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fort.stanwix.nps "Leroy bet me I couldn't find a pot of gold at the end, and I told him that was a stupid bet because the rainbow was enough." - Rita Mae Brown Happy St. Patrick’s Day! National Parks are America’s treasures! #FindYourPark by following this #rainbow to Fort Stanwix National Monument.  #MuseumCollection #NPS #StPatricksDay @NationalParkService #picoftheday #photooftheday #Luck #lucky #treasure #PotOGold
fort.stanwix.nps Women have been involved with archeological excavations for more than a hundred years. For much of the twentieth century, though, it was unusual for women to be hired as professional archeologists. During the excavations at Fort Stanwix between 1969 and 1972, several women volunteered as part of the archeology crew. After campaigning to have their skills recognized, one woman was eventually hired in a paid position. The efforts of these women contributed to our understanding of the site and the original fort. Over the last forty years, the field of archeology has changed. Women are now critically involved in cultural resource and heritage preservation in all fields, including the continuing archeology at Fort Stanwix. #womenshistory #womancrushwednesday #wcw #archaeology #womenshistoryeveryday #dyk #Didyouknow #parks101 #findyourpark #womenshistorymonth
fort.stanwix.nps Have you ever seen a #murmuration? If you have, you would know it. Seeing hundreds — even thousands — of starlings flying together in a whirling, ever-changing pattern is a phenomenon of nature that amazes and delights those lucky enough to witness it. As they fly, the #starlings in a murmuration seem to be connected together. They twist and turn and change direction at a moment's notice. If you would like to increase your odds of seeing a murmuration, step outside to enjoy #WorldMigratoryBirdDay, and watch the birds fly by! #migration  #birds ornithology #nature #UrbanWildlife @naturenps #fly 🐦 🕊 🦆
fort.stanwix.nps "Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live the longest." - Unknown #DidYouKnow that the fort in Fort Stanwix National Monument opened to the public on this day in 1976? Although the #monument had existed since 1935, actions were not taken to create a public area until the 1960s. Today the fort turns 42 years-old, making it nearly 37 years older than any of its previous incarnations! 🎂🎉🎈 #HappyBirthday #OTD #OTDiH #OnThisDay #History #NPS101  Family photo courtesy of @RHSFriendsOfTheFort
fort.stanwix.nps "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date. No time to say "Hello, Goodbye". I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" - White Rabbit, Alice In Wonderland Don’t be late! This is a reminder that at 2:00 am on Sunday, March 11 you need to change your clocks to #springforward one hour. The image shows a porcelain clock from 1895 housed in the #FortStanwix #museumcollection. #DaylightSavings #museumexhibit  #time #spring
fort.stanwix.nps "Buckle up, and know that it’s going to be a tremendous amount of work, but embrace it." – Tory Burch Today is International Women's Day, and Fort Stanwix National Monument honors all the revolutionary women who fought for their country and families, throughout the fort's history, the Mohawk Valley, New York, and the rest of the United States! Who is your favorite revolutionary woman and why? #IWD #InternationalWomensDay #RevolutionaryWomen #RevolutionaryMothers
fort.stanwix.nps One of Fort Stanwix/Schuyler's least known women would now be 240 years old! See below for the curious and harrowing story of Miss McCarty, a baby girl born during the Siege of Fort Schuyler, and her mother. Happy birthday to Baby McCarty! On August 22, 1777, in the midst of the Siege of Fort Schuyler/Stanwix, a baby girl was born to Private Dennis McCarty and his wife in the southwest bastion of the fort. 21 Aug "…a heavy and continual firing was kept up for near two Hours during which their Cannon & Mortars were playing on us very briskly, in which interim we had a man of the Artillery wounded & a Woman big with Child wounded in the Thigh." 22 Aug "…the woman that was wounded with a Shell last Night was brought to bed in our S.W. Bomb proof of a Daughter. She and the child are like to do well..." Until recent years, the family name of this child was not known as it wasn’t recorded at that time. Although a document discovered from 1817 detailed the events and the family name, today, the first name of the child remains a mystery. #OTD 22 August 1777 #HistoryMystery #Siege1777 #FortStanwix #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #History #womenshistory #womencrushwednesday #wcw #parks101 #womenshistorymonth #History
fort.stanwix.nps #HappyBirthday to the @cityofromeny! #Rome was initially established as "Lynchville" in 1796. It was named after founder Dominick Lynch. By the early 1800s, it became known as Rome. This little city sits on the Oneida Carry, which was once the gateway to the western frontier. It was centered around the remains of old #FortStanwix. The fort and the city have always been connected. As the #nationalpark monument was established, Rome was critical in its creation. And from the the American Revolution, to the Industrial Revolution, to Operation Desert Storm, and beyond, the City of Rome has a deep history to #explore even when you're not at the park!  The relationship between Rome, NY and Fort Stanwix National Monument can be explored further at the #park and at the @rhsfriendsofthefort in the 2 part exhibit titled: "From Memory to Monument." On display now at both locations! #MemoryToMonument #RomeNY #CNY #CNYLiving #Parks101 #OTD #TDiH #OnThisDay #History 🇺🇸🎂🍾
fort.stanwix.nps March is #WomensHistoryMonth, and throughout, the park will be highlighting the women's history of the area! Today, we are starting with a more recent chapter and the note that not all artifacts are old! When archeologists excavated the fort in the 1970s they found this pin not too far underground. The pin dates to the Rome Centennial celebration in 1970 and possibly belonged to a member of one of the local Centennial Belle chapters. The Centennial Belles were a civic organization who worked to help make the celebration a memorable event. Or, as the Rome Daily Sentinel stated in article from June 10, 1970, “those gals whose swishing skirts and ruffled bonnets will add color and charm to the city’s birthday celebration.” The Belles kicked off their role in the city’s centennial on June 9, 1970 with a pep rally attended by hundreds of belles. These women were a part of a long history of women’s civic participation, which was heightened in the twentieth century as women fought for equality, for the right to vote, and began joining the workforce in record numbers, particularly during World War II. The local Rome Centennial Belle chapters wore nineteenth century clothing and throughout the year participated in community events like parades, sewing activities, bake sales, pageants and cooking contests (as contestants and judges), and visited nursing homes. Were you a Rome Centennial Belle? Let us know in the comments! #womenshistory #Archaeology #CentennialBelle #romedailysentinel #womenshistoryeveryday #findyourpark
fort.stanwix.nps Happy birthday to African Burial Ground National Monument in New York City, NY! From about the 1690s until 1794, both free and enslaved Africans were buried in a 6.6-acre burial ground in Lower Manhattan, outside the boundaries of the settlement of New Amsterdam, later known as New York. Lost to history due to landfill and development, the grounds were rediscovered in 1991 as a consequence of the planned construction of a Federal office building. It was made a national park on February 27, 2006. #HappyBirthday #OTD #NationalParkService #Parks101 #OnThisDay #OTDiH #BlackHistoryMonth @nps_nyharbor #BlackHistory
fort.stanwix.nps Happy birthday John Burgoyne! “Gentleman” John Burgoyne was a general in the British military, best known for his attempt to divide the 13 Colonies in two during the American Revolution. His plan was executed in 1777, and resulted in both the Siege of Fort Schuyler and Surrender of British forces at Saratoga. Aside from being a career military man, Burgoyne was also a author of several noted plays in England. #OTD 24 February 1722 #HappyBirthday #HBD #TDiH #OnThisDay #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #History 🎂 🎉 🎈
fort.stanwix.nps Happy birthday to #GeorgeWashington! George served as #CommanderinChief of the Continental #Army throughout the American Revolution. Although he never saw Fort Stanwix/Schuyler during the war, he did visit the remains in 1783, along with then NYS Governor George Clinton and Alexander Hamilton. He purchased some land in the area through speculation and then sold it off shortly afterwards. #OTD #OTDiH #History #HappyBirthday! #TDiH @morristownnps #PresidentialHistory #Presidents
fort.stanwix.nps Did you know that several U.S. #Presidents traveled to or near the Oneida Carry at one point or another? This list includes, but is not limited to: ‣‣ George #Washington came to the site in 1783 to see the remains and look for land to purchase. ‣‣ James Madison and James Monroe came to the location in 1784 to witness and participate in the signing of the Treaty of 1784. ‣‣ In 1853, at the age of 17, future president Grover Cleveland spent time at his mother's home in Holland Patent, NY; only 10 miles away from the remains of the fort. He was at a crossroads in his life and was trying to plan his future career. ‣‣ Sadly, in spring of 1865, President Abraham #Lincoln's body was carried over the Oneida Carry as his funeral train rolled through on its way to Springfield, Illinois. ‣‣ Theodore #Roosevelt traveled through the area several times during the late 1800s and early 1900s, at one point staying at the Stanwix Hall Hotel, built on grounds of the old fort. He even came through Rome, NY in 1901, on his way to Buffalo (shortly after President William McKinley was mortally wounded at the World Fair), not knowing that he would be sworn in as President of the United States shortly thereafter. ‣‣ John F. #Kennedy stood on the steps of the Oneida County Courthouse building (a block away from the remains of the fort) while on his 1960 presidential campaign. #PresidentsDay #DidYouKnow #FortStanwix #Parks101 #TR #JFK #history #RomeNY 📷 credit: @rhsfriendsofthefort @NationalParkGeek
fort.stanwix.nps #FortFactFriday #DidYouKnow The original Fort Stanwix was predated by 5 other small colonial forts along the #Oneida Carry. The series was built between 1755 and 1756. The first groups of soldiers to "garrison" (or occupy) the fort during the French & Indian War were Scottish Highlanders. This marker is one of five #NewYorkState Historical Markers throughout the City of Rome, NY that mark the locations of the predecessors of Fort Stanwix. You can learn more about them and their occupants by reading the following article: #History #FunFactFriday #FrenchAndIndianWar
fort.stanwix.nps "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." -John F. Kennedy This Valentine’s Day #FortStanwix wants you to know how much we love you! The image shows a heart-shaped #Jesuit ring housed in the #museumcollection. These rings were used by the #French in North America during the 16th through 18th centuries. #ValentinesDay #Love #FindYourPark #history #heart #frenchhistory ❤️
fort.stanwix.nps One of the greatest love stories every told happened right here at Fort Schuyler/Stanwix! Throughout the American Revolution, Colonel Peter Gansevoort (commander of the 3rd NY Regiment at the fort) courted Catherine "Caty" Van Schaick of Albany, NY. They were married on January 12, 1778, just a few months after the 1777 Siege of Fort Schuyler, and had 6 children. Their grandchildren include Herman Melville (author of "Moby Dick") and several U.S. naval commanders. Throughout the Revolution, the pair exchanged letters, concerns, and love. Below is an excerpt from one of these letters, written a year before his assignment to the fort, from Peter to Caty: "... Dear Caty I was Honor'd with your agreeable Epistle of the 27th August...I should think myself very ungratefull had your Letter been received soon after the above date not to have answered it till now. You conclude in yours with the thoughts of seeing me this Month I dread much that we shall not have the pleasure of seeing each other till the Latter of the next month - [or] how long and tedious will that month Needs prove till I shall have the pleasure of seeing her in whom my future Happiness depends, but I shall indeavor to pass away the time in Contemplating my past happy Moments I have had in your Agreeable Company. I beg you that you will Deliver the inclosed by the first Opportunity I must concludue with the Sincerest Sentiments of Love Your affectionate and Sincere Friend P: Gansevoort PS I must beg an answer to this by the first convenient opportunity To Miss Caty Van Schaick" #love #ValentinesDay #BeMyValentine #love #ValentinesDay #BeMyValentine 😍😘🌹❤️💕
fort.stanwix.nps "We are not makers of history. We are made by history." - Martin Luther King Junior Do know who Colonel Louis is? Louis was of half African/half Mohawk descent and fought with the Americans at at the Battler of Oriskany. His name can be found on the monument with the rest of the Tryon County Militia and Oneida warriors. #BlackHistoryMonth #Oriskany #FortStanwix #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #NationalParkGeek #NationalParkLady #NativeHistory #history #DYK #DidYouKnow
fort.stanwix.nps "Each and every snowflake falls in its appropriate place." - Zen Buddhist Proverb This is especially true of #LakeEffectSnow. Lake-effect snow is a weather phenomenon created when cold, dry air picks up moisture and heat by passing over a relatively warmer lake, such as one of the Great Lakes. The most likely time of year to get organized lake-effect snow bands is from late fall into early winter when lake temperatures are at their warmest, relative to the colder air spilling over them. Once the lakes freeze over, the moisture and heat source is lost and lake-effect snow has a very hard time developing. This makes the #CentralNewYork area and the Tug Hill Plateau one of the snowiest places in the nation!
fort.stanwix.nps “Feb 5, 1759 Parole: KELSEITH – Each company to fill with Sand The barrels which they Receive with their Provision & the Serjeant who receives the provision, to be Responsible that he Delivers the Same Number of barrels that He Receives, (the Day after the Receipt of the Provisions) to Serjeant Rose.” -From the Orderly Book of the 78th Regiment of Foot At one point during their first winter, the Highland Regiment stationed at the fort was ordered to finish the works and make it defensible. Being the middle of winter, this was done creatively by using items they already had nearby instead of heading to the forest to find wood.  #History #FortStanwix #OTD #OnThisDay #FrenchandIndianWar #FrenchandIndianWarFiles #TDiH #History
fort.stanwix.nps The #BigGame happens soon, and #FortStanwix is getting ready to #party! These SUPER bowls from the #museumcollection #SCORE big with visitors on the Museum Collection Tours offered in the summer! No matter who you're rooting for at the party tomorrow, we have plenty of them for you to choose from. And we think that they are all #winners! Which is your favorite? #superbowl #artifacts  #GameTime 🏈 🏟 @NationalParkGeek @NationalParkService
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