fort.stanwix.nps “Dec. 4, 1758 Parole: THISTLE – As Often as New Snow falls, and where it holds up, the Serjeants are to turn out some men of every Company to Clear the Roof of their Barracks. The orderly Serjeants are to give in a Report Every Morning after the Parade to Doctor MacLean of the Names of the Sick men of their respective Company’s, and the Major Hopes that the Officer of the Week gets a Written Report every morning of the State of their company’s as he must make it report of it to the Oldest Officer upon the Parade.” - From the Orderly Book of the 78th of Foot Highlands Regiment #FortStanwix #OTD #OnThisDay #FrenchandIndianWar #FrenchandIndianWarFiles #TDiH #History
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