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108 likes Back on my @mojitomalaysia Lemon Blast --- message for wholesale inquires on this amazing juice! --- @vapecloudukstore great prices on @officialvgod hardware which won't disappoint 👊🏻 #vgod #vgodnation
91 likes Have you tried @pukka.juice yet? --- flavours are phenomenal --- head over to the @pukka.juice to find out how to get yours! Shoutout to the @pukkafam 👊🏻🔥 --- #1vape1love #vapeitup
119 likes @12monkeysvapor Mangabeys --- a solid favourite of mine over the years of vaping.. incredible tropical Vape lots of mango and pineapple with some undertones of guava 👌🏻 get your premium juices from @vapecloudukstore Click the link in my bio 🙏 #1vape1love #vapeking
146 likes Team Fizzy --- man I love this juice haven't had a pineapple this good for a long time! Check out @fizzyjuiceuk and find out how to get yours! #fizzyjuice #1vape1love
112 likes Good afternoon vapers! Hope your all having a great Tuesday! Straight brand Reppin' today #ZapCrew #ZapJuice --- @zapjuice --- Check the link in their bio and use ⚡️VTUK15 ⚡️ for 15% off your orders! 📸 @fku_life / @northernvapez 📸
102 likes The Last Flavour from the @empirebrewuk @vapempireeu range! Mango Blackcurrant 😋 --- this juice is brilliant can't say I've ever tried another juice similar! Mango followed by Blackcurrant on the inhale with both flavours mixed with a cool breeze on the exhale 😍 #1vape1love #vapestars
147 likes Mr Popman is the key that opens many doors to great flavours! Tyzer brings back some classic memories 😍 get yours with 15% discount through the link in @flavourdistribution bio using code VAPETEAM15 #1vape1love #vapegram
127 likes Fancy a Tropical Adventure? Look no further! Pukka Punch from @pukka.juice will have your taste buds tingling! Check out the Fam @pukkafam --- #1vape1love #pukkafam
129 likes Mondays suck! But @zapjuice have got me sorted with some Pomelo 😁 ⚡️vtuk15⚡️ get you a healthy discount on their website! --- @officialcoilart Mage Mech 🔥🔥 #1vape1love #coilart
141 likes @vapempireeu @empirebrew_official --- Mango Apricot --- these two flavours blend beautifully to create a tropical taste with an ice cold finish! --- another great juice 👌🏻👊🏻 #1vape1love #vapeempire
156 likes The taste of a real Red Bull in a Vape 🔥 --- @fizzyjuiceuk have the closest matching red bull I've tried! For all you energy drink lovers this one is for you 👊🏻 #1vape1love #fizzyjuiceuk
160 likes Like lemonade? Love it cold? Check out @empirebrew_official @vapempireeu --- some of the coldest nicest lemonade I've tried! #vapeempire #1vape1love
164 likes #pickyourmix --- strawberry fizzy belts from @picknmixliquids and the Mage Mech from @officialcoilart 🙏 this combo is a killer 👊🏻 use code VAPETEAM15 over at @picknmixliquids for a nice discount 👌🏻👊🏻 #1vape1love
132 likes @vapempireeu @empirebrew_official --- Blackcurrant Ice --- tastes like your gulping down an ice cold Ribena absolutely stunning juice! --- #1vape1love #vapeempire
153 likes Pukka lush --- Lime and lemon combo 😍 --- putting this in the solo2 for today's travels! @viva_kita 👊🏻 --- @pukka.juice @pukkafam << check them out 🔥#pukka #1vape1love
109 likes You'd of thought it was breakfast time! Nahhh these juices are banging all day long @professorpotion --- 🔥 --- #1vape1love #vapejuice
145 likes Fresh coil in the Move 60w from @viva_kita 👊🏻 --- going to be Vaping some @zapjuice on my travels today! ⚡️vtuk15⚡️ use the code for 15% off their website 👊🏻 #zapjuice #1vape1love
151 likes #pickyourmix with @picknmixliquids blasting fruit salad through the Pro Mech and Recoil RDA @grimmgreen @officialvgod Tastes spot on like the sweets we all know and love! VAPETEAMUK15 gets you a healthy discount through the website in their bio! GO USE IT! #1vape1love
143 likes Need a new all day Vape? Look no further @fizzyjuiceuk has something for everyone! Head over and grab yours 👊🏻 --- #1vape1love #fizzyjuiceuk
153 likes Good morning vapers! Blasting some fruity Blackcurrant Slush by @mojitomalaysia --- for all your wholesale needs and enquiries check out 🔥🔥
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