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totesandthecity Early morning duck feeding at @secretcovemarina before departure for #destinationdesolation. Canadian Geese are so aggressive! This will be the last time we give them our yummy @kindsnacks granola.
totesandthecity #SecretCove We were supposed to spend two nights in Ganges on Salt Spring Island but due to upcoming inclement weather, we had to leave Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday in order to cross the Strait of Georgia while the winds were somewhat calm. That's one place you don't mess around with as we've learned from experience. We tucked in to our next destination, Secret Cove and found a perfectly protected and picturesque place to anchor. Dinner at sunset was just πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #destinationdesolation Day 204/365 β€’ #MViSoS #SunshineCoast #yachtlife #atanchor
obsessedbyportia So perfect!
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totesandthecity Seattle to Desolation Sound is roughly 250 nautical miles. On a boat that does, on average, between 10-20 mph, you can imagine how much time we spend in these close quarters. Trying to entertain two young kids during the time we are underway can be tricky and it's a challenge to find toys that suit them and the space. My husband loathes the clutter of toys so I've spent more time than I care to admit finding (through a lot of trial and error) some good solutions that pleases everyone. My friend Pam at @overthebigmoon shared recently about her Pre-K packs that she created. When I checked out her website and saw them for myself, I immediately downloaded a few and bought this @crayola #ActivityCenter that she recommends to use with her packs. Totes is at the perfect age to start using these and they've been a huge hit, plus the whole system is super compact and cleans up so easily. I was amazed at how many variations of these Pre-K packs she has created... if you have a kid around this age, definitely go check them out. They are FREE! And check out her IG and blog for other amazing family-friendly ideas πŸ‘‰πŸ» @overthebigmoon
perfect_paige2 I'll def get some for charisse 😌 thanks Lise πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ @charisse_snow
charisse_snow 😐... we can share β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—@perfect_paige2
totesandthecity Low tide in #Ganges and the marina became our own private #touchandfeel #aquarium It took a bit of prodding but I got her to touch it. Pokey little guys. Day 203/365
perfect_paige2 Sketchy πŸ™
luigi_ippolito Saluti a tutti
totesandthecity #FridayHarbor Definitely a favorite port destination but since we have been so many times, it's been over looked recently for other stopovers. This was our first visit this year and after a short, less than 24-hours stay, we probably won't be back again until next year. It would be the first place I'd recommend to any family looking to escape the city for a weekend island vacation though as it has so much to offer. We made sure to check out the new @downriggers restaurant (lovely with gorgeous views!) in the newly reconstructed Circle Park on Front Street with ice cream afterward from our local favorite, Friday Harbor Ice Cream Co. Unfortunately, Popeye the Seal was away so we didn't get to feed her sardines by hand as in the past... if you're headed up for a future visit, that is a must! Until next time! Day 202/365 β€’ #destinationdesolation #PNW #SanJuanIslands #TotesTravels
perfect_paige2 Only a little upset we didn't even get ice cream while I was up there... it's fine 😭
thefamilyfuntour @totesandthecity we stayed at the bird rock hotel. It was such a fun little stay! I would love to go back. Those islands are such a treat. I embarrassingly didn't realize how gorgeous it was up there and just how many islands they were. It was such an amazing place. I want to back when I'm not in newborn haze and my kid can actually enjoy the scenery!
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totesandthecity It's Friday morning in Friday Habor and I'm so happy to be reunited with my @fujifilmx_us camera! After we cleared the locks yesterday, I realized I had left it at home. I was crushed. It's not like we were just going away for a quick weekend trip... we'll be gone for almost a full month. My iPhone camera is failing miserably these days (time to upgrade!) so the thought of only capturing our time with it left me so discouraged. I know, #firstworldproblems, let me be spoiled. But @kenmoreair came to my rescue! Thanks to @varchettam for stopping by our house and bagging it up before dropping it off at their lake union dock. It was delivered to us this morning an hour later, steps from our boat! Headed off to Ganges on Salt Spring Island this afternoon. #destinationdesolation Day 202/365
lynseycorbett Have an amazing trip! And don't worry I would feel the same way without my camera πŸ™ˆ
miss_dnl_ @totesandthecity finally got back last night! I am so excited to see you guys! Send pics of the different spots!
totesandthecity #destinationdesolation part three has commenced! Nothing but blue skies and a few clouds for variety! Next stop: Port of Friday Harbor Day 201/365 #MViSoS #500thpost #firstmate #sanjuanislands #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood
obsessedbyportia Have fun!!!
myrnastout Love you guys. Have a safe trip.
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totesandthecity Aw Paige! Why'd you have leave us 😩 Day 200/365
charisse_snow well you're definitely not wrong πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚
beelare πŸ’œ
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totesandthecity It's becoming clear to us lately that this girl is anything but a girly-girl, despite my dress-up attempts. Last week she put a dead bug in her mouth and luckily spit it out. This morning she brought me a dead spider and at least said "gross" as she dropped it in my hand. She loves playing in the dirt even more than her brother. She's also proving to be more coordinated than him so I think she'll be athletic like me! But playing dress-up will never stop. It's just too fun.
jesspartyof4 @totesandthecity the foot prints on her moccs. My fav!!!
kikitariss I love her little toe marks at the bottom of her shoes.
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mjmarcinek Happy Birthday, Pasquale! Can't believe he is 4! Weren't we just pregnant with them...❀️
rachiebug509 Happy Birthday Pasquale and Elise!!! He is so big already!!! Sending Love to the Varchetta's πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‚
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totesandthecity Happy Birthday Totes!!! Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes. I've read them to him all and he loves hearing from you. Now if only he'll wake up so we can get this day started! Day 199/365 #totesturnsfour #happybirthday #allgrownup #mylittleman
tiffybgood Awww Happy Birthday sweet P! 😍
myrnastout Happy Birthday to my favorite boy!
totesandthecity Our little man is turning four tomorrow! I've been feeling so nostalgic going through all our home videos this weekend to put together this compilation of my favorites... and it was so hard to pick just a few to keep it under one minute! He has brought so much joy to our lives and to everyone he meets. He's really turned into such a wonderful person and blossomed this last year, taking on the role of a big brother better than I ever dreamed possible, all while still staying my baby. So excited to see how he grows this next year... and does this mean he no longer gets to act like a threenager now? #wishfulthinking #happybirthday #totesturnsfour #growingup Day 198/365
yuliana_kelley Such a touching video! Happy Birthday to the happiest and cutest boy! β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ
myrnastout Give him a late birthday hug and kiss from Grandma! Today is the first day I've had internet service the whole trip.
totesandthecity Sunday #FaceTime calls with zia @varcetta make everyone happy. #MViSoS
thenielsens_77 His little knee ❀️
miss_dnl_ Happy birthday Pasquale!!
totesandthecity #tbt Coming up on four years ago. We'll never forget those early days. Walking him out of the hospital, into the car, without the help from the hospital staff, we looked at each other and said: now what do we do? Countless hours spent staring at him while he slept and relishing every facial expression and movement. He is such a joy, always has been and continues to be so.
irina_croix Oh those feelings of a brand new parent....β€οΈπŸ‘ΌπŸ»
stylematrix So little!
totesandthecity Feeling that sunshine. Loving the light on her little but long blonde eyelashes. Day 190/365 β€’ #lovely #cm_under900
thenielsens_77 That's a gorgeous such an angel.
totesandthecity I've never regretted for a moment leaving the kid-free life behind. I'm a better person today because of them. #love #TotesAndApple Day 190/365
yuliana_kelley How is it possible to regret the unconditional, biggest love of all :) ❀️
obsessedbyportia So good to meet you after following for so long! Let's get together again soon!
totesandthecity Saturday night project. I made this Romper from an old t-shirt of mine and just love the way it turned out! Not too many one year olds get to rock a "Russian Vodka" outfit (or should be πŸ™ˆ). Check my insta-stories for the before and after. #DIY Day 189/365
katiecropper She's THE CUTEST!! 😍
melissacropper Seriously this kills me. Go home ec!
totesandthecity There's something special about bubbles. They can put a smile on anyone's face. Day 188/365
domenica_photo ❀❀❀