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gabscanu When I took my @djiglobal #MavicAir a few hours into the middle of the Red Sea I definitely didn’t expect to see this. At first glance these may look like little islands but they’re in fact ancient coral gardens spotted throughout the middle of the ocean. We pulled up and snorkeled in these little reefs for the rest of the day, exploring the life that lives below. This was such an unforgettable experience.
gabscanu One of those magical moments where time stood still and nothing seemed real. As most of you know I recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, working closely with @djiglobal and the new #MavicAir to create some of the world's most unique images in what were previously considered unreachable destinations. I’m so excited to start sharing everything I captured over the next few weeks and giving you guys something you’ve never seen before!
gabscanu Standing before thousands of years of ancient history, deep in the Al Ula Desert. Just wrapped up the most insane 10 days exploring Saudi Arabia, a country not yet even open for tourism. So grateful for this unique opportunity and to be able to share with you guys a bunch of this countries unseen wonders! @gatewayksa 📷 @notjvck
gabscanu Sky high!!! I’ve been spending the last week exploring Saudi Arabia! Flying from cities, to ancient deserts, to the middle of unexplored oceans with @gatewayksa I can’t wait to show you all the incredible imagery we’ve captured. Can’t wait for more adventures over the next few days!
gabscanu Can’t believe It’s been nearly a year since I look this shot in Laguna. Im so excited to be heading off on a new adventure tomorrow to somewhere I’ve never been before! Giving away my presets to the first person who guesses where I’m going! Leave your guesses below!☀️🌊
gabscanu A few weeks ago I had the honor of working with @louisvuitton on the launch on the new SS18 Men’s collection, here in Sydney and now in the Gold Coast! The overall vibe of this collection was brought to life with a custom Louis Vuitton kombi van and surfboard, cultivating Sydney’s rich summer culture and lifestyle that comes with it. I hope you enjoy! #LouisVuitton #LVKombi
gabscanu Using the ocean as a canvas. Thinking about my next couple of months has me so excited. Can’t wait to start traveling and creating some crazy new content. Hope you’re all having an amazing week 🌊☀️
gabscanu In love with finding places that don’t seem real. Had an amazing time exploring Noosa last week. My brother and I hiked almost two hours per day to get to this swimming spot. Perfect place to cool off! #ToTheMakers @SamsungAu
gabscanu I’m so excited to be opening my online store in March! If you haven’t done so already, go and follow @shopgabscanu to keep updated!Got brand new presets, brand new Prints and a whole range of other consumable products coming your way! This is something I’ve been wanting to do/working on for a long time and it wouldn’t be possible without you guys! Hope you all have an amazing start to the week 🌊☀️
gabscanu Spending the week in a Paradise close to home. Having a blast so far in Noosa. Captured this again using my #GalaxyNote8 from the sky! #ToTheMakers @samsungau
gabscanu Took my phone to the sky today to chase the waves. Check out my story to see how I did it! #ToTheMakers @SamsungAu
gabscanu Constantly reminding myself how lucky I am to live in Australia. This place is only two hours from where I live and it makes me feel like I’m on another planet. #ToTheMakers @SamsungAu
gabscanu This is what Christmas in Australia looks like! Wishing all of you guys a Merry Christmas! Hope you’re all spending some quality time with your loved ones, after what’s been a crazy year. Let me know where you’re celebrating and what you’re doing! (P.S I’m gonna give away some free presets who whoever can comment the most Christmas emojis!)
gabscanu Iv’e been making the most of summer down here in Australia, spending most days cooling off in the Ocean. At least now I can reply to all your comments while I’m underwater with my #GalaxyNote8 #ToTheMakers @samsungau
gabscanu It’s 7:30am and I’m already sweating, summer is well and truly here in Australia. I feel like I’m in the middle of the desert! Wanted to say thank you for all the love on my last video, you guys are the best! Many more to come going into next year! 👊🏼🔥
gabscanu In my element whipping around the middle of the desert. I love directing clips like this, who wants to see more video content from me in 2018? @lexusaustralia 🎥 @scoutjackson
gabscanu It’s the first day of summer here in Australia and I can’t wait for all the good times to be had over the next few months! What’s everyone’s plans leading up to the holidays? Comment below!
gabscanu Thanks to everyone who showed some love on last weekends preset sale! You guys are the best. If you missed out on the sale comment as many times as you can below and I’ll choose three people to win some for free!
gabscanu What’s everyone’s plans for the holiday? Miss waking up in this crazy treehouse watching the sun come up with all my friends. More good times around the corner! Brought this little piece to life with @visualsofjulius #tulum #mexico
gabscanu Ocean vibes to kick off your weekend!! I put this shot on my story for you guys to use as a wallpaper so comment and let me know if you’re using it!! 🌊
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