Photographer is just a word. Quit the corporate life to seek my Icelandic roots
icelandic_explorer Winter isn’t just a season. It’s a state of mind.
icelandic_explorer Daydreaming of adventures in the High Arctic. #greenland @northsailing
icelandic_explorer It’s cold out there #iceland
icelandic_explorer Arctic fox. The king of the Westfjords in his whiteout kingdom. #iceland
icelandic_explorer It’s not often that I post aurora shots but this one has a special place in my heart. It’s from last night, where we went to explore a secret natural hot-tub under the aurora with the incredible people from the Melrakki photography workshop. I’m truly grateful for our time exploring the incredible wilderness of the Westfjords and Hornstrandir - and for the magical vibes shared with this remarkable group of people. More to come soon. #iceland
icelandic_explorer Just one of those days. #iceland
icelandic_explorer Did you know that there's a certain type of sheep, unique to the Icelandic called leadersheep? It’s Fórystufé in Icelandic. It's kind of like a supersheep, wiser, stronger and more stubborn than the rest 😜There are countless stories of these sheep saving the life of the Icelandic farmers as they often can read the weather and conditions way better than us humans. They are normally taller and are coloured - and distinctly, they have a certain look in their eyes that set them apart from the rest. #iceland
icelandic_explorer There's a storm brewing here in Iceland and it finally looks like winter is just around the corner. #iceland
icelandic_explorer For those of you who haven't met; say hello to Peanut. #iceland
icelandic_explorer Fjörður. Exploring deep narrow fjords on a recent journey with @InspiredbyIceland and @Visitwestfjords as part of the A - Ö campaign, dedicated to spreading the magic of the Icelandic language. Speaking of A - Ö, has any of you completed the hardest karaoke in the world? 😜D #Iceland #inspiredbyiceland
icelandic_explorer Sights of North West Iceland during the autumn season. Monumental peaks and far reaching valleys - at times filled with life when the Icelandic horses roam wild. If any animal truly encompasses the spirit of Iceland, it is the Icelandic horse - shaped by the landscape and the unforgiving weather elements. It’s this unique mix of kindness, roughness, beauty and true wildness - which you will encounter both in the horse but also in so many other things when exploring Iceland. #iceland #horsesoficeland
icelandic_explorer Love you to the moon and back. It's been a busy time for me the past few weeks, grinding through photoshoots - and lots of editing. Just completed the photos from an anniversary shoot for a beautiful couple and super stoked about the results. Here's a little teaser from the end of our shoot. 😁✌️#iceland
icelandic_explorer Moody Fridays
icelandic_explorer The Umimmak strikes back
icelandic_explorer Hi. I’m Gunnar Freyr. Thanks for following my adventures around Iceland and other cold places. Many of you know me - but as the profile grows, there are also many of you who don’t. So, I thought I’d share a quick word about myself. I haven’t always lived the adventurous life that I do today. Before all of that, I had grown up as an Icelander living in Denmark. I studied business and accounting and later worked at a large multinational consulting and auditing firm. You might ask, why would anyone ever do that? Well, ask an accountant 😊 In my case, it comes from a lifelong habit of sticking to the safe choices and always trying to do the most reasonable thing. Then one day, I realised that going against my own true nature wasn’t a reasonable at all. So, I quit. Slowly I managed to turn my passion for Iceland, exploration and photography into a lifestyle - one that would pay the bills and allow me to follow my passion. But it’s not always easy either. On a constant basis, I’m doing things that I have never done before, always staying on the edge of the comfort zone (outer edge that is), putting my name and reputation on the line – most of the times it goes well – and in the end, it turns out that I’m often my own worst enemy. Being able to create a new industry, one that didn’t exist just a few years ago, is probably one of the things that drive me the most, together with that immense feeling and desire for exploring places that blow me away. I’m also pretty hooked on creating something that I can show to the world. I don’t have any pets, even though I always wanted a dog. I have a girlfriend and nearly 1 year old son. They are the most important treasures in my life. I try to take them along my adventures whenever an opportunity allows for it. For now, I’m primarily focused on my home country Iceland – a place that I feel holds the perfect balance between quality of life and proximity to adventure, something you won’t find many places in the world. Maybe I'll branch out one day. I’m very grateful to all of you who follow me and for all your amazing support – I had never thought it would be possible to have such kind and inspiring followers! #iceland
icelandic_explorer Definitely missing Greenland these days. Thanks for the adventure @northsailing and @nickbondarev #greenland
icelandic_explorer Welcome to sheep express highway. No need for carpooling. And if you want to overtake, all you need to do is jump 😁. #iceland
icelandic_explorer It's a strange world. #iceland
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