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(Temporary) Ground O.N.E. application below!
foreverfeminism -char // also an old throwback when people used to send us cute animal memes!! why did people stop :( -a
foreverfeminism Oh hey! This is pretty rad! Hope everybody has a good weekend and itโ€™s not too stressful for yous still doing exams -Gabby
foreverfeminism cute christmas ideas for bae? or even better, donate to Planned Parenthood and out the donor name as your representative !
foreverfeminism Keep it civil and calm, guys. Also, this post is referencing 'Indians' as in Indigenous people from North America, not from Indians as in people from India. [EDIT HI Y'ALL THIS IS CHAR AKA @charlottexadele, YES I AM NATIVE/INDIGENOUS/ABORIGINAL/"""INDIAN,""" HELLO, COOL, WHAT'S UP. So - dressing up as "Indians" is cultural appropriation and 100% wrong. No ifs, ands, maybes, or buts. It's rude, disrespectful, and only encourages the dehumanization and sexualisation of native people, especially native women. "But I'm ~honouring~ you!!!" No, you're not. Honouring us would mean honouring our treaties, our lands, our people. Not wearing a headdress and fringe. "But my great great grandmother was a Cherokee princess!!" First of all, Cherokee tribes didn't have princesses. Second of all, even if they did it's still incredibly disrespectful and rude, and you would be dehumanising your ancestors. "But it's just a costume!! Why are you so offended by this??" Because it's not just a costume. This is my culture, my history, my people, all being shamed and ridiculed with this 'costume.' "But Pocahontas was a Disney Princess, can't I dress up like her?" No. Pocahontas was a child who was raped and eventually killed my colonisers. Disney romanticised the story (as usual) in a disrespectful and unacceptable way that sexualises native women and sugar coats the horrors that Pocahontas and all other Indigenous people had to go through. I could go on but I gtg now. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS UNACCEPTABLE. END OF DISCUSSION. -Charlotte]
foreverfeminism Is โ€˜the wallโ€™ still a thing? Tbh I thought it was fake news at this point... like,, a metaphor? The wall is a metaphor used to represent the govtโ€™s xenophobia and apparent need to keep out foreign influences... instead of being a literal wall. Can I write an essay on the true meaning of the wall?? -Gabby
foreverfeminism okay but I actually don't see the logic. There's one thing for repealing Obama-era bills that you genuinely think were a bad idea etc, but how was restricting the hunting of an endangered animal in any way a bad thing? I realise that often people pay a lot of money to hunt animals from conservation parks, which can end up funding the conservation efforts, so it's a morally grey area. But it's still really sickening to kill vulnerable animals for sport so you can pose with them or display them...This just seems like a step backwards.
foreverfeminism Hey folks! My global initiative, Ground O.N.E., is looking for youth (13-25 age range) to join our team in expanding our efforts in to help further develop Ground O.N.E. If you don't know, Ground O.N.E. is an international initiative that fosters global citizen and youth empowerment through an online platform on our website. We offer toolkits for a variety of campaigns from women's rights to cultural awareness, and we plan on adding a lot more as we grow. Specific toolkits we've created are: #FightTheStigma which is a period campaign with a toolkit to show anyone how to host a menstrual product drive (tampons/pads/hygiene product) to collect and distribute to vulnerable communities. We also have a "Hear My Story" campaign that emphasizes giving voice to refugees and allowing them to control the narrative of refugee stories and situations. We created a toolkit for this campaign that helps anyone guide how to essentially interview refugees to give voice to their perspective. We are also developing more campaigns along the way which will be made available to our website! If you're interested in helping develop work like this please don't hesitate in applying to our team! We offer various roles to fill and encourage youth to apply. We strongly encourage youth from ALL over the world, no matter where you're from, to apply and aid us. This is a global initiative you can take part in from the comfort of your own room! You can visit our website: http://ground-one.org/ to find more information and get the link to our application which is due by December 1st, 2017! We also have an instagram page you can follow: @ground.one for updates! Thanks for your time and share this with anyone who might be interested! The link to the application will only temporarily be on @foreverfeminism home page but you'll also find it on our website. Have a great day! - Alan (@alan_the_activist <-- for any questions) [THIS POST WILL BE TAKEN DOWN SOON. IT'S ONLY TEMPORARILY UP HERE TO GET THE WORD OUT]
foreverfeminism stay woke about indigenous issues!
foreverfeminism awhh cute
foreverfeminism idk the reason but honestly I am SO happy because we don't have to see her pretend to "love" and "appreciate" Chinese culture on her trip there.
foreverfeminism this is cutee
foreverfeminism thank u 6god!!
foreverfeminism a collection
foreverfeminism Not all heroes wear capes -Gabby
foreverfeminism ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ-Y
foreverfeminism this is @ everyone who says academia is not biased
foreverfeminism stay safe but stand up for yourself !!
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