80s and 90s🌹

Daily pictures of the most beautiful people back in the best eras⭐️
90s.darling ❤︎ Hey guys! How are you? I'm happy because my mom won a diner for two in a contest and yesterday night we went to a fancy restaurant and the food was amazing😉 - I'm also incredibly happy because next Friday and Saturday I'm going to a festival (called Lollapalooza, I don't know if you heard about it) because on Sunday it's my birthday and my aunt gave me the tickets as a present😃 - Last but not least, Matt Damon is one of my celebrity crushes, I mean look at him!😍 - #mattdamon
90s.darling ❤︎ Hello people! I'm posting early today because it's a holiday in my country and I don't have school😃 - Can you believe how pretty Matthew, David and Matt are? Because I honestly can't😍 - qotd: who's your favorite from the boys? - #friends #chandlerbing #rossgeller #joeytribbiani
90s.darling ❤︎ I love them and this show so much! I'm only on season 4 but I find it so entertaining😌 - On April 2nd is my birthday and my aunt and uncle made me an early present, they bought me tickets for a live music show I'd been wanting to go since forever! I can't describe how happy I am😆 - qotd: favorite Full House character? - #fullhouse
90s.darling ❤︎ I can't even describe how much I love them, they'll be forever my favorites😍❤ - Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was super busy doing school work with a friend😌 - qotd: favorite couple from Friends? - #matthewperry #courteneycox #matteney
90s.darling ❤︎ Wow😍 Can you actually believe he's real? Her face is perfection❤ - What are you up to guys? Feel free to DM me anytime, I love making new friends😌 - qotd: Brad with Jennifer or with Angelina? - #bradpitt
90s.darling ❤︎ She's such a pretty woman! I love Reese, she's so gorgeous and talented! I enjoy watching her movies a lot❤ - Today I have to stay home all day to do a school project that it's like a radio programme, it's kinda fun but I prefer watching Netflix😂😘 - #reesewitherspoon
90s.darling ❤︎ Hello beautiful people! How've you been? I want to apologize for being inactive these past couple of days but I'm super tired because of school and not to mention the fact that I arrive home super late😰 - Anyway, I promise I'll be more active, as much as I can, meanwhile enjoy this gorgeous picture of the most amazing cast ever❤ - qotd: favorite tv show? - #friends
90s.darling ❤︎ How can someone be this pretty? I honestly don't get it, she's the definition of perfection😍❤ - qotd: name some of your favorite celebrities! - #jenniferaniston
90s.darling ❤︎ I'm feeling kinda bad because I'm getting a lot of unfollowers lately and honestly I don't know what I'm doing wrong😔 - Anyway tomorrow I have to go to school and I just don't want to, I started a week ago and it already feels like a month😓 - I STILL CAN'T GET OVER HOW PRETTY AND CUTE LEO LOOKED WHEN HE WAS YOUNG😍❤ - #leonardodicaprio
90s.darling ❤︎ Don't tell me she wasn't/isn't one of the most gorgeous and beautiful woman in the world because you'd be lying to yourselves😍❤ - Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I went off school earlier and as soon as I got home I went to sleep, I was super tired😰 - Now I'm at my grandma's house, downtown, I came to visit her and also to do some things I had to do with my mom🙃 - #courteneycox
90s.darling ❤︎ I just can't get over how dreamy he looked when he was young, he reminds me of a mix of Zac Efron and young John Stamos😍❤ - A favor; please keep commenting celebrities you'd like to see posted and it would also help if you suggest ideas like, for example, question of the day, facts (about the people I post), etc😊 - #jaredleto
90s.darling ❤︎ What else to celebrate Women's International Day than a picture of these three pretty ladies?😍 - Have an awesome day today girls, and remember you are beautiful no matter what, you are strong, never give up, what you are looking for is out there, you'll get to it❤ - #rachelgreen #monicageller #phoebebuffay
90s.darling ❤︎ She is so damn gorgeous😍 - The other day I saw for the second time "Where The Heart Is", in which she starrs, and I really didn't remember it because I was really young when I watched it for the first time, I recommend it 100%💋 - Fun fact: Natalie is my cousin😄 - #natalieportman
90s.darling ❤︎ Morning guys! I have a few things to say, so this caption might get a little bit long... - First, I want to thank all of you for being so active, I mean, my last post (Cameron Diaz) had over 650 likes! That's beyond crazy! I'm so thankful❤ - Second, you may have read that yesterday I told you I was having a bad day because I had an argument with my mom, and some of you were really nice to me, but there is this one girl that called me an "attention seeker", the point is that I want to share everything with you guys, the good stuff and also the bad, and you are free to do the same😊 - Last but not least, I'm starting school tomorrow, and today at night my classmates and me are having a party because it's our last year in high school! So, as I'm going to arrive home "late" everyday, I'm going to start posting later also, around 6-8pm here (Argentina)😇 - qotd: who's your favorite friends character? - #friends
90s.darling ❤︎ I love and admire her so freaking much, she's pure beauty and talent❤ - I'm not having a great day today (not even close) because I had an awful day yesterday, including a big fight with my mom🙁 - #camerondiaz
90s.darling ❤︎ Oh my god can you actually believe her prettyness!? She was GOALS😍 - Keep commenting celebrities you'd like to see posted in my account❤ - Also, feel free to repost any of my pictures, just tag me or whatever, but I would like to get credits😊 - #angelinajolie
90s.darling ❤︎ He looked extremely good when he was young! Not that I don't like him now, but back in the 90's he was haaawt😂❤ - qotd: not really a question, but name celebrities that I could post! - #johnnydepp
90s.darling ❤︎ I love them so much! They are so so pretty😍❤ - qotd: Rachel (Jennifer), Monica (Courteney) or Phoebe (Lisa)? - #friends #rachelgreen #monicageller #phoebebuffay
90s.darling ❤︎ Nothing to say except that she's one of the most beautiful women in the world and I just love her so much❤ - Another thing, I have a question... if I started including in my posts a qotd (question of the day), would you answer it? - #jenniferaniston
90s.darling ❤︎ Good morning beautiful people! I'm really happy and thankful because I'm super close to 100 followers and my first post got over 300 likes😱 that's insane! Thank you to everybody who followed me and helped me❤ - Btw don't tell me young Leo isn't man goals because he totally is😻 - qotd: where are you from? aotd: Argentina😌 - #leonardodicaprio
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