Happy holidays
cannabistriangle She is positive, upbeat, and active. And, she hopes the same for you. She is @AndreaTaylorxoxo, check her out for some positive vibes. Oh and she could probably roll a phatty better than most. :) . . Poem: Roll, roll, roll your joint, Gently till it's done, and enjoy. Life is but a dream. . . #CannabisTriangle #CannabisCrew #CannabisBrand #bhomingamerica #concentratedminds #420community #fueledbybho #wfayo #710community #pwndabbers #positivevibesonly #cannabiscommunity #loyaltotheoil #iwillmarrymary #mmmp #knowledgeispower #safeaccess #shatterdayz #dontpanicitsorganic_420 #medicinal710 #medicinal420 #stopdropandglob #thehealingofthenation #stonershit #weshouldsmoke #healthystoner #loveweed #staylifted #staylit #fueledbythc
cannabistriangle Cannabis takes the pain away. The majority of society is realizing this. And it's only a matter of time before the laws are in our favor. But, it's going to take the entire community to step up and out of our closets. We can't be scared of what others will think or how it will effect our careers. The fact of the matter is that it facing our fears and pain points in life will bring about a far greater future for all. We just have to realize that stepping out of our comfort zones are not just for us, but for our family, friends, and strangers (who are also family, because we are one). You can bet your sweet ass this will be painful, but the reward off a greater/healthier collective far exceeds our ego's. Face the pain and truly align with who you are. 🌎✌️️
cannabistriangle We hear all these people asking for others to send nudes. It's vastly overrated and hardly ever works. Just stop, and send cannabis instead.
cannabistriangle We didn't come this far as a collective to have only gone this far. We have came this far to see how much further we can go. We have pushed ourselves this far to see how we could go further tomorrow. And we keep going hard because that is what the human family does. As for cannabis, do you think your bud would be as great as it is if cannabis didn't persist through the tough times?
cannabistriangle Shout out to @aballoflife. He has been documenting his progress to becoming a great individual. You can see for yourself by checking out @aballoflife profile.
cannabistriangle Life, cannabis empowers life and everything we do. If we want to chill we will chill way harder with cannabis. If we want to get healthier, we will get way healthier with cannabis, and if we want to build our dreams again, cannabis is there to take our dreams higher. Cannabis helps us cope with the bullshit and it empowers the great shit. No wonder why this global community is ever growing. Cannabis is empowering the world, making the human family far more sustainable then it ever has been.
cannabistriangle @ogsickmade is taking all the right actions to fulfill his dreams. Keep an eye out for him, he is bound to do big things.
cannabistriangle @specialk_ga has been doing some work on social media! Thank you for your efforts, she is a writer, editor, and photographer and she is looking for more work. Show her some love and check out all of these other stickers you can get. Thanks for taking a picture with the @cannabistriangle sticker
cannabistriangle Growing up I didn't have the urge or want to smoke. It wasn't exactly the acceptable thing to do during my teenage years. My friends smoked, it just wasn't for me at the time. After High school, I went to the military and got some orders to deploy. Just before going to Afghanistan, I went home to see friends and family. At this time my mind didn't know what to think about cannabis. I've heard it was the devil, but that it was relaxing and thought provoking. I figured since I was going to dance with the devil at war. A measly little plant wasn't going to kill me. So, I tried it before leaving with the possibility of never coming back. . PS: it saved my life and many others since then. Want to share your story? Dm us
cannabistriangle Shout out to @azcannaqueen for coming up to us at the 710 degree cup and getting that lanyard. It sparked a nice conversation, and she is a super cool person. Looking forward to her future. . I'm not sure if this is a quote but, "You never know what you'll get with an open mind." . Hope all is well, from Amsterdam.
cannabistriangle We are all created equal. Cannabis knows this, and is here to help. One love, and love for all.
cannabistriangle @xpnmdphotography is a cool guy. He is taking ofver with @weedlyphoenix. And! He took 4th place at the Dab Wars out of 64 Dabbers. Here he is with a cannabis triangle lanyard and pin set.
cannabistriangle We are pro-choice and pro-cannabis. We are even pro-triangles. Look at that triangle: life, cannabis, and triangles. Choose your life wisely. 😉 . Shout out to the Cannabis Crew. Y'all know who you are.
cannabistriangle @cannabistriangle: Who else has a sticker obessession like @takeapicidgaf? Dm us we will send you one.
cannabistriangle You can too
cannabistriangle @rjhelms47 loves riding his dirt bike. He is a super cool dude. Go check him out. You might see home do a wheelie or two. Thanks for sharing @cannabistriangle.
cannabistriangle Happy Independence Day. We owe this day to the great men who signed the Declaration of Independence on our behalf. One day there will be a holiday when another set of great people come together to free Cannabis. Not just Cannabis, but all of the people who are held as prisoners for this "war on drugs."
cannabistriangle @kaleidoscopic_gypsy likes to journal, and get shit done for her loved ones. And she has great intentions. Thanks for sharing @cannabistriangle. The very first place we put our stickers was on our journals that we wrote in to develop this brand. And for months we took these journals everywhere :)
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