Melisandre of Asshai ❦

❝Soon comes the cold and the night that never ends.❞
melisandrre "how's school going?" (this is gonna be me when hospital praxis starts next month omg I hope I won't be completely lost 😹🔥)
melisandrre heyy, here's a quick edit just to prove I'm alive and well but pretty occupied with my life rn which holds me back from being active here 💛
melisandrre Dragon lady 🐉
melisandrre star-crossed lovers 🌠
melisandrre eskimo kissing is the sweetest thing, not to mention forehead/nose kisses, I'm weak for that shit 😫💞
melisandrre ❝I realized, I belong to you, I feel the darkness, went away from you.❞ 💛 comment XO if you know which artist these lyrics belong to :) also, let's never forget this legendary ship, especially now that the Jonerys disease is spreading insanely fast through the fandom.
melisandrre iconic words 💪💛
melisandrre it was so heartwarming to see Sansa care about her people and soldiers, I'm glad Jon put her in charge while he's away 💞
melisandrre ❝I'm playing the villain, baby, just like you want.❞ - Lisa Rowe (Girl, interrupted), just bc I love that movie and this quote kinda fits out beloved Cersei ❦
melisandrre what's this, you ask? idk, looks like a shitty Dany edit I made in approximately 5 mins but don't worry, something SPICerseiY will be uploaded later today #AHthesmellofexcitement 🌚
melisandrre I miss her 💔 this scene tho 😹 Loras: "Has your son marched against Tywin Lannister yet?" Catelyn: "I do not sit on my son's war councils. And if I did, I would not share his strategies with you." Loras: "If Robb Stark wants a pact with us, he should come himself, not hide behind his mother's skirts." Catelyn: "My son is fighting a war, not playing at one."
melisandrre ♕ ᴋ ɪ ʟ ʟ ᴇ ʀ s ♕ ❝If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.❞ Beautiful collab with talented people. ❤
melisandrre I was hoping Melisandre would be on one of the posters for #GoTs7 but she wasn't so I got the idea to make one myself. 💙
melisandrre Queen Margaery Tyrell ♕💛 "But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose." - Anna Brontë 🌹 The quote in the top part is written by Thomas Moore and this edit is slightly inspired by one of @emiliaiclarke's old edits. ✨ I'll miss Marg and her smirk so much in the upcoming season(s). 💔
melisandrre I will teach them what it means to put a lion in the cage, Cersei thought. ♛
melisandrre Sansa & Tommen AU 😋 fanfic idea: these two develop a close relationship after Tommen saves Sansa from Joffrey's abusement, they fall madly in love with each other, he protects her from all the evil in the world... I know it sounds like a corny-teen-drama but just the thought of Sansa living her childhood dream and being happily engaged/married to a man she loves makes my heart warm ok let mE DREAM. I mean, look how cute they would be ❣🙊
melisandrre [ High Sparrow ➵ 5.3 ] How can you not love Tyrion? 😹
melisandrre sweet R'hllor, the first official trailer for season 7 is out and looks bomb af 😫🔥I'm speechless. 53 days!!
melisandrre [ Winter is coming ➵ 1.1 ] ❝Sansa can keep her sewing needles, I've got a needle of my own.❞ - THE FEELS THO 💔
melisandrre ❀ ᴀɴɴᴇ ʙᴏʟᴇʏɴ ᴅᴀʏ ❀ Today marks 481 years since Anne Boleyn's decapitation which took place at the Tower of London on 19th May, 1536 after she was unjustly accused of adultery, incest, and high treason (even witchcraft) without any actual valid proof. The real reason of Anne's downfall was that Henry wanted to get rid of her since she "failed" to produce a male heir which was one of Henry's biggest wishes (she gave birth to Elizabeth and had two miscarriages instead, both believed to be male children) which is why his love for her eventually vanished (he even started believing she bewitched him) + he met Jane Seymour and was betrothed to her just one day after Anne's beheading. Horrendous, right? Here's one version (all are very similar, this one's from The Lady in the Tower, page 281) of the speech she made to the crowd just before she was beheaded: ❝Good Christian people, I am come hither to die, according to law, for by the law I am judged to die, and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I come here only to die, and thus to yield myself humbly to the will of the King, my lord. And if, in my life, I did ever offend the King's Grace, surely with my death I do now atone. I come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak anything of that whereof I am accused, as I know full well that aught I say in my defence doth not appertain to you. I pray and beseech you all, good friends, to pray for the life of the King, my sovereign lord and yours, who is one of the best princes on the face of the earth, who has always treated me so well that better could not be, wherefore I submit to death with good will, humbly asking pardon of all the world. If any person will meddle with my cause, I require them to judge the best. Thus I take my leave of the world, and of you, and I heartily desire you all to pray for me. Oh, Lord, have mercy on me! To God I commend my soul.❞ My dear Anne, you are not forgotten. Rest in peace, wonderful Queen. 👸💔
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