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dcbx_ When I open a packet of mnm’s pull on 2 and put them in my fingers, I squish both of them in Seperate hands using my fingers and whichever one survives is the champion and I eat the broken one, the champion vs the next Mnm I pull out and so on, until all the mnms are gone and the last mnm to survive the wrath of my fingers I put into an envelope and sent it to Cadbury and say use this Mnm to breed your other mnms, he is a warrior😌
dcbx_ Walk the plank
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dcbx_ Carpe Diem
dcbx_ HorseHead Rock
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dcbx_ Looking for our next spot
dcbx_ Little fat lambii
dcbx_ It was day time and me and @6ixty4our we’re planning on doing bridge view tunnel, to get a few shots, I was pretty keen, I had only done it once before but I had never Entered the way I was entering this time! We approached the roller gate and assessed how we would get past the gate! It took abit of thinking,but I finally got it a mad idea which of course I’m not going to give away because it still works.. but as we got past the roller gate a public hero poofta fucking faggot screamed out at us, and accelerated his car toward the roller shutter that we were at, Turns out!! He wasn’t a public hero, he was some type of worker or security just starting his shift in that car park, FYI the car park was under construction so he was either secci or worker, anyhow the main point is that he was a steroid unt!! And he was huge, and the last thing I wanted to do was get caught by this guy, so we just squeezed thru the gap and started sprinting as fast as we could to the next door that was a pathway to the harbour bridge tunnel, But as we approached the door it was padlocked!! The door was made of light decent thick metal or steel, Then a loud screeching noise!! The gate started opening which was about 30 or so meters away, the guy must have had a remote or key or passcode or something, I started stressing on how to fuck I was supposed to get away, the door was pretty weak tbh, and with some fucking extreme force the bottom or the door bent, and everyone who did bridge tunnel after us would have seen this! But both squeezed thru this tiny as fuck gap in the door and it lead to a dark room, that looked like it went for fucking Ages, we had no choice and started sprinting thru the darkness, as were sprinting I turn on my iPhone torch and 64 starts looking for the next door that leads up toward the tunnel, as were sprinting we hear the roaring of the 4wd with the steroid junkie inside, followed by the rattling of the chain that locked the door that was bent, my heart was racing so fast I thought a heart attack was coming! As were sprinting I see an opening in the wall on the right of us, keep in mind this is after sprinting for a minute down a long hall of darkness, 64 says
dcbx_ All time favourite
dcbx_ 8000 ISO No grain is pretty banga
dcbx_ My first time at big village! I had heard of it before and all the toys that go there when they start getting into that bexing trend, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check it out, so me and my mate Eric got off at central and started heading towards the place! This story gets pretty fucked up pretty early on, I normally have a good eye for spot things like undos and cameras and all that shit, but this time I missed it... We approached the big village bottom doors at street level, and Eric pulled me in close to the door and where nobody could see, and he gave me that look that I knew he wasn’t joking, and he said “bro some junkie cunt is following us!! I think he has a knife I saw it in the reflection” I was like “dw bro we’ll pump him”, but that’s always what I say to Eric to relax the situation, so we walked back onto he footpath and i has a scan around to find this junkie and couldn’t see him, so we waited about 20-30 seconds and thought fuck it, let’s try open the big village doors, so we approached the doors and tried carding it because it looked like a shit door mand we didn’t have any other tools, so I said Eric give me a try! And I grabbed the handle with my door resting on the other door and ripped it as hard as I could, not too surprisingly the shit fucking door opened, We rushed inside before anybody could ask what we were doing, then Like a fucking flash, just before I close the door i see the junkie sprinting across the busy road at full pace towards the doors! I slammed the door shut fast as FUCK and put all my body weight against it and screamed out to Eric “he’s here” Then a MASSIVE FUCKING SMASH! Idk how he did it but the junkie hit the door so hard at full pace, there was a crater circle in the middle of the door the size of a soccer ball, about 1-2 more hits and the door would have a hole! My heart was racing so fast it wasn’t funny and shit was getting serious, i remembered Eric saying that he had a knife, and my heart pumped even faster, then the junkie hit the door again! This time there was a hole in the door enough to fit a hand!! Me and Eric pressed up against the door planning where the Fuck to go, because we had never been here before!i
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dcbx_ This night was probably one of the most intense chases of my entire life! It all started when we had just pumped some good spots and we were on a roll so me and @6ixty4our thought it would be a good idea to try world tower even after everybody was arrested there, so we Sussed everything out and made our way into the lift, I was 100% certain that I was going to do that roof that day and nothing was going to stop me, I wanted to bring it back,, we had exited the lift with about 3 other people getting off at level 40 something, and had a MADDD walk All the way to the top, we finally reached the top and started to unravel our plan, everything was going good SO FAR!! With faces covered we checked the exact positions of the cameras and not saying how, but we somehow got the cameras covered, so that we couldn’t be seen picked opening the doors, but all this did was made security suss as to why there camera had gone black, Now here’s the part, I’ve Told NOBODY! We Picked Locked both doors!! And while 64 was picking the second door I noticed an alarm placed along the wall connected to the door, We had One of 2 choices to run up onto the roof take a few shots and hide and risk getting done! OR run down the fire steps and wait abit to see if security come, so we chose the second option, NOW this is where everything turned Bad, we started jogging down the fire steps, then we both heard a click of the lift and the sound of a radio, we weren’t sure if it was security that knew we were in the fire escape, 64 started to push against the fire escape door, Then almost instantaneously the door handle moved and when a fucking HUGE FORCE the secci shoulders the door, flying 64 backwards cracking his head on the wall! The door bounced back and as the door bounced back, with THE HARDEST MOST ALMIGHTY KICK IVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE I kicked the door straight back into the secci face, the sound of the door smashing against his face echoed thru the whole level, I didn’t look at the secci but I know he was fucked up hard! We started sprinting down to he fire escape, and as were sprinting down the steps about 5 levels down the door opens and seci screams out, they trapped us from both ways,
dcbx_ Let’s take it back to the day of my first tunnel ever, it was about an hour until sunset, when me @6ixty4our and My mate Eric were about to enter the tunnel, it was me and Erics first time going into a tunnel, and my heart was racing so fast it wasn’t funny, I didn’t really know what to expect, ONCE AGAIN, inbred sneaky cunt @6ixty4our decided that it would be a good idea to take us into one of the most least chill tunnels smack bang in the middle of train peak hour! “CENTRAL 7way” (there are 7 tunnels in one) There were a bunch of 20 year old lads standing by the gate, after waiting a while and they didn’t leave 64 unlocked the gate not giving a fck like a sk, he came back to me and Eric and told us where the cameras were located, we planned everything out and looked at trip view and just before we ran in thru the gate, track workers pulled up right infront of us, we pretended we were innocent bi-standers and kept walking, the train workers, approached the gate and realised that it was open, and started to get suss, we hid around the corner waiting for them to go, which after about 20 minutes they left, we rechecked tripview waited for the right time, jogged back up to the gate opened it and ran in, all was going smooth, we kept all our gear on us because we had to continuously keep changing tunnels, we finally found a gap and placed our camera gear down, 64 took some photos of me first, so Eric the fucking spastic decided to go into the other tunnel and have a look around, and Eric put his bag in the other tunnel, 2 minutes later, all the orange lights turned off (this means a train is less than 30 seconds away) 64 screams out to Eric to run to our tunnel! We all hid in the same small man hole, because we didn’t have time to speak to different man holes, then Eric says “fuck I left my bag on the tracks in the other tunnel” this situation could only get fucking worse, Eric sprints across the track towards the other tunnel to grab his bag, 64 at the same time is on trip view and sees that there’s a train coming in the other tunnel to, and screams out “BRO LEAVE YOUR BAG THE TRAINS COMING!” There was a train coming from both directions in both tunnels, Eric pick
dcbx_ After hours Epping tunnel, me @6ixty4our and my Ex all made our way to Epping, to which we unlocked a few gates to find ourselves inside at the Epping tunnel, not even 3 minutes into our tunnel run, I hear a noise, and scream out to 64 “train! Bro there’s a fucking train” all train were supposed to have stopped but this was a ghost train untraceable on tripview, our hearts were racing out our chests, we found a massive black patch in the tunnel were we sprinted to and hid, about 10 seconds later a train swoops last at insane speeds, just to let you know, Epping has NO man holes to avoid trains, when the train passes we proceeded to crawl underneath the station platform, half way thru the crawl a cleaner looked over the platform after hearing my Ex say she was tired, he looked and just didn’t see us, we finished the crawl and run to the other side of the tunnel, I took a few shots at the cross over in the tunnel, and had a short convo with everyone on what we were to do next, 64 begged that we got a PHAT SHOT BRO down the the redlight 3 FUCKING KM INTO THE TUNNEL! I complained for about 15 minutes! 64 re assured me that we would be fine! Saying “fuck me bro! Trust me we’ll be right!” So with all trust in 64 the inbred we started jogging deep into the tunnel, until we reached the red light, my Ex was so puffed out and she started looking for her asthma puffer! Then she screamed to me “dcbx! I didn’t bring my puffer”, she started to freak out.... but there was alot worse to come, I noticed a light in th distance right before I took the photo at the redlight, I said “64 is that a termo” “there’s no termos in Epping bro” “is that a fucking train” WE WERE 3KM IN THE TUNNEL! And the light started to approach us at fast speeds! I wanted to drop and give up, knowing how far it was to get back! But I couldn’t give up, so we all stared sprinting for our lives around a long bend until the train was that close we could feel the air, to which we all dived under the walk way in between the wire boxes, the light coming towards us turns out to be much worse that a train, it was a police inspection vehicle, the Car came to a screaming stop to which I screamed at 64 “BRO FUCKING
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