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🗻 Adventure Enthusiast 📐 Architect in Training 🌮 Lover of Tacos 📩 Say hi; karl@karlshakur.com 👇🏾 15% Sale on my Lightroom Presets
karl_shakur • •🚶🏾✨⛰• Fresh Air • I’m currently in a bit of a sticky situation out in the middle of the New Mexican desert. Check out my story for the full jist. Needing all the positive vibes I can’t get. Hope you’re having a fantastic morning Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🚐✨🌊• Interstellar Cruises • Reminiscing about that one time I went cruising around the galaxy Happy Friday everyone. What are your weekend plans ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🚶🏾🌲✨• Out Bound • Only 24 more hours till I head on my 24 hour journey towards Southern California and Nevada. Currently in Kansas finishing up a bit of course work. You guys got any spring break plans ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •⛰✨🚐• Fanning Flames • Can’t wait to make it out to this absolutely stunning place in a couple of days. I can’t seem to get enough of it. If you haven’t visited the valley of fire state park just a couple of hours outside Las Vegas Nevada, put it on your list. You won’t be disappointed. I’m also looking to flesh out my road trip plans down southwest next week. Any suggestions where I should go ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •❄️🏚⛰• Winter’s Hold • Frozen strongholds tucked away in the mountains. I’d love to spend the night here, cozied against a warm fire, sipping on hot cocoa and watching the night sky roll by 🌌. Who’d you spend the night here with ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •✨🏚🌴• Woodland Getaways • One of my life goals is to eventually build a cabin like this, somewhere up in the Pacific Northwest. A place where I can go to clear my mind. Only puppies and kittens will be allowed on the premises (and maybe the occasional human). A true haven of awesomeness, free from toxic reality. Who’s down to spend the weekend ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🚶🏾🌳✨• Day Break • Dreaming of cotton candied sunrises in one of my favorite countries in the world. Can’t wait to visit this place again. Who’s coming ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🏔☁️❄️• Wisps of Frost • Mother Nature pulling out all the stops on the dope vape tricks. What’s everyone got planned for the weekend ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🚶🏾🌲✨• Jurassic Wonderland • Over the last 2 months, I’ve been buckled down at school, focused on finishing up my last semester in University. Hence the lack of new content. I graduate with a masters degree in May. In one week, I’ll finally have a much needed break. I’m planning to drive all the way from Kansas out through New Mexico and Arizona headed to San Diego and back around to Las Vegas. Tempted to take a flight from Las Vegas to somewhere more warm and tropical. Any suggestions on where to go? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •💃🏼⛰✨• Fairy Gate • Regardless of wherever I’m headed, on what ever trip I’m going on, I’ll always have a bottle of sriracha with me. You never know when you might need to spice up a lack luster situation. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🌊⛰✨• Jurassic Coastline • I’m so proud of this community we have on this silly little app. It means you can be in a country you’ve never explored before, put out a story on your page and a couple of hours later be happily adventuring around town with complete strangers who turn into friends. Still yet to meet up with any super creepy dudes. Fingers crossed that never happens. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🌴🚐✨• Jungle Cruises • Dreaming of foggy days spent up in the Yarra Ranges just outside Melbourne. Spent this day cruising through area with @fabiooliveira who owns this aesthetically pleasing van. What’s your dream adventure vehicle ? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •⛰🚶🏾✨• Viking’s Straight • There’s nothing like anticipating a sunny, cloudless sunrise and being humbled by dramatic storms brewing overhead. Mother Nature has this way of showing us who’s boss. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •✨💃🏼❄️• Let it Go • For @instagram’s #whplandscape challenge, I met up with @heykelseyj and we headed out to this winter wonderland in the heart of the Rockies. Every year, this beautiful landscape is painstakingly grown from scratch. Tunnels, walkways and grand halls like this fashioned out of nothing but water. Truly magnificent to behold. Check out my story for a couple of my favorite moments, exploring it yesterday. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🚶🏾✨🌲• Sun Glazed • Currently dealing with a load of midterm coursework. Only two more weeks until I get a 10 day break and head out on a new adventure. Looking for suggestions on where to go. What are some of your dream locations that you have to visit. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •⛰✨🚶🏾• Golden Trails • This right here is probably one of the most strenuous hikes I’ve done. I was running on 2 nights of no sleep, protein bars and oranges, and I decided to make my way up towards this iconic peak right outside Wanaka. I started the hike about an hour before sunset with the intention of making it up the peak for sunset and then spending the night up there. I completely underestimated the weight of all my camera and camping gear which completely negated all the hiking experience I have. On various occasions, I was too tired that I had to pull out my sleeping bag and take a power nap right off the trail. I ended up making it up to be view around midnight. Set up camp and woke up to the most breathtaking view I’ve had the honor of witnessing. Truly worth every huff and puff to get up the hill. I’d do it all over again. What’s the toughest hike you’ve been on? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •⛰✨🌊• Alpine Reflections • Currently knee deep in mid term course work. I haven’t had any time to go out and create any new stuff, but I’m happy to say I’ve got some super exciting plans lined up for Spring and Summer. Any guesses where I’m headed? Hints - Tropical Paradise. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! Today’s the last day you can use my discount code ‘TACOS’ to get 24% off my Lightroom presets. Click the link in my bio to check them out.
karl_shakur • •🌴🏚🌺• Bohemian Paradise • Only 21 days left until the end of Spring. Looking forward to little flowers popping up all over town and much warmer nights, so I can spend time sleeping outside my tent gazing up at the night sky. Winter’s my favorite season, I look forward to it every year, but I also get tired of it quite quickly. What’s your favorite season? Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🦌🌳✨• Fleeting Moments • There’s something so poetic about witnessing a scene like this unfold before you. The chatter quieted and everyone around me froze as the first deer began to make it’s way across this famous road. The silence was broken by the frantic shuffles of people grabbing at their cameras and rapidly firing away in an attempt to capture this scene. I was only able to come away with this blurry and smudgy impression, but the striking imagery will forever be seared into my mind. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
karl_shakur • •🚶🏾⛰🌊• Wave Worn • There’s something exhilarating about standing at the edge of a cliff and watching the sun set beyond it. Next time I visit this place, I’ll leave my camera back at home so I can fully immerse myself in the experience of watching he sun go down over this iconic landscape......or maybe my craving to create won’t let me do that and I’ll be forever permanently connected to my camera. Tag a friend who’d watch a sunset with you here. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
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