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604 likes When we were young we were told we could do anything, be anyone, go anywhere. When they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up we were allowed to have lofty dreams. An astronaut or a professional athlete or an artist. - As some point in time our heads get out of the clouds and reality sets in. We are told that we need something with stable income. We come to the realization of the work it takes to achieve our dream. We fall into what everyone else is doing and follow status quo. - For some, status quo is fine. A stable job that climbs the ladder at a steady pace is fine. People will live that life in complete contentment. Others need a disruption in their lives. They need to be that child again who was granted permission to reach for the stars, to climb the highest peaks, and swim the deepest ocean. - The outdoors life gives you permission. Dream big and reach for those stars. Go hike, go climb, and go discover. It is here that we make our ordinary extraordinary. #todsl
followtiffsjourney Amazing capture! Silhouettes and sunsets make the best shots πŸ’—
paulinadao Sometimes I want to catch the sun in my hands and make it never set because i need more daylight!
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847 likes Watch out for wild animals in the middle of the road! Repost- thanks @samanthahikes for sharing! #todsl ・・・ "You can take in advice and other people's experiences, lessons, and stories. But ultimately, you are your own everything. Don't doubt or judge or be afraid of this. Simply know and and harness and develop ways to access it. Your own innate wisdom exists, and it is gold."πŸ™ŒπŸΌ πŸ“Έ: @billchopp
peoplewhohike Nice one! πŸ‘πŸ’š
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399 likes We so often get the see pictures of people in beautiful places. Standing on a ledge or a mountain top overlooking the vast area. Rarely to we get to see how that photo was taken. Hope everyone had an excellent Earth Day! #todsl
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391 likes Sitting in the backyard having a wonderful dinner with old and new friends. Great food, wonderful conversation, and a view that drops your jaw. - Living the outdoors life is not always about being on a trail or in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it's just getting out in the backyard with a rack of ribs and enjoying the evening. - It was also nice being able to play with and shoot this photo with the Sony A7ii #todsl #lasvegas
elong625 @bigbackyardphotography It was such a pleasure spending time with your family! I really appreciate the hospitality😊 Hope we can make another trip out there!
bigbackyardphotography Anytime @elong625! We mean it. I need to put climbing on my "turning 50 list" oh wait... That's September...can you fit me in???
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668 likes Where's your favorite place to view a sunset? #redrockcanyon #lasvegas #todsl
elong625 πŸ˜‚ I was gonna say we didn't stick around for sunset!
urth_angel Or better yet, on top of the rocks 😻
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641 likes That feeling of accomplishment when you've fallen, but keep getting up and finally make it to the top. - Life is a rock climb. - #todsl #redrockcanyon #rockclimbing
elong625 @doctor_chuffer All true! That's why I hopped on it. Gotta see what I'm capable ofπŸ™ŒπŸ» Awesome job on that climb. It was nice meeting you out there!
followtiffsjourney Wow that's hardcore!
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792 likes When you run out of things to say, that's okay. Sometimes it's enough just to watch in silence. #todsl #portland #horsetailfalls
elong625 Damn, this is a great pic, Ken! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
followtiffsjourney Wow what an incredible shot 😍
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746 likes Water. What can you say? - It gives and takes away. Hard as cement and soft as a cloud. Breaking the hardest of stones and bending to any obstacle. Rising to the highest of highs and always finding the lowest level. Balancing itself out at every opportunity. Nature's most beautiful and deadly asset. - We must always stand in awe and in fear of it. - #todsl #purisimacreek
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1209 likes We are all separate, but unified. Thanks @rezify for sharing! - πŸ“Έ @rezify ・・・ To fully appreciate our existence, there's a number of things I think we must do. - We must Make Life Count by embracing the outdoors into our lives. - We must connect with others just as how you would tie your Shoestrings together for an Adventure. - We the People who hike , all as friends, must stand in solidarity to learn from one another. Today. Everyday. - We must protect this planet by educating and leading by example to achieve the dream of a Trash Free Earth. - We must inspire, live passionately, spread positivity & Seek The Trails. - So Let's seek adventure. Let's build community. Lets live the Outdoors Life. #todsl - Rez πŸ’š
rezify @marcioarmendes castle rock / Big basin , CA 🐾
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645 likes A few days in the desert with the one you love. Hard hikes, rough roads, and lunch with a view. Spend decades doing this and you're likely to have a long lasting relationship. #todsl
followtiffsjourney I need a few days in the desert πŸ™„
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853 likes Some people aren't fans of going to the same place twice, while others are happy on repeat. For those who are one-and-done consider the seasons. Between winter and summer most landscapes completely change and become a different place. - Went to Iceland twice in under 8 months. Saw some of the same sites, and wasn't disappointed at all. . . . . . #todsl #peoplewhohike #iceland #gulfoss #NordicVisitor #wheniniceland #imagineiceland #optoutside #getoutstayout #waterfallwednesday
heidi.mag Iceland is by far my ultimate favorite place I've ever visited. Amazing views everywhere!!
focusinwithmolly That's gorgeous
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592 likes Had an awesome time taking over the @peoplewhohike account in Colorado! Go check them out and give them a follow! #todsl #peoplewhohike
paulinadao What a fun Instagram.
goprogirl I love people who hike! πŸ˜‚
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877 likes It's people like this that are the reason we're always in drought. Don't go drinking waterfalls! Have a great weekend everyone. Go chase your dreams. #todsl - πŸ“Έ@adventures_of_the_amayas
followtiffsjourney 🀣lol so that's where the fountain of youth is...
goprogirl What a great angle lol!
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818 likes Another great afternoon hike for the books. Spent the last part of the day exploring Matthews/Winters Park. Hiking up Hills to catch the killer views. Thanks to @laurahansen7 for showing me your backyard! #todsl #peoplewhohike
paulinadao Love the silhouette.
goprogirl I love the mood of this picture!
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668 likes Being outdoors isn't always getting deep into the backcountry. There are so many people who will head out to their local park or trail after work. It might just be a 20 or 30 minute walk or just driving up to the park it lot to enjoy the view. Getting out is what's important. Doesn't matter where. - Here is early evening from Red Rocks Amphitheater. . . . . . #todsl #redrocksamphitheater #denver
followtiffsjourney Nothing better than twinkling city lights... well maybe twinkle twinkle little star πŸ™ˆ
paulinadao Sometimes I forget that adventure doesn't have to be hardcore
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810 likes Every once in awhile Southern California will doll herself up and when she does, she looks absolutely stunning. All jaws dropped when she came into view. - The heat is coming soon, but for now we enjoy puffy clouds, snow patches on the trail, and cool summit breezes. #todsl #mtwaterman
paulinadao I almost miss the rain! My bike train to work is so full now
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737 likes Love following @minidanglyfe's adventures. Of of the great people I've met this year! #todsl -- πŸ“Έ @minidanglyfe ・・・ "everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul." j.m.
minidanglyfe thanks for the love!!
goprogirl Such a cool mood here
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505 likes In every hiking group you need some people that are willing to do a boy band pose. The harder you hike, the more you should play at summit. #todsl #hikehardplayhard - Mt. Waterman with @elong625, @kdong28, @pineappley_sara, and Alex.
paulinadao I wanna come play!
followtiffsjourney Hahahaha omg nice. Work hard play hard πŸ™ŒπŸΌ