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totesandthecity Ok #seattlemoms, I'm on the hunt for the BEST parks in the area. I don't mind a short drive... but they've got to be updated, or at least really well maintained. No wooden playgrounds. I've had to dig too many splinters out of my kids hands already this summer. Swings and slides are a must. Share with me your favorites! πŸ’¬
totesandthecity Heading off to @zulily for another fun little photo session! #toddlerwork
totesandthecity Coming off of a very lazy weekend and I can't get motivated to narrow down our #DesolationSound photos into a realistic amount for a blog post. Finding too many favorites like this one that I just want to relive over and over again! #takemeback #destinationdesolation #allmyheartinonephoto
totesandthecity #throwback to Totes in Florida, sitting poolside at the @delanobeachclub in South Beach where I've never seen this boy so happy as he was in that warm air, surrounded by such friendly people. We honeymooned in this same spot seven years ago and it will always hold such a special place in my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida during this difficult time.
totesandthecity Every time I pick up the camera to take a photo of this one... I have this moment of hesitation. Do I take that step back and give her a few seconds of independence while I focus on the shot? How can I resist when she is giving me such a cute pose and smile? And of course, seconds later dumps the entire carton of milk chocolate onto the couch and floor. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Day 251/365 #toddlerlife #momlife #momtogs
totesandthecity #BackToSchool September 6th, 2017 41" Tall πŸ“ 31.6 lbs βš–οΈ Favorite color: green πŸ’š Favorite food: pizza πŸ• When I grow up I want to be: Papa πŸ’•πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦
totesandthecity This little boy of mine... he's wild, defiant, strong-willed, opinionated yet dependent. But to us, that just makes him adventurous, courageous, determined, very sure of himself and always our baby. It's been so fun to watch him grow and today he starts another year of pre-k that will only further his love of life and people... hopefully they'll be able to get some education in his thick head as well because I haven't had any luck! We couldn't love him more. Day 248/365 #Totes
totesandthecity The last days of those #summervibes with the warm sun on our skin. Coming home from Labor Day weekend this morning felt like the close of the season. We made a last minute decision to stay an extra day in the #SanJuanIslands and hop over to @rosarioresort on #OrcasIsland for the night since the weather was just too good to leave. The kids played on the beach and around the grounds and we dined outdoors, enjoying the warm air. We had friends in Roche Harbor that were delaying their return home because of the wildfires in eastern Washington and Oregon. But we didn't realize the severity of it until we returned today and literally walked into a cloud of ash and smoke. The sky is thick with it even still tonight, despite our distance from the source and all I can think of is the many people being evacuated from their homes all over right now, both in the #PNW and down in the Gulf from Hurricane Harvey. My thoughts and prayers are with them tonight as I write this from the comforts of my own home. Day 248/365 #prayingforsafety
totesandthecity Don't let the sultry look and pose fool you... she was dumping sand on her head. #candidchildhood #workthatcamera
totesandthecity She may have got smacked in the face once when they first started playing, but you'd never know she since refused to stop and had a smile on her face the whole time. Day 247/365 #tetherballchamps
totesandthecity Totes is boycotting pictures again so instead I'll share a sweet moment... I was still in bed this morning when Totes woke up, Papa was up with Apple. Totes came in my room and jumped into bed with me. "Let's go back to sleep Mamma. I love to cuddle with you." That's pure mamma bliss to me! Then thirty seconds later... "Mamma, your breath really stinks". We've had another wonderful weekend at @rocheharborresort, filled with friends, swimming, exploring and of course, ice cream. Leaving today but delaying our return to Seattle by just a bit because the weather is just too good to call it the end. Day 247/365
totesandthecity My mom said every kid should own a pair of @oshkoshkids overalls and I'd have to agree! #tbt to that time Uncle Alex let the kids loose over the blue (and extremely dirty) pool cover and I ended up with two smurfs πŸ‘₯
totesandthecity I'm so far behind on finishing and sharing posts on the blog of our summer travels! But I found some time earlier this week to share some details on the Sleep Routine I've created with Apple and my thoughts on how it has helped make her a better sleeper. I wish I would have known sooner and done this with Totes! Go take a peek and also check out @nestedbean for their great sleep sacks. We've been using one since she was a newborn and love them! You'll find a code for 15% off on this post. #ontheblog #sleeproutine #totesandthecity
totesandthecity Totes asks me often to take photos with my camera. I'll let him use my iPhone at leisure but have always hesitated letting him have a go with my nicer and much larger camera for obvious reasons. At the beginning of the year, I switched over to a much smaller and lighter mirrorless @fujifilmx_us camera and although it's still a bit much for him to handle, I was browsing through his recent clicks after showing him how to use it and came across this of Apple. A bit blurry but the imperfections makes me love it all the more. I love that he loves something I love (whoa, that's a lot of love!) πŸ“· by Totes, age 4. Day 239/365 #miniphotographer #likemotherlikeson #melinaroma
totesandthecity Already missing this view and people! Just might have to head out on #MViSoS to make up for it this weekend.
totesandthecity Sunkissed baby faces ☺️ #signsofsummer Day 236/365
totesandthecity When your baby girl is modeling for @zulily and the photographer tells you to jump in the photo because you're outfit matches the set design! Frizzy hair and no make-up but finally in the photo for once so I'll take it!
totesandthecity I was pretty bummed that we weren't going to be in the Pacific Northwest during the eclipse. But we still were expected to see about a 75% coverage here in Souther Utah... that was until we woke up to complete cloud coverage today! That never happens down here! And of course, it's supposed to clear up this afternoon. But we grabbed some welding masks from Uncle Alex's garage and were still able to see it pretty well through the clouds. Even the little cereal box viewer I threw together worked pretty well! #eclipse #eclipseviewing #solareclipse #stormtroopers
totesandthecity I don't know what I had worse anticipation for... an almost three hour airplane ride alone with these two or the one hour church sacrament meeting today. But with a heathy ration of snacks, cars for Totes and jewelry for Apple, we made it through surprisingly well today! I only had to walk outside with her for about five minutes once. Pretty good for novices like us! πŸ˜† #takemetochurch #totesandapple Sweaty faces because they are way overdressed to be in this desert heat.
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