aerie Feel-good Friday, @AlyRaisman style! Swipe to see all of her faves.
nicolecannoli78 So I love all things American Eagle and Aerie but lately when I’ve been going into my local Aerie I’ve had trouble finding my size. It’s super disappointing that I have to settle on sister sizes or styles I don’t really like because my size has been under stocked. Yes I know I can always order online but I go into the store so I can wear the bras ASAP not in 7-10 business days
schenk_rachel ❤️❤️❤️❤️
alessiasolci Gorgeous ❤️
steph.jonas @cindyngai this bralette 😍
brendabijman @fer_fernandez87 quiero que tengas uno como el gris🤪
janae_ak_ GIVE THEM ALL TO ME @_lindseypowell_
yanibd @marienabd yo quiero uno vea 😫
carly_haffner I love this 😍
the.mindful.bite Ugh.. I wish I didn’t have boobs so I could wear these!!!
rachel_wilsonnnn 🤩❤️
naomie.10 @aali.ii les shoooorts 😍 ma faiblesse chez Aerie
aali.ii Euuuuuuuuuuuuh la bralette à gauche PARDONNNNN😍 nécessité @naomie.10
tt.a.y.l.o.r I just wanna say I love my bralettes!❤️ I came into a aerie store Monday just to look around because I’ve always wanted to go into one and I gotta say the atmosphere was amazing I actually felt pretty in that store❤️ it was so warm and happy and it just made me happy❤️ with me being so small chested it’s really hard for me to find anything that fits and be cute and the same time (believe it or not) but when I saw at all the options for all sizes including mine I fell in love!❤️ I ended up buying three and I adore them! I felt so comfortable in my own skin and I’ve never had that feeling before and I just wanna say thank you! @aerie you best believe I’ll be buying more from you guys!❤️
iviecoen @aiyanagrh these are so cute but seem very impractical
iviecoen @aiyanagrh these are so cute but seem very impractical
rrosalie_c @jas_audet la bralette kakiii😍
kellyliguori Is the bralette available yet?!
medd_143 @shanehurst when u get money buy me this
xobrik @nconti_ girl crush!
outinthestix that green piece is a bra not swimwear? SWEEEEEET!
rosejamforlife She’s gorgeous 😍 and I want one of each of all aerie bralettes 🤣
gxl_11 Hermosa y excelente selección.
lizdiana_jones @morrganics should model for aerie!!
maddie_konz Aly I love you
thebadassbeauty I need this now 😩😩😩
vivakayla @sammieddemaria oh my goodness I thought this was you!! 😯😍