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438 likes Be your own person and stand. 📸 @my_hearts_travels -- "🐟 Only dead fish go with the flow! 😂 🚫 Don't tell me to not go or not do it cause I WILL!"
991 likes Rise to places you never thought possible with people that will hold you in their shoulders. #todsl -- #peoplewhohike #HalfDome #yosemite #optoutside #52hikechallenge2017 #sonyalpha #sonya6500 #reachyourgoals #InputGood #standingontheedge
199 likes PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING! -- So many of us take for granted the simple things in life like the ability to see all of the beauty around us. Imagine if you reached a destination and were only able to see 50% of what everyone else could see. Imagine that was your whole life everywhere you went. Your definition of beauty would be vastly different than the rest of the world. Your sight would be blocked by a veil. Now imagine one day that veil is removed and you now have unrestricted access. How would you react? What would go through your mind. -- This video is from a good friend, @fernandogarcez whose son is color blind. Earlier this year he heard of a pair of glasses that allow colorblind people to now see in color. This is a video of his son putting these glasses on for the first time. -- #todsl #peoplewhohike #makelifecount #seeincolor #optoutside #optimizeyourlife #nevertakelifeforgranted #getoutstayout #natgeo
253 likes Coming back healthy from an adventure is a success, but when you come back with a sense of thankfulness, awe, or humility that's when you win. #todsl -- 📸@markjameschase "I will forever be grateful for this place, these people and the time they gave to us. 📷 - @_cammcleod_"
333 likes Dear child, you have no idea but this is just the beginning. There will be so many more rocks that will fascinate you, so many more lakes that you will dip your feet in, and so many more surprises that you will uncover. Dear child, this is just the beginning. Just wait and see. #todsl . . . . . #womenwhohike #peoplewhohike #52hikechallenge2017 #InputGood #playtogether #startwithsmall #optoutside #werehikers #glaciernationalpark #localadventurer #childreninspire #nps #findyourpark #uncoversomethingnew #findbeauty #forceofnature #wanderlustfest #kdnorthernlooproadtrip
379 likes Here's a fun one from our Hungarian friends! Beautiful Eastern Europe! #todsl #discoverhungary #optoutside #peoplewhohike -- 📸 @matethurzo ・・・ Livin' on the edge
605 likes Over the next few weeks I'll be reposting posts from people I've met on the trail in the places I've met them. Here's @joshuamhughes...we walked on the trail together after the eclipse had finished. We were rushing to be ahead of the crowds coming down after. -- 📸 @joshuamhughes ・・・ What an amazing place to be for the #eclipse #eclipse2017 #alicelake #myviewbeatsyours #todsl
117 likes Laugh is contagious and smiles cure all. Happy birthday to @deeviper! Wishing you another wonderful year! #todsl #imagineiceland #NordicVisitor #peoplewhohike #optoutside #everydayiceland #InputGood
590 likes You've just finished hiking 7 miles and 5,000' of elevation gain. You made it up the cables of Half Dome and are greeted with one of the most amazing views of your life. You stand at the top thinking you're the baddest ass in town. Then out of nowhere a hand slaps down on the floor beneath you and a tired, dehydrated climber slowly pulls himself up from the ledge he was dangling on for most of the day. Slowly his entire crew make it up and you realize you're not as badass as you thought. A new alpha has surfaced and their heads are high. They own the world and are proud of it. Unfortunately that life is short lived when the next group pops it's head up from the 2 day excursion they've been on climbing the sheer face of the mountain. Everyone is put in their place at that moment. -- The moral of the story is that when you accomplish something you're definitely a badass, but you better stay humble because there's almost always someone doing something even more grand than you. -- In this story we were the first group that hiked to the top. A personal accomplishment for many of us. The group featured here is the second group. A few who had only climbed a few times in their life and had successfully made it to the top. -- #todsl #HalfDome #InputGood #yosemite #peoplewhohike #werehikers #nps #findyourpark #52hikechallenge2017
495 likes Who you used to be is not who you are today. Put yourself in the right places to grow and change for good. -- 📸 @anjfray ・・・ I used to be a hard core planner. As in, let's make plans to make plans. I had anxiety over not arriving at least 15 min early to ANYTHING. There was a schedule, and I had to stick to it no matter what. Then... I got married. James can show up late to most anything and not break a sweat. His way of scheduling involves thinking of something fun to do, then calling up friends to hang out and do his activity within the next two hour time frame (usually less). Which for me, is stressful! He's more outgoing, and I'm more introverted. Hanging out with people, for me, can be stressful haha. I was more uptight (a feet dragger), he was more go with the flow attitude. I was tense, he was relaxed. . . While I still think there are positive sides to routines and schedules, I've learned, especially over the last few years, to stop stressing over sticking to a routine or schedule. The kids don't HAVE to wake up at an exact time, or fall asleep precicely at 7:30 year round. They'll fall asleep eventually, it's ok to let them stay up a bit later in the summer. It's ok to change activities at the last minute. It's ok for everything to not go EXACTLY as planned or for your expectations to change of what SHOULD be happening. I've had to practice "going with the flow" in order to be more realxed about it. I've realized that if you don't show up on time, it's not the end of the world. It's ok to make last minute desicions and to head out without a strict plan. I've started to make general plans of what to do and where to go and it's made everthing more enjoyable. It's also a huge stress reliver to always have an extra few changes of clothes in the car (for everyone). Especially since the kids are going to walk waist deep into the lake with their sweaters on even if you specifically tell them not too. Just let life happen, because it's going to happen wether you like it or not. #todsl
801 likes All of us are mirrors. We reflect that which is in front of us. That which influences is and sculpts is. Surround yourself with good and that's what you'll reflect. #todsl #peoplewhohike #optoutside #reflection #52hikechallenge2017 #werehikers #backpacking #wildoutdoors #livingontheledge
327 likes What a beautiful sunset and a beautiful group! Thanks to everyone that came out last night! You're all wonderful people! #todsl #InputGood . . . . . #werehikers #peoplewhohike #52hikechallenge2017 #optoutside #echomountain #socalhiking -- Plz send me a comment so I can tag you in the pic
730 likes Chasing the night. This was our last night at Havasupai. After lights out a few of us grabbed our cameras, tripods, and headlamps and headed towards the falls. The sky was dark and the falls were roaring. With only sound as the main sense we all had a new experience. We all knew what it looked like during the day, but with only sound it was like standing in front of a wild beast roaring at the top of its lungs ready to attack. Every once in awhile our adjusted eyes would be able to make out the mist plummeting to the ground which was like the beast lurking it's head out of the shadow for just a moment. That night there was much admiration and respect for the beast in front of our eyes. The images captured tell a different story of grace and beauty. #todsl #havasupai #milyway . . . . . #werehikers #optoutside #peoplewhohike #astrophotography #waterfall #stargazing #myhabibiexperience #hikingadventures
609 likes The confusion and hardships of life seem to melt away the moment you reach the top and realize you've made it. You've traveled 3,000 miles across the country to visit your very first National Park not knowing a single person or what to expect. You took a leap of faith to meet with a group of strangers and found yourself hiking up a 2,000 foot cliff with a big smile on your face. - Now you're at the top and soaking in the breathtaking view. It's a view you've seen in countless pictures but those pictures didn't prepare you for this. They didn't prepare you for the vast expanse that is sitting right below your feet. It didn't prepare you for how small you would feel. So many thoughts are racing through your head and yet you are at peace. - Remember. When you get back down into the thick of civilization, remember. When you find your mind wandering to places it shouldn't, remember. When life returns back to normal and you need to figure out the next step remember that you were here. Bring yourself back to these moments, take a deep breath, and move. - Call upon the strength that brought you to the top. Call upon the friends you made along the way. You must step through, but you won't be doing it alone. - #todsl #observationpoint
178 likes Here's the info for our #NextHike! Reply to our FB event (in profile) if you can make it. Hope to see ya there! - #todsl #peoplewhohike #52hikechallenge2017 #optoutside #popuphike #werehikers #womenwhohike #girlswhohikela #socalhiking #hikeinlandempire
736 likes Always amazed at this instagram community. Over the years being able to meet so many great people from all different walks of life with a spectrum of different beliefs. On the trail were all brothers and sisters. We encourage, we pick each other up, we laugh together and break bread together. We celebrate accomplishments and offer advice for the future. -- Great time running into @sdhiker and @kylojenhikes on the trail today! #todsl #observationpoint #zionnationalpark #inputgood
454 likes Find some beauty and then soak it all in. The things we run into when jumping out of our box are sometimes beyond the imagination. 📸 @sneakybeat // #todsl ... Photo by @thejarvie
243 likes Come join us this Saturday for a pop up hike in Zion National Park! Register through the link in our profile and we'll see ya there! -- #todsl #52hikechallenge2017 #peoplewhohike #werehikers #optoutside #popuphike #grouphike #optoutside
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