Golden Globe Red Carpet

gabrielbolsen #FBF when every #wesanderson film happened at once. ❤️❤️❤️
sailhaten36 They all have the same nose hahaaaa
nicolettagauci Our look for episode two of @americanbeautystar! #americanbeautystar Makeup - @makeup_mandi Hair - @nicolettagauci using @paulmitchellus tools and American Beauty Star sponsor @fave4hair Model - @zoeystory Wardrobe - @thebrandambassadorbh Photography - @emilysoto Hair: My ideal celeb client would be someone with an aesthetic like #KateHudson, #ScarletteJohansson or #DrewBarrymore. I love a combination of the classic silhouettes of the 50's and 60's with a modern organic twist. Our dress was extremely elegant and had a detailed high neck so I knew the hair needed to be understated and swept up. Products used: My models hair had a natural wave to it so I began by stretching out the texture and building in a foundation of product using Fave 4 Smooth for Sure Blowout Cream. Once my canvas was prepped I set the top of her hair (Mohawk section from hairline to below her crown) with my Paul Mitchell neurocell hot rollers using Fave 4's Workable Wear shaping hair spray and a light tease at the base of each roller. Once cooled, I dressed the hair back into the French twist by laying a foundation of bobby pins and securing my twist of top of those (so she would last the 3+ hrs until her shoot!) using Fave 4's Style Stay. Lastly I played with face framing pieces to further compliment our model and curled those using a 1.5inch FHI curling iron moving away from the face and dragging the end straight. I completed the look with a layer of shine using Fave 4's Flex Reflect!
tynavargas Yes honey!!!!!
People on photo: angelamccrae
ajmayers #TBT Golden Globes NBCUniversal party shenanigans in honor our our reunion lunch today.
wiseguy_channel Bravo 👏
callmerangerwebb You inspire me so much! @ajmayers
jeffreylane_publicrelations With Burt Reynolds the night he won the Golden Globe for Boogie Nights--He's holding his award above my head!! • • • • • • #BurtReynolds #BoogieNights #GoldenGlobes #HollywoodIcon #JeffreyLane #cosmopolitanmagazinecenterfold #cosmopolitanmagazine
shawnmedi WOOOW 😳 😳
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sameermala Whole lotta gang shit.
onkaar_p Capsize 😜
reuelpendleton L I V E G O L D E N 🙌🏾 ~Let go of everything not serving you in this moment~ #love #returntozen #lovemoves #lovevibes #presentpresence #greatvibesonly #fridayeveryday 📸 @xgreenwell
guys_bags Looking Very Handsome. Of course I'm prejudice my "Son".....💜💜💜💯
connorjkeith yesssssss 👍👍!!!
alfayez111 ، ، مدينة #لوس_انجلوس هوليود تشتهر هذه المدينة بأنها موطن صناعة الترفيه،فهي تحتوي على الاستوديوهات التاريخية، وباعتبارها رمزا لصناعة السينما في الولايات المتحدة، وتعتبر منطقة ذات تنوع عرقي، فهي تحتوي على نسبة كبيرة من الإسبان، والبيض غير اللاتنين، والآسيوين، والسود، والمكسيكيين، والغواتيماليين، وذات كثافة سكانية عالية، ويزيد تعدادها السكاني عن أكثر من 120 ألف نسمة يعيشون على 3.51 ميل مربع، بمتوسط 25 شخصا لكل ميل مربع، ويعبتر الحي السابع فيها هو الأكثر كثافة، وتحتوي على العديد من المدراس التي تعمل بإدارة مقاطعة لوس أنجلس الموحدة lausd كمدسة غاردنر الابتدائية، وهوليوود للكبار في شارع المرتفعات. ، ،
faris_althobity 🌹🌹👏🙏🙏👐🙏👍🙏. لوس انجلس اامدينة الساحرة والثرية
loodi.gg19 ماشاء الله
laurasylvest Work meeting in the room where everyone wins their Golden Globes? We sit in the #lowerbowl! #alist #brangelina
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