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fort.stanwix.nps From the Orderly Book of the 3rd NY Regiment: “Garrison Orders Fort Schuyler Jan:y 17:th 1778 Parole Willet C Sign Colerain A Regimental Court Martial to sit Immediately for the Tryal of William Mc:Cord of of Capt Greggs Company – Confin’d by Lieut Bogart for drawing the public Rum – without Leave Officer of the Day Tommorrow Capt Aorson - Robt Cochran Majr Comt” #FortStanwix #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #History #OTD #OnThisDay #TDiH #WayBackWednesday
fort.stanwix.nps “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ― Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds  The sky in New York State can feel as big as Montana's or as empty as a desert. But there are many formations to choose from. This #cumulonimbus formation is one seen often around the park. But there are many others. What's your favorite type of clouds? #Clouds #nature #FeelGoodFriday #picoftheday #photooftheday #NationalParks #FindYourPark ☁️💨
fort.stanwix.nps Happy first birthday to New York's newest National Park! Harriet Tubman National Historical Park in Auburn, NY ( was established on January 10, 2017, at a signing ceremony at the United States Department of the Interior in Washington, DC. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell was joined by New York lawmakers, local and federal officials in creating the 51st National Historical Park, and the 414th US national park system unit. The park will focus on the later years of Tubman's life. The park joins another NPS area in Maryland in interpreting the life of Tubman. Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park includes her birthplace and Underground Railroad routes in three counties of Maryland's Eastern Shore. This sister park in Maryland was established first, on December 19, 2014, incorporating much of the previously-authorized Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument, which had been designated in 2013. #HappyBirthday #OTD #NationalParkService #Parks101 #OnThisDay #OTDiH #WCW #WomenCrushWednesday
fort.stanwix.nps “Jan. 8, 1759: Parole: NEW YORK – The weather being bad no working Party this day. No Snow balls to be thrown in the Fort by any person whatever…” - From the Orderly Book of the 78th of Foot Highlands Regiment We at the modern Fort Stanwix feel as if this particular order was a waste of a perfectly good snow day! What do you think? #FortStanwix #OTD #OnThisDay #FrenchandIndianWar #FrenchandIndianWarFiles #TDiH #History #snowballfight!!! #snowday #snow #winterfun
fort.stanwix.nps "I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." - Thomas Jefferson "From Memory to Monument - A Community, A Fort, & A Future" - Approval of Fort Stanwix-Downtown Rome Renewal Project, March, 1969 From left: Urban renewal director William H. Flinchbaugh, Congressman Alexander Pirnie, Pirnie’s assistant Sherwood Boehlert, and Mayor William A. Valentine. This image is on display at the Rome Historical Society as part of the "Memory to Monument" exhibit. 📸 : @rhsfriendsofthefort #nationalpark @NationalParkService #National_park_pictures #GoParks #FindYourPark #memorytomonument #romeNY #fortstanwix #museumexhibit #fort #TBT #history
fort.stanwix.nps It's been a great year! Thank you for all the likes! Here's to a great 2018 🎉 . #HappyNewYear #2017bestnine
fort.stanwix.nps Excerpts from the diary of Ensign John Barr, of the 4th/2nd NY, 1781: "Sunday 31st Dec. Lets close the year with joy and gladness and drive away all griefs and sadness." "Monday 1st Jan. Dine with Col. Weissenfels in company with Lts. Hovenburgh, Frilick, Barret, Dinniston and Tuthill, Ens. Talmage, Woodruff, Morril and Dodge. Doc. Prior of our Regt. and Lt. James Brewster of Capt. Moodies Comp. of Artillery where the following toasts passed: [To] Congress [To] Gen. Washington [To] The United States Army May the Righteous Cause of America Flourish [To] The United States [To] The Independency of North America [To] The King of France And so finished in good order." A toast from the #museumcollection: Enjoy the New Year! We at Fort Stanwix National Monument wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Photo: Both of these artifacts were excavated at Fort Stanwix and are complete, meaning they were whole when they were found. A rare find in archeology! #MuseumMonday
fort.stanwix.nps "There's nothing pretty about ice. Ice grows nothing. But we've got this in our minds that we've got to make everything cold." -Don Young But we at Fort Stanwix beg to differ that the perfect ice storm makes a #beautiful sight! And as just a reminder: In honor of the New Year’s Holiday, Fort Stanwix National Monument will be closed tomorrow, Monday, January 1st. Please visit again when the park reopens on the 2nd. And, on behalf of the Staff of Fort Stanwix and the @NationalParkService, have a #HappyNewYear#winter #snow #ice #instabeauty #picoftheday #instagood #FindYourPark
fort.stanwix.nps It's #NationalBaconDay and #FortStanwix honors Private Samuel Eggs (Bacon's best friend) of the 3rd NY Regiment. Too bad there wasn't a private Bacon, as wel;. What an awesome pair they would've made! #Bacon #BaconDay #eggs @NationalParkGeek #breakfast #PunnyByNature #pun 🥚 💕 🥓
fort.stanwix.nps "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." - Francis Bellamy, Original version of the "Pledge of Allegiance" #Didyouknow December 28, 1945 is the day that the US Congress formally recognized the Pledge of Allegiance? On the 72nd anniversary of this event, Fort Stanwix National Monument would like to take a moment to honor Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge. Bellamy was born in Upstate NY and raised in Rome near the remains of the historic fort. He is buried in the city cemetery; and every year, Roman citizens gather to remember his legacy.  #History #OnThisDay #TDiH #OTD #photooftheday 🇺🇸
fort.stanwix.nps "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?... " We at #FortStanwix hope your #holiday rings with laughter and merriment, just like these bells from the #museumcollection once did. These bells were excavated during the 1970s archeology prior to the reconstruction of the Fort.  Just as a reminder: in honor of the Federal Holiday, The park will be closed on Monday, December 25th. Please visit the park again when it reopens on the 26th. And, on behalf of the Staff of Fort Stanwix and the National Park Service, have a #HappyHoliday! #Artifacts
fort.stanwix.nps "Fort Schuyler Decr. 22nd 1779 officer of the Day for tomorrow Capt. Wendell for _ Guard Lt. Snow for fitague Lt. Salfbery Details as usual _ _ _ The Cammanding Officer Perceiving the Ill Conciquence attending Numbers of the Men Who are frequently Abusing themfelves with Liquer Orders that the Setler for the future to Sell no More Spirituous Liquers to the Troops of this Garrison With out a Writen Order from a Commifsioned Officer and the Officer to Give Orders for no more than one Gill of Rum Per Man P Day Except to Such Men as Whome they are Convinced will Use it with Temporance and Moderation . . To be Sold on Munday the 3d day of January, 1780 at Public Vendue at twelve oClock on the Parade a Quantity of Damaged Beef Pork + Flour which Articles have Been Condemed by A Court of Infpection this Day as Unfitt to be Ifsued to the Troops By Order of Jn o Graham Major Comdt" - From the Orderly Book of the 1st NY Regiment #FortStanwix #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #History #OTD #OnThisDay #TDiH
fort.stanwix.nps “Fort Schuyler 21st: Decr 1777 – Garrison Orders Parole G : C Sign H John Hill private in Capt Greggs Company is Order’d to Attend the parade every morning at eleven oClock, and at 2 in the Afternoon at which Time the Officer of the Guard will Order the Long Roll to be beat If he judges the Weather not to cold for men to Learn their Exercise, at which Time the Orderly Sergeants of each Company, will see that their Awkard Men who are not on Duty are turned out to be Drill’d… P: Gansevoort Col Comt:” - From the Orderly Book of the 3rd NY Regiment  #Siege1777 #FortStanwix #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #History #OTD #OnThisDay #TDiH
fort.stanwix.nps “Dec. 19, 1758 Parole: SOUTHAMPTON – The Men are to give in all the loose Ball they have in order to have them made up a New. The new made up Cartridges are to be equally Divided Among the Men. The Officers are to keep an Exact List how many every man receives, and all the Men to be told that for every Cartridge they lose or spoil except what may be Expended on Duty or Service they shall pay one Sixpence Stirling for each. Every man is to receive a Good new flint out of the Magazine which the Officer’s are to Examin and see well and neatly fixed. The Officers are to examin the Mens arms, Ammunition, etc., Accoutrements, etc. every Monday and Thursday Regularly to see that every thing be Kept in good order and fit for Immediate Service, of which they are to make a Report to the Commanding Officer of the Detachment Every Tuesday and Friday at 12 o’Clock.” - From the Orderly Book of the 78th of Foot Highlands Regiment #FortStanwix #OTD #OnThisDay #FrenchandIndianWar #FrenchandIndianWarFiles #TDiH #History
fort.stanwix.nps "It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition." -Henry James When Fort Stanwix National Monument opened in 1976, a group of volunteers known as the "Garrison" had already trained for a full year to be able to tell the stories of the past. For many, it was a family activity. Although the Garrison no longer exists as such, the park still has a robust #volunteer program filled with dedicated people who keep history alive.  #nationalpark @NationalParkService #National_park_pictures #GoParks #FindYourPark #rhsfriendsofthefort #memorytomonument #romeNY  #fortstanwix #museumexhibit #fort #history #FlashbackFriday 📸 : @rhsfriendsofthefort From the Rome Historical Society Collection - Image 1998.76.13
fort.stanwix.nps "The biggest cliche in photography is sunrise and sunset." - Catherine Opie But we at Fort Stanwix still think it's a lovely topic! When's the last time you got to see a #beautiful #sunset#weather #picoftheday #photooftheday #instagood #NationalParks #FindYourPark ☀️🌙🌅🌄🏞
fort.stanwix.nps "Fort Schuyler 11th Decemr 1779 Officer of the Day To morrow Capt Persons for Guard Liut EnSign Ryckman for Fatigue Details as Usual---- Whereas some Scandalus Persons Some time Ago Broke Open the Dooar of the Commifsarys Bumproof Store and Robed they Public of A large Quantity of Rum Which Above has last Night Been Repeated an Action unbecoming and benath the Carracter of a Soldier the Commanding Officer therefore Offers to any Persons who Shall Detach the Thief or Thieves a Reward of Fifty Dollars; and hopes that Every person Espicualy the Non Commifsioned Officers Will Exert them Selves in the Difscovering the Same the Officers of the Guard will Occation Every evening at Roll Call a Sentil. to be pleased at the Door of the Commifserys Bumproof Store with Orders to keep it Safe and Deliver it Over the Same to the relieving Sentinel at Every Relief in presence and hering of the Corporal of the Relief the Serjeant of the Guard is to take Down they Names of those Sentinels that are posted at the Said Doar with the Hours of they Night they Stand Sentry By Order of John Graham Major Commident" -From the Orderly of the 1st NY Regiment #FortStanwix #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #History #OTD #OnThisDay #TDiH (📷 : @MColangelo)
fort.stanwix.nps Are you ready for #winter? We are! Although the #snow (especially #lakeeffect) can pile up in the winter, park staff strive to maintain the accessibility of park trails. Maintenance staff install trail markers along the path during the winter months. These markers help identify the trail for proper clearing during #snowstorms. They also repair and maintain heavy equipment (like this sand spreader) to help keep trails safe throughout winter.  #Parks101 #Winter101 #AreYouReady?! ❄️🌨☃️
fort.stanwix.nps “The world before us is a postcard, and I imagine the story we are writing on it.” ― Mary E. Pearson, The Miles Between Take a look at this neat old #postcard, courtesy of the @rhsfriendsofthefort. What do you think the #Continentals would think if they received a letter from the #future telling them that their fort became a #NationalPark#nationalparkservice #National_park_pictures #GoParks #FindYourPark  #rhsfriendsofthefort #memorytomonument #romeNY #museumexhibit  #fort #fortifications #architecture #TBT
fort.stanwix.nps “Dec. 4, 1758 Parole: THISTLE – As Often as New Snow falls, and where it holds up, the Serjeants are to turn out some men of every Company to Clear the Roof of their Barracks. The orderly Serjeants are to give in a Report Every Morning after the Parade to Doctor MacLean of the Names of the Sick men of their respective Company’s, and the Major Hopes that the Officer of the Week gets a Written Report every morning of the State of their company’s as he must make it report of it to the Oldest Officer upon the Parade.” - From the Orderly Book of the 78th of Foot Highlands Regiment #FortStanwix #OTD #OnThisDay #FrenchandIndianWar #FrenchandIndianWarFiles #TDiH #History
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