kxyvon holy fuckkk must’ve been insane to see this go down
markazii_ Fuck the police and Drumpf
wizard_clod Looks like a damn war zone pretty sure that’s a riot not a protest like keep yo protest peaceful guys this just causes damage
turd138 @america._the._beautiful true. I only go there when bands i like play there.
_alxndr_mgno What the hell are they rioting for? Another uncooperative black got shot by the police, or is it a not my President riot.
america._the._beautiful @anandbc Congrats to you! That's crazy. Well your stuff looks super clean. Keep doing you.
america._the._beautiful Dude! Did you really get 400K views on this video???
rgalcalde Dems n what's his
amozesh_namad_goleyakh اموزش رایگان نمد دوزی گام به گام از دوخت ساده تا ساخت عروسک پیج تازه شروع به کار کرده ما را دنبال کنید در عرض سه ماه یک عروسک ساز حرفه ای شوید خرس ولنتاین را خودتان بدوزید اموزش ولنتاینی از هفته ی اول بهمن
martin_versace_usa Fuck Portland . 💩💩💩💩
tommytortilla This is a damn riot that changed bum fuck nothing
iranbano_poshak مخصوص ارزانسراهاوحراجي ها از٣/٠٠٠تومان تا٣٠/٠٠٠ تومان.كافي فقط يه بار ازكانال ما ديدن فرمايدباقيمت هاي باورنكردني وكيفيت عالي. ارسال به تمام نقاط كشور. ‎‏https://t.me/iranbanoesf
broct01 Trash
america._the._beautiful @rumblesofrevolution You better mind that your own sins don't catch up with you first.
osman.che <<<---- check this out
osman.che <<<---- check this out
anandbc @rumblesofrevolution it doesn’t matter if I learned anything. I’m just politely asking you to stop with the long comments, not trying to argue. Thanks
america._the._beautiful @rumblesofrevolution 😂 😂 😂 What are you 12?
anandbc @rumblesofrevolution hey man any chance you could just DM the people you want to talk/argue with instead of writing mini essays in my comments.
america._the._beautiful @rumblesofrevolution Do you assume middle school behavior is going to get you somewhere? Why don't you go smash some windows and tip over some trash cans...
noor_yazahra If it was happening in Iran all news have broadcasted it. Down with propaganda who don't let people to get their own right. Yazahra
david_jim07 @rumblesofrevolution just tells me exactly who you are...the “tolerant left”. “Dummy, daft”??? I never insulted you I only suggested that you do something productive with your life