cannaman949 Have never really had #anxiety before like I been having lately. I think I'm in need of a #vacation and I'm still 4 months away from my planned trip to #jamaica usually #marijuana would curb any #stress I felt but even some fine grown #herb from my #homie just isn't hacking it. Anyone have any tips on anxiety stress and good ways to eliminate? I'm trying breathing exercises and stretching now and the silence just sends my brain into overdrive making things worse feel like I'm slowing imploding
brawdcast I got u. DM me tommorrow
poppa_goody I try to find a way to release my energy, build something, Hit a shit ton of golf balls,cuss and swear, pray,
dr.yellowthumb I know the feeling man. People don't understand how crippling shit can get. Weed makes it worse for me..try meditating or watching some porn. Haha sounds crazy but it helps!