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my dream is to tell stories that move the human soul filmmaker 🎥 vibin in costa rica 🤙🏽
kylormelton i haven’t been completely open with you guys. for the last couple months, i’ve been struggling with a pretty major injury. i fell while climbing in yosemite, slammed my leg, fractured my tibia in four places and my fibula in a couple. it basically destroyed my body and for some time, my mind. i never told anyone on social media (or anyone in real life either) because i felt weak. i felt that if anybody knew, they would forever look at me as less in their mind... even as a kid, i always held back my personal struggles and fears to appear indestructible and infinite… when in reality, I’m not. in a space that can be so full of superficial interactions and consumed with engagement, i want to be real... and sometimes that means sharing the struggle. and it scares me. more than i can communicate here. but i feel that it’s important to share that fear. *note. i’m all good now 🤙🏽
kylormelton i woke up yesterday to snow drizzling down in my backyard and decided to charge south and see what i could find. frothy snow flakes and no one around made this moment pure magic. gnarly road conditions and blizzards made the journey all the more interesting. for some behind the scenes, check the highlighted story ❄️
kylormelton home. been thinking about what it means to me lately. a physical place or an idea in my mind. i wonder... what does home mean to you? thought i’d share this photo from last year with you. i was here on assignment and @shortstache happened to wander down to the bridges and capture this beautiful moment. thanks brother ✊🏽
kylormelton I dreamed of establishing this highline. the raw power drew me in like no other. Finally assembled the team and we charged out on a cold winter morning. With snow on the ground and stoke in our hearts, we rigged this beauty and basked in the stoke. Here’s the story behind the mission. Shoutout to @chundafalls for being a legend and some of the most zen highlining. To @mikaikarl for helping me film all the terrestrials. To @weareallastronauts for creating the most ethereal vibes with their music. To this beautiful waterfall for sharing the moment with us. For the full YouTube version, scope the link in my boi.
kylormelton can you find @wildbonde ?
kylormelton this is smokey... what do his eyes tell you? @huckleberry_hounds
kylormelton Looking back at this year, it has been quite the ride. I’m unbelievably thankful that I get to spend my life traveling the world and chasing my adventure. Stoked to be spending the new year with good friends at a cabin in the woods 🌲 Hope in the coming year, I am able to push myself to see with eyes wide open. to expand my craft. to tell stories that move the human soul and to stay true to my purpose. This photo was from one of the best trips this year with @everchanginghorizon. We spent a week cruising around yosemite with only the light as our guide.
kylormelton just listen 🌬 @chundafalls
kylormelton Ask me anything ! I’m updating the ‘about me’ of my website and I wanna know what you wanna know. So for the next 24 hours I’m opening it up. Ask me anything and I’ll answer as best I can. To start ‘er off, here’s two truths and a lie. You tell me which is which. 1) when I was twenty three, I learned to fire dance in the streets of Costa Rica and then performed in the circus all across Northern Thailand 2) when I was six months old, i went to a witch doctor on the island of Fiji where she prophesied I would be able to see the future 3) when I was four, I changed my name to “Tony Hawk” Melton and wouldn’t respond to anything else. Later Kylor became my name. Photo by @kalenemsley on our mission to Nepal last year. Snap chat filters can transcend all languages
kylormelton 🛶 w @charlyjordan10 on assignment w @tentree music by Zella Day (Louie the Child remix)
kylormelton Thinking about cruising down to yosemite for the week ! Anybody wanna rock climb with me? Keen to play on dem walls.
kylormelton if you really listen... (turn sound on) a story of the human connection to the wild, told through an existential conversation with 'her'... excited to share with you my latest film in collaboration with @natgeowild @reddigitalcinema and @natehenczel This piece truly pushed me as an artist and if I'm being honest, I'm still searching for what it means. I would love to hear what you think of the full film. Follow the link to find the story.
kylormelton Summer is beginning to fade and with it a sense of feeling adrift emerges. As an creative, I've been questioning what my purpose is lately... and if I am even beginning to realize this. My hope is to tell stories that move the human soul and ask question that make the mind ponder. Where to begin...
kylormelton The line that began it all.
kylormelton lately high lining has consumed my life. the act of dangling your body hundreds of feet on nothing but a one inch line goes against everything your mind tells you. but this moment of raw insanity, of pure focus is its own form of meditation. its moments like this that really make me feel alive… and as humans, i think we need to chase these moments. so while I may still be learning the art of walking, I truly look up to the crushers out there. especially the ones who are down to get up before the sun and run to watch the it rise with me. this one goes out to @chundafalls. Can you see him?
kylormelton i like to get close. really close. where you can feel the action all around you... or a moment of serenity as @arobslacks slows down to feel the line beneath him. 📸 to capture this photo, I climbed out on a second highline and with my legs dangling a hundred feet above the waterfall, somehow was able to snap a couple stills. Best part about it, the high five right after 🖐🏽 Swipe to see a little behind the scenes from moments before when he was walking
kylormelton Searching for the fairies of the forest 🌲shot on assignment w @natgeowild @reddigitalcinema
kylormelton if you really listen... for the last couple months, i have been searching for a story of the human connection to the wild, to explore my relationship with it. with an inkling of an idea, i set off on a quest to capture the story, but lost myself along the way. i felt unsure of my entire reality and purpose here. i had completely lost touch with the story i was looking to tell. so with only 11 days until the deadline, i gave up, i was finished, i had failed. and then an idea came to me. i had no words for it really, only a feeling. This feeling, this idea consumed me and I spent that last two weeks running around the pacific northwest concepting/filming/producing and editing this film, from start to finish. Now, I just finished exporting the film and while I am still figuring out what this means to me, i am excited to share it all with you very soon. on assignment w @natgeowild @reddigitalcinema
kylormelton Mountains sure do know how to give you perspective. If you look closely, you can see @by.lova basking in it. From yesterday's 11K summit in the Rockies 🇨🇦
kylormelton There's something magical about Cuba 🇨🇺 wandering through the streets I found myself stepping into a world of its own. Journey sponsored by @lightroom #beboundless
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