and fascinated by the possibilities those changes represent}. Something that is pissing me off: Charlie Fox is only 25 - twenty fucking five - and he's a stupidly good writer. Something that is pleasing me: Charlie Fox is a stupidly good writer. Fox is interested in monstrousness in all its myriad forms. From childhood fables and American school shootings to the work of David Lynch and drug addictions, monstrosity rears its head here in various - sometimes surprising - ways. At the heart of This Young Monster is an appreciation for the transgressve - figures who looked at the bar and, rather than raise it, kicked it to fucking pieces. People like Rainer Fassbinder, a troubled genius if there ever was one, and Leigh Bowery, who hauled performance art to new, often alarming, extremities. Fox writes about them at length, and also looks at Alice in Wonderland, the works of Harmony Korine, Diane Arbus's photography, Buster Keaton's early years, Rimbaud and where his words went, and so much more. Fox pays testament to the dark curiosity that resides in us all and asks many a profound question. Why are we so stirred by monsters and monstrous behaviour? What does it tell us about ourselves and others? Is it always admirable to smash the boundaries? And so on. This was very fun and fascinating. Well worth checking out.