People on photo: joegray33, team10official
justinroberts44 Still can’t believe I’m officially a Team 10 member
2cm14 i love u ❤️❤️
ban._annas_.grow_.on_.trees Team 10 in the house😂🔟
amyywen @ondyzoo he’s 15. One year older
g_dotson22 Shaped like a muppet head ass
cianaaaaa__ Be mine😭😭😍😍❤❤
imredwanhossain What is the name of the pants he is wearing
yxng.leigh That’s not something to be proud of
lionsofmma Daddy’s money can do a lot!!
freshlemonsss Omg You're so adorable
stevenvlogs_yt T🔟 b** h
duh_its_yliana06 Can u please leave Team 10! Like bring back the Martinez Twins and just leave😠😒
jonah_shochat Cuz ur dad pays jake so u can be on it moron
mahmoud_shroukh @elijah.bice be nice Bruh , maybe you're broke and having no success , you dumb
ameliaisawesome06 @justinroberts44 what is it like being a team 10 member
andrew.stea So lucky but you deserve it, watch your vlog everyday 💥💥🔥🔥
elijah.bice Ok look, this guys dad got him into team 10. Only because his dad has money. I bet if this kid was broke then he wouldn’t be in team 10. U literally have no success, mayeb ur dad does but I don’t
david_comer_13 Hi freshman
fvken.editz @eviebalachova his dad might have started him off but he got to were he is by himself
brysontheballer It's everyday bro with that Disney channel flo
jonathan_chicco_ It’s all fake
eviebalachova Lol only cause of your dad dumbass
blank_holden Only there because of your dad
greer_hudd_ Oml cringe ass
lucia.x.hata Wait isn't he 15 if he is wow congrats u are probably the youngest member on T10