People on photo: railollie
lacey._.spamaccount prob only dating him cuz he’s famous
omgitzjr Who is this?
ben_rekab @carbon.steele Sorry mate it was just a joke
carbon.steele @ben_rekab she wrote him a poem stupid and just happened to be gorgeous. Go hate somewhere else yo
zday001 @ben_reka it was a contest.
ben_rekab Yo you probably just hit her up in the dms and said. Hey can you be my girlfriend and my dad will pay you a million dollars
eriks_strazdins Gold digger
lpskatstars Ooo she’s cute man
theoverratedrapist Gold digger lol
rohan_arcot Is it just me, or is does thus girl seem like a complete gold digger
baby_trini20 Best couple ever💗
im_santa_hi @erikacostell did u meet her was it good or bad ship it or no
austin_mcgary24 @jose_sanchez_alv_100 IMA block u stop watch the language.
abbymely8011 Love it 😊
arianator_jakepauler @jose_sanchez_alv_100 boy you don’t even know what I look like
rihannavandall11 jose_sanchez_alv_100 can You not
jose_sanchez_alv_100 @arianator_jakepauler bitch shee way better than your ugly ass
jose_sanchez_alv_100 @21sav_bro look who tf is talking lil bitch go kill yourself
jose_sanchez_alv_100 @rihannavandall11 stfu fucking ugly fat ass bitch please kill yourself pig
jesseyouung @21sav_bro young savage 😂😂
youthcaviare Ya'll look like siblings
lcrossingh_ Yo girl a golddigger
21sav_bro She pretty but pretty ugly u gay and look like a hampster
rihannavandall11 Still have to meet this girl...... ❤️️
_artbyhailey_ Beginner artist here ❤️ come check out my page!
nickymrusso I ship it for sure
saskia_lb Are you two still together ??? 🇬🇧🇬🇧
alexareal47 @mvyn.1993 shes not a dumbass bro.. 😑
x.hopeb.x Rustin I ship