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jewelszee #eyeswideopen ➰ For years now, many of you have told me I should start a blog, and I should sell prints... and for years I’ve buried my head in the sand, because I’ve never thought my writing, or my images were anywhere near good enough. Well guess what!? Despite all my insecurities, self doubt and fear, and with the guidance, encouragement and support (cue a much needed kick up the butt) from a very special woman, today I’ve launched my new website!! 😱🙈 OMFG! Nervous AF!! (Pleeeeease go look at it and leave a little comment somewhere there, so I don’t delete it all in some crazy delirious ‘everybody hates it’ kinda moment! Haha! 😅) Now, seriousness my lovelies, it is still a work in progress, but I assure you, it’s my goal for 2018 to make it a smashing success!! I will be working on new and improved images for the online print store so you can have your faves in the lounge or loo or kitchen or whatever, new adventures to take you on, and I’ll be trying not to swear too much in the journal. 🙄😆🤣 The link is in my bio if you (pretty please) wanna go check it out! Or in a swipe-up thingy in my story. K. Thanks! Bye! Big love JZ xO ❤️ *runs away and hides head under pillow for next 50 million years and takes lots of deep breaths 😝😘
jewelszee ... our world is so astonishingly beautiful ➰ Orcas & Seagulls in Tromso, Norway with my fave @olympus_au ~ #olympusinspired
jewelszee • let the river run • no matter how fast or slow you need to go remember that you will grow within your own flow #youareabadass 💎
jewelszee Good morning and HAPPY 2018 pocket world! I know I’m just a wee bit late 😝 but better late than never right?! 😏😜 I sincerely wish for each and every one of you that this year be your best year yet! Big love and hugs JZ xO 💕 @olympus_au #olympusinspired ... always ➰💕
jewelszee We crave so hard for the light... the sparkles and the shine... that we often miss the beauty that lies within an overcast sky. There is a quiet and a calm that soothes the soul... and I think it’s extraordinary to feel the serene beauty in what others deem to be the ordinary. 🌊🌚✨ @bannistershotels #bannistersbythesea
jewelszee Take me back! 😍 Hey my Aussie lovelies! You could be right here with someone you love, if you win the #bytheseawithyou @bannistershotels competition! Isn’t it heavenly! 😍 Today is the final day so if you haven’t already, get your entry posted now! It’s so easy! Just follow their account and post a photo of who you’d take with you on a weekend getaway and hashtag it! All the T & C’s are on their page! Good luck to every one who has entered! ☘️🌞🌊
jewelszee Good morning pocket world! 🌿 waking up to misty ocean views and finding so much beauty wandering the lush surrounds of Bannisters By The Sea in Mollymook, NSW. @bannistershotels #bannistershotels don’t forget to check out their #bytheseawithyou competition. Only one day left to enter. 😉🌿
jewelszee Mornings like this... literally only metres away from your doorstep at @bannistershotels 💖 don’t forget to check out the weekend getaway competition that #bannistershotels are hosting right now! It’s so easy to enter, BUT there’s only TWO DAYS left to do it! All you have to do is 🌀follow @bannistershotels 🌀upload a photo of who you will take with you if (when 😉) you win 🌀 and Hashtag it #bytheseawithyou 🌀 Good Luck Every one! 🥂🍾🍀 oh btw, all the T’s & C’s are in the link on @bannistershotels page. Go enter! I’d love someone I know to win! 🌼❤️
jewelszee Good morning lovelies! Look at these two cheeky kookaburras that were hanging out just near my balcony above the pool! I love their laughter so much! 😍🎶 The property here is so beautiful and lush surrounded by rainforest and huge gum trees, green green grass and loads of wildlife... perched on the cliffs of the endless ocean. ❤️🌊 Bannisters By The Sea in Mollymook, NSW. I don’t want to leave! @bannistershotels #bannistershotels ~don’t forget to check out their #bytheseawithyou competition too 😉🌊❤️
jewelszee Hey lovelies! If you’ve been watching my instastory you might know I’m at @bannistershotels in Mollymook, NSW! The mornings have been so beautifully fogged in, its been like a dream! Gosh I love this place so much!! Literally haven’t left the property! 😝😍 And guess what?! They are hosting an awesome competition to win a weekend stay in the luxurious Collette Dinnigan Penthouse for two, with breakfast daily and champagne on arrival. All you have to do is upload an image of who you would take if you won the contest and tag it #ByTheSeawithyou The winner will be randomly selected so every one has an equal chance! Good luck every one! #bannistershotels 🧡
jewelszee I will never forget this moment in @seehighcountry 😍🙌 I don't know if I've ever seen lightening at a wicked sunset before!! 🙉 And the Olympus Live Composite Mode made it so easy and fun to capture! 😍⚡️🌤 Big big huge thank you to #seehighcountry and all the beautiful regions who welcomed us! Go check out their accounts if you wanna, I've tagged them all in to the photo! 💞💛
jewelszee “There is nothing beautiful about the wreckage of a human being. There is nothing pretty about damage, about pain, about heartache. What is beautiful is their strength, their resilience, their fortitude as they display an ocean of courage when they pick through the wreckage of their life to build something beautiful brand new, against every odd that is stacked against them.” 💞 I read this poem tonight by Nikita Gill and had an irresistible urge to share it. There is as much beauty in the flow of words as there is in the meaning behind them, and to pair it with this picture my beautiful friend Lauren took of me in High Country, Victoria, just somehow felt right. Building to be beautifully brand new is near impossible without the support, guidance and love of humans with generous souls and I’m forever grateful for hers. 🧡 So in awe of our many moments that blow our minds and burst our hearts... moments just like this one. 🧡 This place. This sunset. That laughter. 💞 @seehighcountry #seehighcountry
jewelszee A face only a mother could love? 🤣🙈 aaaaaaawww hell no! If you are a baby goat lover you CANNOT go past Tolpuddle Goat Cheese & Farm Foods in the Wangaratta region! We’d barely stopped the car before squealing our heads off in delight at the sight of a dozen little goats or more, all doing cute goat things!! 😍😍 Before we’d even got there I’d had several DM’s telling us to go there, and we were not disappointed! We even held a one day old baby!!! Heart BURST! But this guy.... ooowwww! ❤️ @seehighcountry #seehighcountry
jewelszee ... sublimely stormy sunset skies in @seehighcountry 🌦✨ seriously!! 😍#seehighcountry ... 🧡
jewelszee Normality is a paved road; it’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow 🌼🌾🌼 @seehighcountry #seehighcountry (quote by Vincent Van Gogh) Happy weekend loverfaces 🌼😘
jewelszee Finding wildflowers everywhere! 🌸🌾 Just a short hike up to the summit of Mt Pilot in the Indigo Region, and there you’ll find the most magical 360 degree views of the whole entire landscape! 😍 We were hoping for another wild lightening storm... it didn’t happen but the way those ominous clouds lit up over this solitary little patch of beauty, was more than enough to satisfy two crazy gals on a photographering mission. 😌😉😛 🧡 @seehighcountry #seehighcountry
jewelszee Good morning from Hall’s Chestnut Orchard! 🌰🌿 Not far from the quaint little town of Beechworth, Victoria is a place called Stanley. Here we chased sunrise (epic fail 🙈), tried to round up geese (epic fail 😝) and met lots of doggies (epic success! 😂👌) Having visited @seehighcountry once before I thought I knew most of the region, but there is so much more to discover! It’s one of those places I’m sure everyone finds them self thinking...”I want to live here!” 😍 I know I must have said it at least a million times!! (sorry to those who dislike extreme exaggerations, it was more like about 50 times 🤣😏) 🌿🌰🤗 #seehighcountry
jewelszee Good morning! 💜 Here’s some pretties just for you! ☺️🦋 Did you know that in Spring there are wildflowers every where in @seehighcountry Victoria!? 😍 EVERY WHERE! So much beauty! 💜 Lauren and I sat in them, danced amongst them, twirled through them, and of course photographed them! I love the colour of these ones the best I think. 💜💜💜 Have a gorgeous day lovelies! 😘 #seehighcountry
jewelszee This little cutie was spotted too close to the road as Lauren and I were ‘adventuring’ (eating lots and not knowing where we are going equals adventuring 🙊) on the outskirts of Bright, Victoria! I love echidnas so freakin’ much (who wouldn’t right!?) so we had to make sure he made his way to safety, through the wildflowers and then into a neighbouring vineyard! SO.CUTE! Australia has the best animals and I don’t think I’m biased at all! 🌾🦔🌾 haha! @seehighcountry #seehighcountry
jewelszee Happy Friday pocket world! 🧡💞 I woke up after dreaming of being back in @seehighcountry 🙌 Lauren and I were mountain bike riding! 🙈 I think the embarrassment of that disastrous day in Falls Creek will forever haunt me! 😝😂🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏾‍♂️🤣 Haha! What thing will you do today that could potentially embarrass the eff outta you but you’re gonna give it a go anyway? I’m making a birthday cake! Uhoh! Trouble in the kitchen! 😉😜🙃 ps. This was one sunrise in beautiful #seehighcountry 🙌❤️
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