People on photo: jakepaul, shopteam10
editing.jakey U look like his lil brother ♥️♥️☺️
simply_simone242 Wow Justin looks more like Jake than Jake’s own brother Logan 😂
faith_oranye1 Like Father like Som
radred2142017 That's my boiii😍
that_your_girl_d ,you lool like brother lol or twins
kaiden_benard2 You look tand
kaydence_1023 Hey freshman
itzyoboii_jay Y'all tan
libster204 Dope 🤘🏻
yandelx4 You guys look like brothers
bskun14 @that1kiddcarson nut hug jake paul
kristenoliveira What one is Justin???
panos_didaskalou Father and son , the cringe familia
sgraycem Twins
linezimling2 The yellow looks Good on you
pringles1357 Whos the real jake
majetic_king_j The game team ten twins hit the floor bitches
turtles_on_grilledfish You look like bros
ashleyjanelle01 They look like real brothers.shit.I'm gonna cry.
aidnthomas Holy shit you both look like fucking spongebob when he got too tan 🤢🤢
cianaaaaa__ Cuties😍😍❤❤
lily.g.xoxo Ur hair 🤮🤬🤮🤬🤮🤬🤮
yeetos.puffs Tbh you look like you have a tan
nwood1324859 Hony you ain't hit DON'T COME FOR ME
emily_seavey545 You and Jake look like you could be related
kellysteele71 Honey you hit
baseball_bomber_joey This was posted on my birthday
liora_caplan Cute, day acne Jake
cats_23_4 They look like attention a spray tan