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christysmallss Got the princess treatment on this trip 😂 Thanks to these wonderful men, I got to experience my first backpacking trip.. in the snow! Two things learned: always check to make sure you brought waterproof boots & if you didn't, better pray someone has Ziploc bags for your feet. #pow - 📷: @powellness
flvxxshot I'll never look at zip lock bags the same...
loki_the_wolfdog Haven beneath the ancients. 🚁🎥: @kylormelton Music: @dermotkennedy "Boston" @gopro #Karma #Hero5
mishliem @pedroandysierra let's go here ?
alysha0910 Softly, the evening came with the sunset. #alyshamcleanphotography #sunset #ionabeach
bebe_backpacker You have a great gallery 😍 check out mine if you have some time
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joyceg_images Meet Mr. Harry, the heron who stood still for my shot while enjoying this beautiful sunset.😬😄😬 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📷Sony A7Rii Sony 24-70 f2.8 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Awesome and inspiring IG friends tagged! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#VeryVancouver#VancouverCanada#opcmag#moodygrams#hellobc#explorebc#sonyalpha#agameoftones#1#2#justgoshoot#community#worldcaptures#Fatalframes#artofvisuals#exploringtheglobe#dream_image#global_hotshotz#exquisiteearth#splendid_shotz#princely_shotz#ig_great_shotz#marvelous_shots#colors_of_day#ig_world_colors#instanaturefriends_#bestnatureshots#IGS_photos#allnatureshots#ig_worldphoto
urbanstuph Great shot!
thats_so_rajat The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come..
kaisserstuff I'm speechless! ❤️🦄✌🏽
fionajaneforde I totally agree👌🙌 one foot in front of the other 🐾
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midrangejay She listens like Spring and she talks like June
_leon_v__ Amazing picture and gallery!😁
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bootsnotroots It continuously surprises me that some of the most beautiful buildings are places of worship. In some ways I think a building with fewer intricacies would be more humble, but who knows. Why do you think all buildings of worship are extravagant? #visitpenang
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farhanizzatperangkapmata Hiduplah sederhana dengan hati bersyukur dan percaya diri. Rumput tangga selalu lebih hijau daripada rumput di halaman sendiri ? Mudah saja... sekali lompat ke tangga rumah, dan pandang rumput anda dari halaman tangga. Apa yang korang nampak? Membanding bandingkan dengan orang lain adalah hal yang paling melelahkan. Ini hidup anda, tentukan sendiri apa yang anda inginkan. Define yourself. After all, this is your life. Hanya satu hal yang perlu kita tanyakan. Apakah saya lebih baik hari ini daripada semalam atau hari yang lepas ? Jika ya, maka berbahagialah. Jika  tidak, jangan berkecil hati, selalu ada hari ini dan besok untuk perbaikan. Tuhan itu Pemurah dan Pemaaf.  Wrong way ? God always allow U-turn. Bebaskan diri dari rasa benci dan iri hati. Ketika kita memaafkan, maka kita membebaskan diri untuk hidup tanpa dipengaruhi lagi oleh orang yang telah menyakiti kita. Forgive, forget, and move on. Tidak ada balas dendam yang lebih baik daripada hidup berbahagia.  Ketika kita memaafkan, maka sebenarnya kita memberi diri sendiri kesempatan untuk berbahagia dengan langkah yang ringan dan hati lapang. Chill la, bal dulu sepam dua. Tak rugi fikirkan balik. Senyum sikit... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #bestvacations #livingonearth #fantasticcolours #awesomeearthpix #thephotosociety #fantasticearth #travelawesome #bestplacetogo #wonderfulplaces #wowplanet #discoverglobe #awesomeglobe #discoverearth #ourplanetdaily #earthofficial #earthfocus #earthpix #nakedplanet #theglobewanderer #welivetoexplore #tourtheplanet #backpacker #airbnb #cntraveler #beautifuldestinations #travelandleisure #travelchannel #lonelyplanet #nature
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kaitykatt "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders." . . A few weeks ago my friend @shawn_f went off to New Zealand with a one way ticket, so that he could travel throughout the country without any time limitations. I've seriously been so in awe of his journey so far! It's so cool to watch people go after their dreams and chase after life so much! He has seriously been such a huge inspiration to me. If you guys get the chance, you should go check out his page and look at his Instagram stories so that you can watch his adventure!
explorewithollie Amazing !!!
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raffyhalim Somber It's an appropriately overcast day for the occasion of ANZAC day. Seeing the veterans and their families marching is a stark reminder of what others had to sacrifice to enjoy the freedom we do today. It also reminds me of a the people in other parts of the world that are suffering in wars and trying to build what most of us take for granted. Lest we forget.
thebroekemeiertribe The mind is like a river. We are told to beware of the water that appears still or trapped, it is not safe and can be toxic. Emotions and thoughts are meant to be felt and reflected upon in order to move forward. Keep flowing, and keep growing. Shoutout to Mother Nature for always being my greatest teacher.✨💫🙏🏼
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zeekyan Tonight I want to share an experience I had over the weekend. The story starts inside a hotel lobby where I sat with few old college buddies. We were catching up, sharing stories and didn't realize how late it was. I checked my watch and it read 3am. As soon as I looked up, a women approached us and asked if she could hitch a ride home because her car broke down. Before I could say anything, hotel security told us she had to leave. She had been soliciting around the lobby for a ride back home. My friends and I told security that they had been insensitive and she was simply trying to go home. As security left to grab hotel management, I asked the girl where she lived and told her I'd grab her an Uber. The hotel manager came out and I explained that she would be leaving shortly and there was nothing to worry about. The girl asked for my name and information so she could pay me back. My response, "Pay it forward. Help someone else out tomorrow that needs it." It's a shame that the hotel staff would do such a thing to a person.
kendallmartin dig the edit my dude
traveloften101 Awesome shot!
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nectarlist Austin, Texas ✔️
obixxx Yes!
leontydelighet Nice 👌
charmed.sea.life 🍁💃 💃 💃 Were giving away Free Gear. Cover the shipping. 🏃🏃🏃 Follow Us & Tap our bio link to claim yours today!♜ For me, the best part of it is the satisfaction I get when I tell the judges that I got my guy. (Quote by - Mike Melson) ♜ _ 🎂 > 🍁 > 🌠 _ 💎➸ > 🍙 #arizonahiking #wildernessquest #ilovehiking #adventureculture #gooutside #nationalpark #campingtrip #explore #explorewashington #utahgram #welivetoexplore #trekamerica #natureporn #mountainlove #outdoorslife #keepexploring #grandcanyon #in2nature #stayandwander #stunning_shots #wildme #hikingtrail #explorealberta #campingcollective #betterouthere #trekking #pirineus