Owyhee Canyonlands

At more than 2 million acres, Oregon's Owyhee Canyonlands is the largest undeveloped, unprotected expanse in the lower 48 states-#WildForTheOwyhee
owyheecanyonlands #tbt: The 1990s were a WILD time for Oregon’s Owyhee! The BLM finds over 1 million acres in the Owyhee are worthy of #wilderness designation. Rep. Greg Walden drafts Owyhee Wilderness legislation – but it isn’t introduced. President Clinton puts the Owyhee on a national monument short list – but a declaration isn’t made. It was true in the ’90s and it’s still true today: It’s time to protect the Owyhee’s most important ecological, recreational and cultural values and the livelihoods tied to them. @ronwyden @senjeffmerkley #WildForTheOwyhee #OurPublicLands #1990s #DecadesInTheMaking Photo: David Stone
owyheecanyonlands Dude, the Owyhee is radical! #tbt to the 1980s: President Ronald Reagan and Congress designate 129 miles of the Owyhee as Wild & Scenic River. 30 years later, this victory has helped keep the Owyhee River the wild stunner it is today. But beyond the river corridor, 95% of the Owyhee has no form of permanent protection – it’s time for the Owyhee’s tributaries, uplands and the rest of the watershed to get the protection it has so long deserved. @ronwyden @senjeffmerkley #WildForTheOwyhee #OurPublicLands #wilderness #1980s #DecadesInTheMaking Photo: Leon Werdinger
owyheecanyonlands Kicking off 2018 with a look at where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands is the largest unprotected, undeveloped expanse of the American West. Permanent protection for this special place has been DECADES in the making. It’s time to safeguard this place for current and future generations. This #tbt, we’re taking it back to the Owyhee in the 1970s. Oregonians vote to make 77 miles of the Owyhee River a State Scenic Waterway. And the only thing more groovy than the metal frame backpacks used on the BLM’s first wilderness inventory was just how wild – and worthy of protection – the Owyhee would prove to be. @ronwyden @senjeffmerkley #WildForTheOwyhee #OurPublicLands #wilderness #1970s #DecadesInTheMaking
owyheecanyonlands During this festive time of year, let’s raise our glasses & our spirits: The need to protect Oregon's Owyhee Canyonlands is abundantly clear, and protecting this region has broad support. Cheers to a forever protected Owyhee! #WildfortheOwyhee #KeepItPublic #OurPublicLands #winter #holidays #nye #2018
owyheecanyonlands Some of our most special gifts you won’t find under the tree! Oregon’s Owyhee: Home to over 300 wildlife species, ancient history, jaw-dropping geology, rich human culture and some of the darkest night skies in the country. This #Christmas, rejoice in the many gifts of our public lands that belong to all of us! #WildfortheOwyhee #KeepItPublic #OurPublicLands #winter #holidays #rejoice
owyheecanyonlands Wishing you peace and joy on this Winter Solstice! May your days be filled with light, laughter and gratitude for our country’s many blessings – including spectacular public lands like the Owyhee that belong to all of us! #WildfortheOwyhee #KeepItPublic #OurPublicLands #winter #wintersolstice #gratitude Photo: Tyson Fisher
owyheecanyonlands In the Owyhee, much remains the same 70 years after intrepid @mazamaspdx members caravanned through Eastern Oregon. “For those who think the Willamette Valley comprises the greater part of Oregon, it will be a revelation to travel the vast expanses of…eastern Oregon.” ~ Franis Kies & Jean Sinclair, “Eastern Oregon Caravan,” 1947 Mazamas Annual Report. Epic desert #roadtrips still involve getting lost, sleeping under the stars, shared meals and coffee for all in the early morning light. Denim jeans and kerosene lamps may have been swapped for ‘moisture wicking’ hiking pants and LED head lamps – but you still need to bring all your own water, extra gas and a spare tire to tackle the “roads” of the Owyhee. Sure, Sucker Creek now goes by Succor Creek and the road into Leslie Gulch is a sight bit better. But all the beauty and wonder of the Owyhee in 1947 remains intact today in 2017 – from “penstemon and suncups blooming brightly,” to rocks that “look to have been attacked by giant woodpeckers” to a great horned owl circling the massive crater of a “fresh lava flow.” #WildForTheOwyhee #KeepItPublic #OurPublicLands #history #1947 #caravan #stillawesome
owyheecanyonlands In an increasingly busy, connected and crowded world, we’re #grateful for the #DarkNightSkies, #wildlife and #peaceful #solitude of our #wildest & most #remote places. Public lands like Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands ground us, exhilarate us, rejuvenate us. This #Thanksgiving, cheers to you our wild, wild Owyhee! May you always stay just the way you are. #WildForTheOwyhee #KeepItPublic #OurPublicLands #wild #wilderness #thankful Photos: Chad Case
owyheecanyonlands Portland-area Owyhee fans, your time has come! Head down to Coalition Brewing Co. on Thursday, December 7 to sip, share, and learn what you can do NOW to help secure permanent protection for one of Oregon’s most remarkable landscapes during a time of increased threat. #WildForTheOwyhee #KeepItPublic #OurPublicLands #wild #wilderness Photo: Sean Bagshaw
owyheecanyonlands Eugene-area Owyhee lovers: It's your turn! On Thursday, Nov. 16 come to Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene from 6-8 p.m. to sip, share and learn how we can work together to secure permanent protection for one of Oregon’s most remarkable landscapes during a time of increased threat. #WildForTheOwyhee #wild #wilderness #KeepItPublic #OurPublicLands Photo: Greg Burke
owyheecanyonlands Central Oregon dwellers: A lot has happened this year that has probably left you wondering - what can you do NOW to protect the Owyhee Canyonlands? On Wednesday, Oct. 25 come to Worthy Brewing in Bend from 6-8 p.m. to sip, share and learn how we can work together to secure permanent protection for one of Oregon’s most remarkable landscapes during a time of increased threat. (Not in Central Oregon? Not to worry! These events will be coming to every corner of Oregon, so stay tuned for one in your area!) #WildForTheOwyhee #wild #wilderness #KeepItPublic #OurPublicLands Photo: Nate Wilson
owyheecanyonlands This weekend the night sky will be lit up again, this time by the Orionid Meteor Shower. Head out to the Owyhee to experience it with an unobstructed view. http://bit.ly/2snLNip Photo: Sarah Lynch #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic #meteors #stargazing
owyheecanyonlands We are celebrating Indigenous People’s Day, and all of the great history that is preserved from indigenous peoples, including the history of the Owyhee Canyonlands, where the Shoshone-Paiute tribe have lived for thousands of years. Photo: Mark Lisk #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic #owyheehistory
owyheecanyonlands The Owyhee River has run clear and clean for decades, don’t let out of control mining, oil drilling or other threats pollute the great Owyhee River or the beautiful canyonlands that surround it. Photo: Matt Reed #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic
owyheecanyonlands 49 years ago, the Federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was passed. Today, 203 rivers, spanning 12,598 miles through 38 different states are protected under the act, including portions of the beautiful Owyhee. Photo: Greg Burke #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic
owyheecanyonlands This Friday, the Wild and Scenic Film Festival will be coming to the Tower Theater in Bend, courtesy of the Oregon Natural Desert Association. Check out the details, get your tickets and come enjoy some of the best environmental and adventure films of 2017 http://bit.ly/2rZ4dH9 #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic #hiking
owyheecanyonlands The Owyhee river offers a full array of water recreation opportunities from packrafting to fly fishing. Take advantage of the opportunity to soak in the canyon scenery as you float down the river. #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic #rafting #fishing
owyheecanyonlands The Three Forks Hot Springs on the Owyhee offer one of the best views of any Hot Springs in Oregon. Take in the Three Forks Dome, and soak beneath the falls beside the river. http://bit.ly/2tVmmH3 Photo: Aaron Cowan #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic #hotsprings
owyheecanyonlands 53 years ago, the Federal Wilderness Act was passed. Today, over 100 million acres are protected, with wilderness designations in 44 states. Here’s to many more years of protecting wilderness. Photo: Bill Crowell #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic
owyheecanyonlands #DYK The name Owyhee comes from an early spelling of Hawaii. In the early 19th century, three men from the island of Hawaii were sent to trap a large stream which emptied into the Snake River. They never returned, but the stream and surrounding area were named in their honor. #owyheehistory #WildForTheOwyhee #wildowyhee #keepitpublic #history
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