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justinroberts44 Best birthday EVER thanks for coming @champagnepapi Swipe Left To See Video⬅️
jerika_is_real2018 I thought that was drake 😂
shanelle.velazquez @gabbygonzalez04 they didn’t pay nothing little girl they were at the same place as drake to have dinner 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
shanelle.velazquez @idloading yess check the vlog
shanelle.velazquez @karokaski ummm you didn’t watch the vlog they were at the same place drake was at because they were having dinner
aidnthomas I’m sure he had a great time with your stupid ass
dtothelane Only 100,00 views for a Drake video , yeah nobody's checkin for you
goddesstoglo Omg why
gabbygonzalez04 Who. Are these children? Out here looking like a rug rat, having parties with drake. How much did you pay 🤔
idloading @ariannayounggg brooooo this kid did not meet drake
mary_santoso @nevisaii be nice to the boy
mary_santoso God you are ugly
avery_173 Ayyye Drake🇨🇦
diybatts Hahah loving this
purrsianpapi @seany_sean bless him 🙏🏽
seany_sean @purrsianpapi when a 15 year old kid has achieved all your dreams!
breppley7 1 legend and 1 decent artist. Still cool that you got to meet him though!
edertopete You’re so ugly
omirah_ This is goals 🤘🏻
sas_iplier Whos here because of jakes story lol
paulers4life2017 @dsom20 by I don’t have to deal with your bulshitb
paulers4life2017 @dsom20 don’t call me a Bitch
yungdoink21 @paulers4life2017 lmfao shut the fuck up you dumb bitch.
paulers4life2017 @kirilltkachenko11 who cares I was reading comments