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dcbx_ When I open a packet of mnm’s pull on 2 and put them in my fingers, I squish both of them in Seperate hands using my fingers and whichever one survives is the champion and I eat the broken one, the champion vs the next Mnm I pull out and so on, until all the mnms are gone and the last mnm to survive the wrath of my fingers I put into an envelope and sent it to Cadbury and say use this Mnm to breed your other mnms, he is a warrior😌
copper.jpg That caption is something else 😂 love it dude!!
georgiefabien are you okay😂
san.tino Lmao that caption is the most
xander_melb What if both mnms break?
sekerisjaap Baby, is it cold outside?
nxls0n_ @danjgi however even if you sned the weekest mnm into cadbury depending on how long the shipping and processing takes and how long the mnm sits in the envelope it could go stale turning it hard and unbeatable
dcbx_ @danjgi idk who the fuck you are but I fucking love you HAHAHAHHA❤️❤️❤️
danjgi that logic of mnm survival is flawed. if the first 2 Mnms you pull out are the two strongest in the packet, you will kill one and weaken the other, thus removing the two strongest mnms. that means you could potentially be sending Cadbury the 2nd weakest Mnm (it had to beat atleast one) to bread with, thus weakening the entire mmm gene pool, making the species become endangered and at risk to disease.
tylee.jpeg Very cool
nicholasswebb Idk why I laughed so hard this caption it was gold 😂
jordevns ❤️
mike.eetswah im gonna slip a skittle into ur next mnm packet
youssef_elchahrouk11 😍😍😍😍