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140 likes My Favourite of the 5 from @glacierdropseliquid --- 🌟Summit🌟--- I'm a sucker for a pineapple vape and this one mixed with raspberries and orange's is just divine --- been super hot today and the cool breeze finish has just hit the spot! --- Available at @mrvapez Now!
glacierdropseliquid It is gorgeous. Perfect for summer.
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156 likes 🌟Ascend🌟 from @glacierdropseliquid --- Apple, Apple and more Apple 🍎 --- A sweet tasting inhale with the signature cool refreshing exhale 😍 --- 💥AVAILABLE NOW AT @mrvapez 💥
layervapes Great shot 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
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213 likes Vape The Rainbow from @astarvape --- one of the best Skittles vapes I've had --- an explosive concoction of fruit candies with every hit 👊🏻 --- #VapeFam
vapingangel Love that set up 😍😏
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201 likes Rep What You Love --- I LOVE ZAP JUICE 😍 --- just a few of the flavours available over at @zapjuice --- ⚡️vtuk15⚡️ will drop 15% off your order! --- #vapefam
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195 likes I've always found it difficult to find good cherry based vapes! --- but @glacierdropseliquid have got the hook up with this one! --- a real sweet fresh cherry alongside lemonade --- and that cool exhale to finish it off! --- Excellent work! --- 🌟Launches Tomorrow at @mrvapez 🌟 #vapefam
glacierdropseliquid Told you there were some surprises left.
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181 likes Ever had a Blueberry Slush? --- sweet full flavour blueberry with that summertime cool refreshing breeze! --- @glacierdropseliquid absolutely smashing the flavours with this range! ---- 🌟available from Monday at @mrvapez 🌟--- #vapefam
glacierdropseliquid Great stuff 2 down, 3 to go. Plenty more surprises in the range....
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198 likes Time for a Saturday handcheck! --- Pink Fizz @steepdjuice --- Azeroth RDTA @officialcoilart --- LMC 200W @limitlessmodco --- @paulevapes @stace_vapez @lex.vape ⁉️ --- #vapefam
gentlemens_cloud You have an amazing profile! Can't wait to see how your page grows! Kindly, GC
trabucovapors Dope Page
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157 likes @glacierdropseliquid --- 💨Conquest💨 --- A citrus hit from the Oranges 🍊 sweet Mango blended in followed by a cool refreshing exhale! --- Absolutely amazing to vape 💥 --- On sale Monday! --- #vapefam
surrealvapes Will be available in 50ml 0mg and nic shot ready at
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262 likes Who knows about the new juice line from @surrealvapes ⁉️ --- New Glacier Range --- An assortment of different flavours all with one thing in common --- COOL BREEZE FINISH --- #vapefam --- That's super, 👌🏻Cheers 💯💯 @glacierdropseliquid
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188 likes Today's work carry featuring @astarvape --- TPD Compliant --- awesome flavours --- extremely affordable --- Awesome Juice 👊🏻 --- @officialcoilart Mage Combo --- @zapwrapzuk 👀 --- #vapefam
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388 likes Always Reppin' what I love and tonight it's --- freshly wicked with @texastuffcotton Azeroth RDTA from @officialcoilart --- along side a fresh TPD compliant pack of @zapjuice StarFruit Burst --- 🌟Discount codes available in my bio #vapefam 🌟
gentlemens_cloud You have an amazing profile! Can't wait to see how your page grows! Kindly, GC
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207 likes Awesome evening over at @paulevapes Place --- Tried a little bit of Hog Tart from @cloudhog 😋😋 --- Mechs from @officialvgod and Paul's from @apvlab --- #vapefam
weechy82 Looks good mate
weechy82 hope I get the chance to try some at some point