Aaron Vigil

Just another guy with a torch and an incessant need to melt stuff. Thank you to everyone that supports what I do! Pdx livin Vigilglass@gmail.com
vigilglass I've been playing with some layering lately. This is the same pendant just with different backdrops. It's Opaline over purple lollipop and is nfs. Thanks for looking! #vigilglass #glassofig #pendantsofig #hornpendant #madeinportland
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vigilglass This kid is too much! Autumn and Michele are out of town for a few days. I miss my girls...#babyvigi #notababyanymore #Autumngirl #pdxbaby
vigilglass When you're in the attic hooking up the ventilation, slice the shit out of your finger but don't wanna stop for a bandaid cuz you've got a good rhythm going and you're almost done. Nothing a little aluminum tape can't handle #shopbuild #vigilglass #cantstopwontstop #pdxglass
vigilglass A custom ordered #doublestackcarbcap for a patient customer to match his fat bottom Klein. Have one of my pieces w/ linework in it? Want a matching cap? Hit me up, I try to save a little of each tube pull so I always have some around for little projects. #vigilglass #glassofig #pdxglass #madeinportland
vigilglass It's always cool to see other glassblowers rock my work. Much love to @vandabbinglass for the scoop and it was for a good cause. If you're not following him, check him out and show some love! #vigilglass #glassofig #terps #cflreactive #hornpendant
vigilglass Hello old friend, nice to see you again! My Mag has been sitting in a box since we moved because I haven't had a bench set up. I've been standing at the lathe and I already had the phantom mounted to it. But I got her (and the rest of the shop) plumbed last night. I even got @meeshmellowglass Torch set up. I'm so stoked to have a bench to work at again. The hardibacker top is temporary, I'm still decided between tile and granite. Thanks so much to everyone who supports what I do, and especially to the shops waiting patiently for their orders. Much love! #vigilglass #newshop #shopbuild #deltamag #getmelty #pdxglass
thewiscokid_glass Siiiick! Cant wait to come back n help break it in!
ancient.organics Looking siiiick
vigilglass Getting closer! Benches are built and the island hood is up. Just picking up some more parts to connect the fan and the island will be fully operational! So much love goes to to @da9bandit @teggygirl @jacob_braverman_glass and @meeshmellowglass, I couldn't do it's without you guys. And also to @gabrieljhodges for the awesome hoods! #shopbuild #comingtogether
teggygirl Yes! It's coming together! 🙌🙌👍
leapinlizardz362 Looks awesome buddy!
vigilglass @meeshmellowglass and I rolled some sushi tonight. Tuna, avocado and cucumber rolls and salmon, avocado, cucumber rolls. And some seaweed salad from the asian market up the street. 🔥🔥 #sushi #rollyourown
leapinlizardz362 Eat extra for me!!!
vigilglass If you're in SoCal tonight you should definitely check out this show going on at @func.artgallery. My buddy @drinkingvessels (along w/ some other dope artists) will have a bunch of cool work on display including one of the horn cups we made last year. #drinkingvessels #glassandwood
drinkingvessels Thanks for throwing down!
vigilglass Any locals need packing peanuts I got a guy! Filled the van for $15. HMU #vigilglass #peanutsfordays #shipping
vigilglass Happy 4/20 everyone! Hit up @hightidesb for a deal on "vigilito #1" a fun little bubbler I made last year. I hope you're all having a good day today, be safe out there #vigilglass #420 #stonerholiday #pdxglass #madeinoregon
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vigilglass Man I miss good cheap avocados. It's one of the few downsides of living in Oregon. #goodfat #iloveavocados
banannyfacets Was just thinking about this a couple days ago! 😐
haze4dazeglass Had a tree in my yard in oakland
vigilglass Just a friendly reminder that I'm running an auction to help my good friend @jollygreenglass after his family's home burnt down last week. The carb cap has been scooped but there's still some time left on this terps horn pendant. Please bid on the original post. #vigilglass #glassofig #pendantsofig #terps #hornpendant #pdxglass
vigilglass A little batch of #doublestackcarbcaps headed down to @pipelinesantacruz. I know some of these are already spoken for so make sure to hit them up before they're gone! #vigilglass #glassofig #doublestackcarbcap #pipelinesmokeshop #santacruz
vigilglass I miss having @meeshmellowglass in the shop with me. I'm looking forward to getting the shop finished up so she can get back on the torch! This is a sherlock we made together last year and is available through our friends @torchedillusions. I hope you're all having a great Monday. #vigilglass #meeshmellowglass #glassofig #torchedillusions #pdxglass #kittylock #sherlocksofig
vigilglass AUCTION . . So my good friend @jollygreenglass house burnt down a few days ago, luckily his family and animals made it out okay but all of their belongings are gone. Brandon is one of the most stand up, selfless, honest and hardworking people I've ever met and I know anyone who has spent any time with him would agree. He worked with me on my quartz line and was the driving force of production of them for a few years. Luckily his glass studio wasn't hit, but still he could use some help to even buy some new clothes. I'm doing an auction for this terps carb cap (A) and a terps horn pendant (B) and 100% of the proceeds will go to my buddy and his family to help get them back on their feet PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING . . *Both items start at $20 with increments of $5 minimum. *Bin for each item individually is $100 *Say which item you're bidding on with your bid, A for the carb cap B for the pendant *Auction ends Wednesday 4/19 at 6:00pm pst (48 hours from now) *Add $7 for shipping *Please be PayPal ready IMMEDIATELY after auction ends
jollygreenglass @optillusion my PayPal is 2tallbrandon@comcast.net I really appreciate it.
vigilglass Serum/terps #doublestack on its way to my friends at @42degreesoregon along w/ some other fun colors. Hit me up for pricing/availability #vigilglassglassofig #doublestackcarbcap #directionalflow
42degreesoregon 🙏💚🙏💚🙏
vigilglass Went to pick up my new ventilation hoods this week. One 6x6' for the island and 3 4'x3' for the two wall stations and my lathe. I can't wait to hang these! Much love to @gabrieljameshodges for building such quality hoods for such a good price. If you're in Oregon and need hoods, he's the guy! #vigilsnewshop #shopbuild #ventilation #itsimportant #vigilglass
rileydefiglass That island looks yuge