People on photo: railollie
justinroberts44 We were taking a drive around the Team 10 driveway 🏎
justin_pascale_blanchard Buy a Ferrari and you don't even have your lisence?😶😐bruh go and find the logic cause I can't. It's like buying a phone without data on it
michelleg7449 Can I have so merch your girl sexy
kuraiaatuatika ha.only around the team 10 drive way.watta crack up.
daniel_colenso Your an actual gay cunt
holistic_healing1111 🤘🤘🤘🤘
wastxdspace @merceeeee350 thats why he said he was taking a drive around the Team 10 driveway 😂
_connercrunkilton Cause you can’t drive it out on the road, I’m sorry but Team 10 doesn’t always make the best choices! Like when Chad put hot sauce in his eye, dude...... that’s not smart! When they say live life to the fullest that doesn’t mean do that crap!!!
july_alvarenga7 Que feoo sos 😂😝😝
c.a.s_photography Nice...😻
_brxan.mxteo Ugly freshman
danieledwardd Follow me on instagram @danieledwardd
alanagrace._ Clout chassing 😂😂🤫🤫
maustin_1 Do the still go out?
slime_locker Not to be rude but your gf is way to pretty for you 😳
alii.sartorius they look like sibilings! ❤️😂or is it just me?
the_whiteboi_ @justinroberts44 you guys are legit
gabby_friend678 @lucas_hutch ily ur so fire🔥
_mintxx Lol people jump into conclusions like wtf . You just saw them on YouTube channel and stuff you don’t know who they truly are . How they actually act . 🤦🏻‍♂️
brookster4lyfe @railollie Don’t listen to the hater who may point and laugh♥️
ka.itlyn910 Are u guys still dating
daisydonut08 Urrrr gf
jerika_is_lifee @jasmine_leah02 bitch then your probably don’t know what cute is
merceeeee350 You’re 15 u can’t drive boy
jerika_is_lifee @jasmine_leah02 ummmmm... check again....😷
mcclurg_5555 Nice car
de.valery She does
itsyshow She looks like a gold digger