Aaron Vigil

Just another guy with a torch and an incessant need to melt stuff. Thank you to everyone that supports what I do! Pdx livin Vigilglass@gmail.com
vigilglass Remember this set? Somehow it's still available and on sale on my big cartel. One of the last pieces I made at the #poindextorium before moving to Oregon. This is a collab with the fume master @gonzoe_1 and has a dope 40mm bar Opal. #vigilglass #gonzoeglass #glassblowharder #fume #opal
vigilglass Texas folks, @bcsmokeshopwest just got a bunch of new #vigilglass, hit them up to see what it's all about. They got some kleins and a nice variety of #doublestackcarbcaps. You can't find much of my work in Texas, get it while you can! #vigilglass #bcsmokeshop #texasglass #madeinportland
vigilglass Just 3 more days of my #dirty30sale, I've got a bunch of work on my big cartel for 30% off, don't sleep! #vigilglass #ribcage #tripod #glassofig
vigilglass πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹More of the new new coming from the @northstarglass laboratory. Exp 38 is great to work with. Coil pots really nicely and isn't too sensitive in the flame. This has a thin layer of clear over it and it didn't dilute the color at all, it stayed nice and saturated. This guy is available, shoot me a pm for pricing. Much love to the whole northstar team for adding more and more beautiful colors to the boro palate. πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ #vigilglass #doublestack #pdxglass #madeinoregon
ck.glassart Nice I got some coming!
vigilglass I've been thoroughly enjoying the new transparents that @northstarglass has been producing. This one is the exp 25 and is so buttery to work with! Smooth, vibrant, air free, and you can really beat it up in the flame! #hotpink #vigilglass #glassofig #doublestack #dscc #pdxglass #madeinportland
vigilglass Had you eye on the mighty poo tube?? Now is your chance to take it home for a great price! Check out my Big Cartel (link in bio). Collab with Millie master @ryan_mccluer #vigilglass #ryanmccluer #pootube #takemehometonight πŸ“·πŸ“· by @weirdkidmedia
gusglass That took my breath away! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
vigilglass This kid is too much! She's gotten so big it's pretty wild. Feeling grateful to everyone who buys my work, just know you're helping me provide the best life I can for this little monkey (and for @meeshmellowglass). #autumngirl #babyvigi #littleone #notsolittleanymore
dirtywaterglasscompany πŸ™πŸ™
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vigilglass Thanks to everyone for the birthday love! I have all my available pieces loaded on my big cartel through 2.15.17, ones the time to scoop up that piece you've had your eye on for a great price! 18+ only and age verification is needed before shipping. Thanks for looking! #vigilglass #kajbeck #glassofig #madeinportland #pdxglass
vigilglass Tomorrow is my 30th birthday, and I've decided that for the next week I'll be running a special, 30% off all available headdies (retail only). I have some dope collabs including this @n3rdglass @blaisglass @purdyglass dabalot "Cornelius". I'll have everything listed live tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled for some great deals on some sick pieces. #vigilglass #dirty30 #oldman #halfwaydead
willcowieglass Happy birthday bro!!!
vigilglass Part of an order headed to @borosyndicate along with some other fun colors! Give em a shout for pricing/availability. #doublestackcarbcap #vigilglass #glassofig #pdxglass #cflreactive
vigilglass Fat bottom Klein headed to my friends at @bcsmokeshopwest along w/ some other fun gear. #vigilglass #glassofig #madeinportland #pdxglass #kleinsofig
vigilglass Lost a klein tonight too, why is it always right before the last step!? You win some, you lose some...#madeinportland #kindof #didntmakeit #thatsokay #sacrificetotheglassgods #soyouwannabeaglassblower
therambler42 Because scientific glass is evil!
quaddeucenil Bummer man!
vigilglass It's funny what you find when you're packing up all your stuff. These mini bottles are from id say 2010ish when I was doing a lot of farmers markets. All of these bottles are under 2", I might have to revisit the mini bottles, I used to love making them. #vigilglass #minibottle #notapipe
vigilglass A disk pendant from a few weeks ago that got scooped up in Vegas. Rain drop with a jailhouse/blue double beach ball. Thanks for looking! #vigilglass #glassofig #madeinportland #pdxglass #pendantsofig #raindrop
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vigilglass When you have to come in to pee but the lady is tired of you waking up the baby...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. #quitstomping #sleepingbaby #twinkletoes #notlightonmyfeet
rickertglass Ha. I'm always getting in trouble for that. We have these super creaky stairs that are right next to our sons room I hand to go up.
trav_themarbleman Stfu pee outside ✌️️
vigilglass It's going down! In just a couple weeks we'll be living in our new house. Pretty exciting/daunting. We'll miss living in NE, but are looking forward to exploring our new neighborhood and everything is had to offer. #pod #moving #movingsucks #pdx #portlandlivin
blueberry503 Congrats. .
rookglass You never know how much shit you got until you move , good luck
vigilglass 🍊🍊A super saucy double Stack I made yesterday with OJ from @glassalchemy. I'm only going to be making a limited number of these in this color, but shoot me a pm if you're interested in #1! πŸŠπŸŠπŸ’¦#vigilglass #doublestackcarbcap #dscc #oj #saucy #madeinportland #directionalflow
ck.glassart Damn this one sold out. I got a lb of ketchup but missed the ok. Looks great!
vigilglass Opaline and Thomas transparent orange two tone horn pendant from yesterday. Feels good to be back on the torch! I came home with Vegas with some kind of bug, luckily not the wook flu but it kicked my ass none the less. On the mend and getting to all these orders! Thank you again to all the stores to places orders with me, I'm excited to have my work in lots of new shops. #vigilglass #hornpendant #glassofig #pdxglass #opaline #madeinportland #pendantsofig